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  1. Mine was fixed by Stratton last week. I've still got another year of warranty left but does anyone have any suggestions for a windscreen heat reflector? I think that's a good idea...
  2. I love mine. Its hilarious in so many ways, the kids (6 and 4) fit OK in the back, and if I am not taking the wife too, one of them goes in the front. Drives like a lotus should, goes like stink, slidey, comfortable, looks great, sounds amazing, useable every day. It's mega. One bonus, if your wife is too short (5'2 or less) she won't be able to reach the end of the clutch pedal and so will never want to borrow it! By bonus I obviously mean problem...
  3. When's the 3 year term up?! New (by which I mean second hand) Volvo is very much what my wife is angling for. Bought the last one at 3 years old and had it for 5 now. Hopefully get a year or two more out of it but she mentioned getting a replacement for the first time last night. And she has never done that before!!
  4. @anthonyyuleIf you think about moving on that XC90 once 2018 has passed, please let me know...
  5. Have you tried the dealers? Stratton have my old one off V6 Sprint in within your budget, it's very nice even if I do say so myself... Otherwise you'll have better luck on the playground in finding someone that likes German dullness.
  6. It's way out of my price range and I couldn't buy another exige/elise chassis car anyway due to the cabin noise, but that Type 79 is gorgeous.
  7. It's a fact that the last surviving car after the apocalypse will be a K11 Nissan Micra. The automotive equivalent of a cockroach
  8. You have to double press the boot unlock, with a slight delay between first and second presses
  9. This has also happened to mine. It really sets off my OCD! However it's in for a service next week and Stratton seem confident they can fix it easily
  10. I believe the OE ones will last until about 5 minutes after you've saved up enough for your Ohlins/Nitrons/other preferred damper
  11. I have to say that I can't see anything in the pictures... However I also sympathise with Jonny as, once you spot something that you think is wrong, it's impossible not to see it every time you look at the car. In my case, the passenger airbag cover has popped up so that it's no longer aligned with the dash and I'm finding it impossible to ignore. At least the car is going in for a service shortly.
  12. There was a chap at Spa last year with a 4C, he'd increased the power, put it on a set of Ohlins which could be adjusted from the boot and remapped the gearbox. Looked good and went well. That's what I'd do if I were you.
  13. So basically - new front clam that copies the alfa one, gopping alfa lights, alfa wheels and stupid (ie wrong) badge. Seems doable if you throw enough money at someone, but don't know why anyone would bother and it's not going to be easy to re-sell if you ever want to move it on
  14. Farrah loves the 4XX. That must be fourth or fifth one he's written about how brilliant they are.
  15. Before I bought my V6, I had the Castle demonstrator for a long weekend while they did the oil cooler recall on my S2 that I'd bought through them a few years before. That was enough time to put me in the frame of mind that I needed a V6 in my life - but I bought it from Silverstone rather than Castle
  16. The Exige he's stood by looks great!
  17. They're great in an Exige/Elise. I've only had a passenger ride on a track in a sport 410, but that was more than enough for me (I was passengering that day in a 400, so was a B2B comparison...). Its entirely coincidental that people are trading in GT430s spec'd with them for new ones with the right seats Sparcos in a better colour However they are all miles better than a Cayman.
  18. If I recall correctly - Royal Mail pay it, and then you get billed for it plus their handling fee which you have to pay when you collect the item from the post office (or sorting office) - it won't be delivered to your door..
  19. I don't think it would last over the winter unless the battery is brand new - I always stuck mine on a trickle charger, even when I was only leaving it for a week!
  20. There's a 2bular non-switchable exhaust on my one, I also have the OE in the garage. I think it makes a very good sound on the road, apparently it static tests at 104 without the cans although I haven't tried to get on track personally yet. I also had a 2bular on my old S2 exige which, in a similar vein, was an excellent product. The owner, however, is very much of the Michael O'Leary school of advertising, so make of it what you will. I've not had any issues when I've dealt with him in the past (others have), but equally I've also had positive experiences dealing with the people he's tak
  21. I didn’t do the factory tour so had forgotten all about that!
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