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    S2 Exige Cup 260; Evora 400 Hethel Edition (sold); V6 Exige Sprint (much missed); 20 year old rover (for sale); Chavmobil; Biohazard
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  1. I think you need to identify which Darth it is purporting to be. I have Darth Maul:
  2. Great evening at Snetterton this week Got some proper heat into the R1Rs and they really performed. The car was epic again - she's not the most civilised of places to be if you are just pootling around even with all the improvements but it all makes sense once you get on it. Have picked up a couple of stone chips now but such is life. Ppf is generally doing the job though.
  3. My road policy, currently through A-Plan (Thatcham), includes cover on 5 trackdays.
  4. @CM96good spot on Brands, I missed that when I looked a few weeks ago. On the short list.
  5. Don't we normally run an annual trackday thread on whose going where? I might as well start one anyway: Went to Bedford in February, the exige was epic if a bit too loud and I've got the bug back. Booked: Snetterton 28 April evening MSV Snetterton 12 May evening MSV (Pistonheads) Silverstone 10 November LoT One more left on the Exige's insurance. Would like to do Brands GP but it's so expensive, could go to Spa for less money! Will take the Megane if I want to do more than 5 this year.
  6. Trip to Bedford today, trying out my new 2bular H1 QP for noise. While fine on static at 94db, although testing at a 4.5k rev limit seemed very low to me, 89.2db on the driveby at 6.5k was less than ideal. Black flag plus warning, took it much more carefully the rest of the day without further issues. Hopefully Jim will get me the add on silencer in the next week or so. I knew it was a risk without the add on and I was happy to manage it. Still saw 130 indicated on the back straight and it's wonderful in the corners. The lack of weight is noticeable everywhere after the heavy V6 cars. Otherwise, that's the first long day of driving under the wheels. It's an epic car, properly well sorted as a driving experience. Pretty comfortable on long distance cruise and, while loud in the cabin, the radio is clear and a set of earplugs gets rid of the wind noise. Could do with a new set of boots I think, 09 stamped r1rs on the front didn't get as sticky as I would have expected and i didnt have as much confidence on the brakes or on turn in. Probably still worth using up the rears though before changing all 4 for something more modern and sticky. Couple of niggles- a rattle from the drivers seat, think its the runners as usual - and a 'cubby hole' in the dash on the passenger side where the tags that slot in the dash have gone brittle with age and snapped off. Need to find a way to fix it as it's hanging open and annoying me, though Hangar 111 have already had a go, and obtained a quote for a new one from lotus. Just the 500 quid plus vat! To be clear, I haven't bought this car to lock away in a garage as an investment. I'm planning to use it properly, enjoy it fully and can't see myself moving it on unless it damages my hearing! There wasn't a car at Bedford today that i would've swapped it with (even the lovely 420 final edition).
  7. From experience of trying to sell my essex blue/red interior hethel edition last year, it will be the red interior. It doesn't photograph well easily and isn't everyone's cup of tea in the first place (crazy as it sounds).
  8. I love those laser blue 410s. I saw the one Castle had for sale for a few months at the end of 2021 and loved it but I just couldn't get over/wife maths successfully the price. It was basically the same price the first owner paid for it brand new. So like you guys, I then did the man maths and thought a new one on 50:50 would make sense. Offered in early December for one of Silverstone's stock cars they've had for ages but couldn't get a deal agreed once 50:50 was thrown in. But, the good thing about trying to get the wife over the hill on an 80k plus car is that when a unicorn fully restored 2010 Cup 260 is offered to you, whatever the price you agree with the seller of it seems reasonable to the Mrs!
  9. Aimee sold my Hethel Edition in the summer. Took a few weeks but no complaints really. Much harder to sell an Evora privately at this price point, unless someone is looking on the facebook page and has posted a wanted ad I wouldn't try really. PS no regrets selling mine when I did, but I couldn't cope for long without a Lotus in the garage!
  10. Sooooooooo... Now that it's in my garage I guess I should disclose that I have bought this car! And, without having driven it more than 10 feet, due to a minor issue with private plate transfers and V5s, it seems totally lovely and a credit to the work Paul has done. It needs a service on time and has a stupidly loud larini clubsport on at the moment, which I'm going to swap back for a 2bular, but otherwise its an absolute honey. Carbon fibre absolutely everywhere. Oh my. I can't wait to get it on the road but it's going to have to wait to 2022 looking at the weather forecast!
  11. @C8RKHI know a man in Scotland who can help, covered trailer and everything... @Hangar 111Dave, when do you reopen in New year? I have just had a new toy delivered from Scotland, but it needs a service.
  12. @Jim Estallcongratulations - I've been looking at that car trying to make the man math's stack up but I couldn't have pulled the trigger for another month in any event. Well done!
  13. Or, presumably, former Lotus approved centers such a @Hangar 111
  14. CC won't let you ask what the reserve is, so not surprising! I expect it is going to go to 80k plus over the next few hours, and a dealer will retail it for over 90k. I know that Castle are looking at it...
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