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  1. My one doesn't have any stripes (thankfully @CocoPops took them off!).
  2. Work is going to prevent me from attending tomorrow, so I have two spare tickets plus a yellow badge if anyone wants them. Am 5 minutes off the A12 at the Colchester football ground junction. @hopo
  3. @Bibs I saw Stuart and his new Evora 430 on Sunday. Don't know if he's on the list already but he said he was coming?
  4. @Gm77 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Must be because of all the 400s in the area.
  5. @internetsI've seen that blasted picture before. Can't work out how to achieve it though!!
  6. Unlock car. Press boot release button once. Half a second pause. Press it again. Works for me anyway. Now, if someone could tell me how to clip the fuel cap onto the clip on the flap...
  7. @Mark030358 still f***ing love your sprint.
  8. Does the cup holder actually fit anything wider than a standard 500ml coke bottle? Ie your average metal refillable coffee cup? I am currently not jealous of those who have it because I assume the answer is no!!
  9. Mine (was Lee's) and is a manual. And not for sale needless to say. A sister car with c20k miles was for sale earlier in the year and seemed to move pretty quickly. Anyone that didn't spec the red leather is an idiot, it suits perfectly.
  10. @Gm77 and I bought these: Problem solved. Then you can listen to the rattle behind the dash instead.
  11. Cup 430. The Evora isnt going to satisfy much longer
  12. Having now watched the video, I think @The Pitswill be spending some more money as soon as he can justify it to himself...
  13. Its not the same as the usual special edition though, the cup 360s were still made by Motorsport (I think). Also, that's one of the semi-unicorn cup 360s with the revised gear linkage. Should still have a year left on the warranty too. Hold that for 2/3 years, track it like mad and you'll lose very little - do the same to a 60k Sport 350 and you'll lose 15-20k. Personal experience. I thought hard about chopping in my (one off) V6 when it was c 18 months old for the Essex Blue 360 Cup that B&C had, which Mark ended up buying. Should have done it but the 20k cost to change was out of my rea
  14. No chance I'm afraid Gary, 400 is the daily driver at the mo and my last V6 was bad enough at setting off my tinnitus.
  15. If I were in the market for one, I'd buy this - got the updated gear shift too:
  16. That's really very cheap indeed even if it needs a clutch. And the ad says price is negotiable, might be able to get it for 18k...
  17. Plus 1. Will book a ticket and assume it covers everyone in car!
  18. I always wave at other lotus owners, and apart from one grumpy old git with an S1 Elise (must've been a the playground member) a few weeks ago i've always got a wave back. Haven't noticed anything different in the 400, although to be fair 400s are common as muck in Colchester!
  19. Mine isn't clean enough normally to shine like that ... Driven, not detailed
  20. The covercraft one seems a lot of money especially for UK postage... @PaulCP I spotted that on Amazon, but I want an internal fitting one because I'm mainly going to use it when the car is parked at the station. Any other suggestions?
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