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  1. I certainly hope so! I'll post some pictures when I collect the car.
  2. Yeah, I saw the red/white one and liked it but I think mine is going to look even better! That's a cup car and I don't like the gold wing mirrors for example. Also that car has the LF1 gold wheels which aren't quite the same shade of gold as the detail painted elsewhere on the car and as mentioned elsewhere on here are difficult to keep clean. Whereas, at the suggestion of Scott at the factory I've ordered the standard black wheels and am going to then have the supplying dealer strip them back and paint them in the same shade as the detail with a heavy dose of lacquer for cleaning purposes - t
  3. I've been really boring and gone for a near replication of the blue Sprint scheme that I had on my S2. But with the gold detail being painted this time around I'm confident it's going to look ace. Also going to have the wheels painted the same shade as the gold detail.
  4. You're getting liquid yellow Chris, right? That will be pretty unique, I was told they won't offer it any more given how long it takes the factory to finish it!
  5. Komotec 430 upgrade is 4,400 fitted by Hangar 111. I think my wife might let me have that in 3 years time. But another 30/40k for the factory version, I'm not so sure.
  6. Mid March? Easy! I'm not expecting to collect mine (which is not an LF1 but has a custom paint job) until mid April!
  7. Ordered mine today and I'm going to armourfend the front for sure. Got to be cheaper than a respray!
  8. Thanks. We had a chat at the Hethel day in late 2013 I think. I have seen the red scheme one - thought it was very cool. Not getting my hopes up just yet as still got to get the numbers right but hopefully a visit to the factory will tell me more. Am I right in thinking the price should in theory at least just be the same as a 'Motorsport' colour?
  9. My first post on here, there are a few usernames I recognise from other forums. Hello everyone! Somewhat surprisingly my wife has just approved the upgrade of my S2 Exige Sprint to a V6. My man maths arguments seem to have worked for once - I spoke to Scott from the factory this afternoon and they have some cracking offers on for the next couple of months. Anyway I'm also facing the colour quandary. My current car is the blue/white combination and I'm struggling to find a better one. Quite like the Velvet Red that is on the Stratton roadster at the moment but i think I still prefer the Persi
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