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  1. You will need an aftermarket, quieter exhaust for Brands. No way the OE 4XX one will make it through the noise limits. I have a 2bular on mine, and some enormous cans, which was fine for Snetterton a couple of months ago. (Although I've just bought an old Caterham for some trackday fun, going to try to keep the 400 for the road).



    Don't know about you but I think mine looks better... 


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  2. I have one. I don't know if its a prototype or the final one - it was fitted by the previous owner, indeed the rolling road graph on the 2bular website is of my car. Its one of the earliest so far as I'm aware. 

    It sounds pretty great still, probably is still too loud for most UK tracks to be honest. I've hopefully got a set of the 350mm cans being sent to me by the end of next week. I'm off to Snetterton thereafter to try them out! Hopefully they will enable me to explore the rev range higher up than c5k or so that my current cans do, which are only 250mm and don't have the tips on. Otherwise I will have to get the QP silencer. If I were starting from OE and wanted to do some trackdays, that's probably what I would do tbh. 

  3. Are lotus still doing 50:50 at the moment? Anyway, I had a V6 Exige before the 400, and I wouldn't go back. I loved how the V6 drove, don't get me wrong - the shove in the back in the mid range was awesome, but it wasn't any quicker than the 400 is actually. The 400 is a better car compared to the compromised V6 design, much more useable, sounds better, handles just as well/better; chargecooled, limited slip dif. Don't see it as anything other than a step back myself. 

    If my 400 were to go, it would be for a Cup 250 (to do some more trackdays) and something like an M2 as a daily... although I'm hoping I can get the M2 next year and keep the 400 as well! 

  4. I had a 2008 S2 Exige Sprint from 2011 to 2015. Did 15,000 miles, many trackdays, modified it a fair bit - basically I loved it at the time. However, there's no way I would pay the prices that they are going for now when, for basically the same amount of money, one can buy a decade newer S3 Elise 250 cup. Will Blackham has had a couple up over the lockdown period at c37k, and either one of them would have been where my money went (I think he's sold one already though). Personally I'd take one over a c40k V6 powered Exige every single time. I've had a V6 exige as well, which I also loved for the power and brutality of the drive, but in my view both the Elise and the Evora are better cars than the V6 Exige...

    I was chatting to someone at Snetterton yesterday evening actually. I think the current Elises are tremendous for what they are, if you want to do loads of trackdays a year the Elise Cup is a total winner in my opinion. So adjustable with the throttle, low running costs, looks great, more than quick enough in a straight line, amazing to drive, reliable. If I had more garage space (and money) I'd love to have a 250 in there along with the Evora... 

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  5. Mine's been used most weekends this winter. Its filthy! Took it out today, it was mega. Every time I have vague thoughts of selling it, one drive - even pootling around town - is enough to make them disappear. 

    Still want a type r though... Got to work on the Mrs! 

  6. 39 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    Basically Porsche never sales a base 911 Carrera, they always have extras.

    However, more and more I can see why the 911 Carrera sells and its attraction.

    This Evora should be pitched at £75k list max to really take on the 911. However, with a Boxster GTS at £65k it really pains me to say this but that is where my money would go with £10k to spend on extras.

    Personally... I'd buy the Cayman GTS 4.0 at 65k and keep the change. 

  7. My car is Essex blue and a mate has a 430 in the same colour. Metallic blue is different. Persian blue is utterly lovely but hasn't been a standard lotus colour for a while now. My S2 and S3 exiges were in a Persian blue sprint scheme. 

  8. On 18/10/2019 at 10:47, 62dave said:

    Hi guys - sorry to revive an old thread but I have this issue on my 2016 Evora 400. My car has the noise through all the gears when below 2500 rpm. Do we think that’s normal? If it’s just an Evora quirk I can live with it but all the other reports only seem to mention the problem in 1st and 2nd gear..

    Any helpful advice much appreciated 😊 

    I'll PM you

  9. Nice car. Price seems pretty fair to me, and you never know, someone lurking on here might decide it's perfect for them! 

    Car market seems very soft at the moment. I'm left wondering what my Hethel Ed 400 with about the same mileage is worth, if yours is only 60k...

  10. 13 hours ago, mario308 said:

    Right hand side, sill I meant (spelling)☹️

    The two metal pipes run through the sill and I’m told by the main dealer B&C that they corrode due to the heat/cold cycle. Moisture also gets in and eventually creates a gas leak. Mine have been replaced/ modified with the poly/plastic pipes and so far the aircon is freezing cold again 👍.

    The replacement pipes are described as:

    1/ Hose AC suction replacement p/n A120P0024S

    2/ Hose AC pressure replacement p/n A120P0025S

    In fact yesterday I had to turn the cold “down” a bit as I was turning blue.😀

    This has been an issue since the S2 Exige (at least!) - I remember having to get H111 to put a new set of pipes through the sill on mine.

  11. Yours must have been built at a very similar time to mine. I had the clutch changed as it had become very noisy and Lotus confirmed it was failing. New drop links as well, otherwise was just a couple of niggles/adjustments. All sorted out by @Hangar 111, though it took a bit of time. Picked it up this morning in fact, it was like collecting a new car! 

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