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  1. Its all about cost to change. Sell yours private, offer them whatever you get plus 20k. Bet you they take it. When their car was sub 50k they would have offered you 23/4k as a px. They have valued your car at 28k, with equivalent dealer cars listed at 32kish that doesn't seem unreasonable?
  2. Been for sale for a year or more and it's in Northern Ireland where the market is even more miniscule than the mainland. And its an auto. Would think a mainland dealer could make a few quid buying it and getting it back, but a lot of hassle for a private buyer especially with covid travel restrictions
  3. Exactly how I with thinking @Colin P I had plenty of enquiries which suggested it was the right price for a private sale but even then some people want more money off... I'll keep her anyway, I was really struggling to find a replacement now GT4 prices have moved (by about 5k for a good one since I first listed the 400), the Megane will be the perfect contrast to make the 400 special again and I've got the 7 for the full-on adrenaline rush experience. Hole in the market at 50k currently. @Gm77's car sold last week also.
  4. I've actually changed my mind on selling the 400 and ended the advert early. Bought a Megane 275 earlier in the week and wife has agreed she won't leave me even though I will have that, the 400 and a 7!
  5. I totally approve of your paint scheme, it's 😍😍😍
  6. I think(!) my 400 was 300ish last year. Its a couple of brackets below the top one.
  7. @Gadzooksyou will probably have to go aftermarket if you want to do lots of trackdays. I have a 2bular lightweight on mine with some enormous additional slip on cans, it just about passes Snetterton on the driveby if you are careful. There's also a full QP option along with the Hangar 111 equivalent version (plus no doubt some other manufacturers). Having said all that, the car is far too lovely to use on track as much as I would like to so I've bought a 7 to go with it! Still got the 2bular fitted because I think it looks better with twin tailpipes.
  8. See you there! Though will be in the Caterham assuming I can get the alternator fixed rather than the 400. I took mine to Snetterton twice last year, for an evening and a full day. Totally unsurprisingly, it was mega and, of course, performed faultlessly. It's just as fast round Snetterton as a V6 exige - I had one before the 400 - and a whole lot more civilised away from the track also. Anyone with an evora should track it at least once, just to see what the thing can do when unrestricted by the law!)
  9. I almost, almost, bid on that Black Edition car. Thought it was a decent buy at 40k plus 6%. I think 'Zippy' is Targa Florio (if its not something dodgier of course) so it will re-appear there shortly at c50k is my guess. However, something just put me off about it, think it was the lack of information in the ad about what dampers it was running and the stupid red re-trim of the steering wheel. Would've likely had to get rid of the Caterham also. @550superfast am off to Snetterton 29 April, will you be there?
  10. The owner of this car can be found on here. It was number 2 off the production line. I'm sure he will be along in a bit. I've driven this car myself, its lovely and inspired me to buy mine (which can also be found on pistonheads at the moment).
  11. The rear seats, of course 😉 (Then they'll put them back in for the last 5.)
  12. The collecting cars one may have been registered in 2016 but it's an early model. I look at what's on the market at the moment and continue to think that 51-52k for my low mileage manual Hethel edition would be very fair indeed once lockdown has ended.
  13. I'd be amazed if you find a better car than that one tbh.
  14. From your list @Wake, I'd take the 400 every time. Just be aware, if you take it on track, the standard silencer is too loud for the UK noise limits. Although, in the case of my car it's also just too lovely to do the amount of trackdays I want to do next year, which explains the 20 Yr old Caterham. (Plus the passenger ride that [email protected] me round Spa in his racer has lived long in the memory!!)
  15. @WakeI wouldn't put you off the 400. It's magic in so many ways, sounds great, steers amazingly, rides great, goes like shit off a shovel, looks great. I took mine to Snetterton earlier in the year, and it was superb. I've also driven a different 400 at Spa and, again, it was tremendous. Honestly, the amount of comments - all positive by the way - I've had is unreal. I do love mine. If I end up keeping it, that won't be a chore. It even fits my kids in the back!
  16. I'm not (thinking of) buying one for investment purposes. It's a car. At 68kish it's just about affordable for me now (they've come down a lot from the ridiculous prices of 3 years ago) and I would fully intend to use it at least as much as the 400. Which, considering that I've only done 7,000 miles in the best part of three years, isn't a great deal!! I am not expecting the Evora to sell quickly actually, that doesn't bother me as I haven't found a cayman I want either - I may well change my mind in a week or so! Even if it does go I'm sure I'll be back to Lotus at some point in the future.
  17. I suspect that's right @C8RKHbut I've had this itch for years and I won't be able to move on until it's scratched.
  18. Hopefully I'm allowed to post this... I have decided to attempt to sell my 400 (advert is posted on the lotsucarsforsale site in fact😲). I've loved owning it and there will be tears if/when it departs as it is the car I would've bought new from the factory in 2016 if I could have but... as may be apparent from some historic posts of mine in other threads, I have wanted a Cayman GT4 for a long, long time and the man maths calculations put me in a spot where I can just about afford to buy one. I have many more pictures of the 400 and will likely be asking anyone who buys it for first refusa
  19. @Cdm2018Don't know how to do it myself, but it took Dave @Hangar 111about 10 minutes!
  20. ^agreed - had same issue a few months ago, replaced the brake pedal switch and it's fine. It also happened on both my V6 exige and S2 exige before that. Brake switch is a consumable basically, will go after 3/4 years. Cheap to fix though.
  21. You will need an aftermarket, quieter exhaust for Brands. No way the OE 4XX one will make it through the noise limits. I have a 2bular on mine, and some enormous cans, which was fine for Snetterton a couple of months ago. (Although I've just bought an old Caterham for some trackday fun, going to try to keep the 400 for the road). Don't know about you but I think mine looks better...
  22. Likewise. One of the reasons I sold my V6 and got the Evora.
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