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  1. Pass. The 2bular that @CocoPops fitted on mine is not quiet enough for Snetterton - blows 96db on the drive by! That was without the additional cans fitted mind, but I can't think that they will be enough alone to lose 4db on the drive by. I'm not really sure what to do, part of the appeal of the 400 is how good it sounds and I don't really want to lose that.
  2. You should try the Mark 7 Fiesta ST for ride quality. Now that's an experience to remember.... I love mine even so (on my second now!) I couldn't live with the seats in the Sport 410. All the carbon fibre is lovely however and the cost to change at the moment is fairly minimal in the grand scheme of things, but for me the 400 does everything I want of it and I'm very happy with mine - especially once the few niggles are ironed out by Dave @Hangar 111 !
  3. I had a new battery on my 400 earlier in the year - 2 and a bit years old, and kept on a trickle charger when not driven daily
  4. Does anyone know the paint code (if there is one) for the silver forged wheels on the 400 (Hethel Edition in my case)? I've got a wheel in for a refurb at the moment... Cheers Will
  5. @Dave - Is this is a reference to a 430 map? If so, please tell me more!!!
  6. @Kimbers don't agree with you, the Brexit Party => split vote => PM Jez. As per Peterborough. There's no way they get a majority, they have no other policies. I suppose the one good thing about PM Boris is that Farage dies in a ditch politically, he can go back to the Brussels trough
  7. True. I voted leave, and I'd do it again because I don't believe in the United States of Europe or the EU Army, or that Donald Tusk, Nige and the rest of the EU grey men should have unrestricted access to an unlimited trough of gravy. However....... (a) I don't think it's going to happen now and (b) I'm not entirely sure I actually want it to. There are at least two great things that being in the EU protects us from: (a) a flood of cheap, chlorine washed and/or pumped full of antibiotics, meat together with a raft of GM food that we can guarantee will be foisted on us unde
  8. #doggate We have a dog. She's always walked on the lead because she doesn't like other dogs in her face. So don't get me started on uncontrolled dogs who come up off lead and she then snaps at 'oh they're only being friendly' "fuck off, you might think yours is but mine doesn't like it, why are you putting my dog at risk"
  9. Just because it was a nice day really. Although it might end up being a very expensive afternoon for @Gm77 and @andyj007 ...
  10. Lost a little something in changing it to a GIF but 10MB JPEG can't be uploaded!
  11. Totally don't agree. The yellow looks flat as a pancake. I'd take the black . Well, actually I'd wait for a blue one, but that's just me...
  12. Ah, is that where you were off to when we passed each other?! I think, if you find a car uncomfortable on a test drive, it's not a good idea to splash out the hard earned on it, especially if it's brand new and all the depreciation that means. Don't think any of the V6 exige seats actually have probax inserts any more, although I found mine perfectly comfortable. That car's bloody lovely btw (my son's sat in it), although I would say that as it's basically a copy of the colour scheme on my 400!
  13. @Hangar 111 can do it in the UK, though your estimate is pretty spot one. I think there may be a FFM TLF discount... Personally, and notwithstanding the fact that H111 have looked after all my lotus', I'd still put a 2bular exhaust and manifold on (sorry Dave)
  14. Personally, I don't like the seats in the 410 sport - they are mounted too upright. I wouldn't do anything to the mapping while it's in warranty but YMMV. I don't know if anyone other than Komotec offer anything and I believe the Lotus ECU hasn't been cracked properly, but I guess you can get it custom mapped, new ECU etc if you spend enough money. Tax will depend on the year, remember that from March 17 it goes off list price rather than emissions. My 16 plate 400 is not in the top bracket emissions wise so it's c£300 per year to tax (every little helped when man mathing the change from
  15. I have an annoying rattle from somewhere up front, and some squeaking ARB bushes, but otherwise the thing has been awesome. Hoping these points get sorted next month under warranty. And even a 400 is bloody good on track, until you get black flagged for noise... Just to say, from personal experience, the 2bular lightweight interim loudness track exhaust is still too loud for Snetterton which has a 92 DB limit on driveby - even with the cans (although the ones I have look to be earlier than the version he now offers). I need to give him a ring to see if there's anything that can be done fu
  16. I've downloaded @CocoPops settings from the Alpine ap. Hopefully that will clear it up as I bought the car from him!
  17. I've done this and had the same result. But mine has a sub-woofer fitted, according to the certificate of conformity and everything. So I guess its there - my ear isn't good enough to tell
  18. Drive by too. My 400 with a quieter exhaust than OE hit 96db on the driveby a couple of months ago - black flagged at lunch and couldn't get back on with additional cans after the static test was louder than I did in the morning. Limit is 92db...
  19. Thanks @Bibs There's a remote control sensor - who knew! I want to try to update the firmware as well
  20. Can someone advise where the factory reset button can be found? My ipod connection/USB has frozen while disconnecting and the only solution I can think of is the IT classic 'turn it off and on'...
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