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  1. That's a US website you have linked to, you might have better luck on the US lotus forum. 400s have only just started coming out of warranty and that's a big job for minimum returns compared to remapping or similar.
  2. 458 is my medium term fantasy. I'm very very happy with the 400.
  3. I like it on the elise... 105k. Coincidentally, I went to a ferrari dealer yesterday. Research purposes only of course. A 458 could be had for only a little bit more... Appreciate its the same old new v used choice
  4. Mine is on its second badge (per @CocoPops) which has started flaking away again. Still in warranty, so there's another claim going in!
  5. Mine's not for sale Andy, sorry! Man maths might get me into trouble shortly. I miss my fiesta ST a lot...
  6. My 16 plate 400 is not in the highest tax bracket - just renewed it at £300 for the year. Unlike my older V6 exige, which was almost double that. Man maths ahoy Andy, time to make the change. You know it makes sense.
  7. Sunday was a lovely day for swimming... before the black flag
  8. Jesus, you guys are old. I was doing a shed load of trackdays back in 2010/11, my wife announced she was pregnant with our first and I promptly realised it was then or never for the Exige - there were normally a few on most the trackdays I'd been on and they looked great. So, got out early of my Megane 250 super cheap finance deal, bought an S2 Exige Sprint (deposit down unseen) that Castle listed surprisingly cheaply, modified/threashed it for 4 years and never looked back...
  9. @C8RKH was Snetterton. Yeah, the cans didn't help. Static tested in the morning at 96db, so thought I was in good shape. Then did 3 runs, they flagged me on the 3rd run, they were doing their best and hoping the rain would dampen the sound, but ran out of leeway in the end. I hit 96 on the drive by. 92 is the limit at Snet, which is pretty standard. Before I do the next one in the UK I will look to get one of the QP ones. Not sure when that will be of course, and will probably be Spa next to be honest... @Stuart Monument aw, thanks. Yeah, it's not as loud as a normal one - @Gm77was there
  10. Cans didn't help so I just had passenger rides in the afternoon. Guess I need to investigate an even quieter 2bular before I do another UK trackday
  11. It's wet. It's windy. There's very little grip. Quite a lot of fun even so... But tripped the drive by noise meter on the third run and been black flagged! See if the cans make a difference after lunch...
  12. Once again though, I find myself in agreement with @C8RKH's post above. The OP has been repeatedly questioned regarding this and ignored it. To be fair to Jim, he's said for years on his website and when spoken that if you track the car, and don't strengthen the engine mounts, it's your problem. I remember putting Powerflex reinforcements into my S2 engine and gearbox mountings as a result. Now find myself wondering if I should do the same on the Evora. Jim's posted another rant up on 2bular by the way regarding this thread.
  13. @scotty435 pass, I bought mine second hand. Picture of my old car with the new one - not a great one admittedly - the day before Aimee changed the wheels over to the correct ones. . You're still wrong!
  14. @scotty435 I never like telling anyone that they are wrong, but in this case I'll make an exception - blue, every time.
  15. @scotty435 I had a blue S2 Exige Sprint as well before the V6. @jonnyboy sold it a few weeks ago (4.5 years after I'd moved it on admittedly).
  16. @Evora 400 phwoah. Love a sprint colour scheme, although I prefer blue personally. Having done the same on my V6, I know how much that would have cost you. I wouldn't do it again actually, the white is a massive PITA to clean if you ever take the car on track. But it doesn't half look great on a 430, superb!
  17. Got to say I agree with Andy (god dammit). Also 2bular have made clear on the website for a few years now that valved exhausts are not suitable for track use and any warranty that may be offered on exhausts that break following track use are void. I take that to mean it's at his discretion basically. I suspect posting up a thread which basically labels his product as shit is a good way not to get a positive outcome in this regard. Having said that, Jim's rants are remarkably unprofessional but he's done them for years now whenever he's taken offence at something (ie frequently). Think he'
  18. Have you sprayed the pedal anyway? Solved the problem on my V6, and I need to do it on the 400 as I've got a similar squeak at the moment.
  19. I'm glad someone else has posted "about 30k", because that's what I was going to say. It's basically a new v used query so far as I am concerned. Massive price saving vs less warranty, likely worse finance terms and no service package, and someone choosing the spec and farting in the driver's seat before you. That's about it.
  20. Well, if it's going to be too loud I can always take the station snotter. Anyone overtaken by a 307 diesel on ditchfinders should hang their head in shame! I've never had any issues with Javelin. Always been a good day out
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