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  1. What, in addition to the bins in the door that hold a 500ml bottle and the cup holders in the middle? How much coffee does one man need?!
  2. I've been looking at 981 GT4s for a year or two... If I'm honest though, having bought a Caterham and a Megane trophy in the past 10 months, the Evora was already up for sale before the Emira was announced and if I hadn't liked it I would've carried on without a Lotus in the garage until it was time for the Caterham to be changed.
  3. @Evotion Aimee at Silverstone told me a couple of weeks ago that the deposit I paid them early May was definitely all that I needed to do until September/October, and I didn't need to pay the 2k to Lotus separately Not heard anything from them on this point yet, hence question to Bibs above. Don't want to pay a new deposit and then lose my place with Silverstone for the existing one.
  4. @Bibsshould I wait for the refund before placing a new deposit with lotus?
  5. I want a launch edition, assuming they are including the KEF stereo, 12 way electric seats etc in that, don't see why you'd turn it down. At the price I've been told it's a totally straightforward decision, assuming there is a decent enough finance deal to back it... Most people will end up speccing them in anyway post launch edition, at a higher price. My main decision is the powertrain, which I'm still totally undecided on.
  6. @Demolitionman13 Lotus Colchester hasn't been around long, only a couple of years I think. However I've found them pretty disinterested until now, hence my deposit being placed a while ago with Silverstone 100 miles away!
  7. I'll hazard a guess at Lotus Colchester being on the 'avoid' list for starters.
  8. If its anything like the Evora, it will be fine. The exhaust flaps in the non-switchable models open at 4,500 which is well above motorway speeds. The 400 switchable version lets you go to noisy mode earlier...
  9. Bit early to decide @Bibswithout knowing price, specs, timing etc. Leaning towards the 4
  10. Do you know if Lotus are going to offer extended warranties after the initial 3 year period @Bibs? Appreciate it's early days but it's always been a little disappointing from an ownership perspective that nothing has been available on the current cars.
  11. We don't need to finalise anything until the autumn!
  12. Sounds good Lee... I love the red leather personally, but it's a bit marmite. And I have my suspicions that once the Emira cup or whatever it's called is announced, I'd be thinking of moving on the first edition so do need to keep that in mind.
  13. If the V6 is a wholesale carry over of the existing Evora powertrain... that means along with the sweet sweet noise from the exhaust you get the existing gearbox. And clutch. And gear ratios. Which I've 'enjoyed' in a couple of forms over the past 6 and a half years, but I am not going to buy a third car with the same thing. I'm very much leaning towards the AMG. Red with silver forged wheels and the ice grey leather interior, or yellow with black wheels and black alcantara/yellow stitching. Glory be that you can still get a leather wheel in any event!
  14. I want to find out more about the specs/engines. If the V6 is really only 400hp then I'm not sure why you'd bother with it frankly apart from the stick shift. Especially if it's the same engine from the Evora, not the new Toyota V6. Also, pricing.... I'm keen, I'll leave the deposit down for the time being. The car looks fantastic and the interior also. But not 100% convinced
  15. Looks like a proper supercar... super short front overhang. My wallet is quaking.
  16. I don't like the slogan, 'the other sports car. It's a bit weak/
  17. fingers crossed
  18. My deposit is with Silverstone, they are doing a similar event as per B&C above. I can't make it, so will be on the live feed with everyone else (let's hope there's enough bandwidth...) You'd have to be a pretty rubbish dealership not to offer to do something for people who have placed deposits at least.
  19. Isn't the V6 going to be supercharged? I'd love it if it's NA but will be pretty surprised. PS - surely the sensible thing to do is cancel one of those deposits and buy a 410 exige now? Easy man maths, you're basically covering yourself off for if (or more like when) the Emira is nothing like an exige and prices harden further. I still get occasional regrets over selling my old V6 S.
  20. Personally I'd rather have a larger deposit and smaller monthly payment - BMW M3 on 48months(!) pcp finance is 7.5k down but almost 1k per month - so basically 50k over 4 years - and no doubt an enormous balloon, which is flipping ridiculous although I guess that's what people who buy these cars want. Not for me, thanks. I guess the numbers I give above get to a similar position but personally I can't stomach the thought of 1k per month going out of current cash flow.
  21. Actually, I think 50:50 0% finance is pretty great to be honest. That's what got me over the line with buying a brand new V6 exige. I'd like something similar for the Emira but the key thing would be 0% interest rate. Toyota have sold out the UK allocation of GR Yaris but no doubt were helped by a frankly stonking finance deal - 8k down, 299 per month on 0% interest. I'd take something along the lines of 25k down, 500 per month for 3 years and 30k balloon.
  22. If I recall correctly, that light blue one is a special edition Lotus did, one of 10. Might be perfect for what you are looking for actually @Wake.
  23. Your pricing is mental for the special liveries. I paid (and would pay again) 3.5k for the sprint colour scheme on my V6 - picture below for reference, plus a few hundred more for the additional gold wheels, spoiler supports etc which is consistent with what Liquid yellow (now Pearl Yellow on that cup 430) cost at the time. I'd do it again but I don't expect it to be an available option for the launch editions. From the available options I'd take a nice metallic blue. Persian blue ideally which is the blue on my old sprint, if not essex as per the 400.
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