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    Apologies just noticed this, no8 is my car and up with Silverstone on SOR at the minute. Great little car I'm in the lucky position of not having to sell so it might stay with me if I don't get a decent offer. I'd be grateful if it can be advertised on the homepage. Many thanks Steve
  2. I'd agree that Porsche have played a blinder on the marketing of this car, a position Lotus can only dream of being in mores the pity.. I have a GT4 on order and if they announce an RS version I will order one without a moments hesitation. On the upside you can be confident that this car will be good, hopefully more than good possibly great. Furthermore it might actually maintain strong residuals which will be a nice position to be in for a change. I personally think Porsche values will implode before too long and I pity those paying up to 200k on a 997 GT3RS which could have been bought for 80-90k three years ago. So in reality those lucky enough to have one of these on order are in a position of envy really, a GT Porsche at a bargain price. With regard fawning, well it goes with the territory look on any forum on for any marque there's always people who are a little bit over enthusiastic often cringeworthy, including Lotus!
  3. I'm not sure it is a line tbh because my dealer has a long waiting list of people who want one. I've been approached for my car already, but who knows. The LF1 is a great little car and I know what Lotus cars strengths and weakness's are as it's the 4th Lotus I've owned.
  4. My car is original order. As far as I'm told there is no uplift in production more likely a few dropping out when it comes to paying deposits when specifying their cars or struggling to get finance or change of circumstance. Steve
  5. Making the same move myself. Opportunity to buy GT4 to good to resist. Pitty I've git to wait for 3 months. Steve
  6. I managed to boil the brake fluid in my car yesterday which was a bit dissapointing as I thought I wasn't pushing too hard. Had to abanden my last run for obvious reason. Question is what is the standard fluid and what should I replace it with. Also should I look for any other issues that may have caused the issue, for example seals etc. Cheers Steve
  7. Thanks Paul, Response received from Aimee at Silvertstone Lotus (thanks Aimee(- Paint codes can be found on the white sticker on the internal sill to the RH side of the driver seat..... B111, Motorsport Black I'll sort the plaque photo out shortly! Cheers Steve
  8. Anybody know it, I'm thinking stonechips. Cheers Steve
  9. SJF

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    125bhp might feel a bit breathless on track, I know they're great fun but I wouldn't look at anything less than an R300 as a track weapon tbh.
  10. Another old timer here! I must admit I do wonder how I look crawling out of my car but I suppose I'll live with it! Anyway improvements for me have generally been mentioned already . Fuel tank - I did a trip down to Spa earlier this week and having to stop 3 times on the way there and back is a pita. Lights- Diabolical virging on dangerous, more 1970 than 2015. I missed a turn on the way home on a country lane last night because I couldn't see the junction coming even with full beam on. A/C control-is it on or off, pretty basic design issue I'm amazed it was allowed to leave the factory like this. Transmission- I've noticed they're a bit rattly when under light load, fine once you're gunning it but sounds a bit agricultural at times. that said there are many positives! Steve
  11. Any further progress with this, I spent an hour in the rain and dark on the m42 the other night. The light situation was worrying to say the least I honestly thought my lights had gone off a few times! Woeful doesn't cover it, they remind me of the headlights on my dads old Morris 1300 30 years ago. Can't believe a modern production car can be let out the factory with such a fundamental flaw, oh that and ac that you can't tell if its on or not. Steve
  12. I have a USB connection inside the little sort of coin holder next to the passenger door. (LF1). Crap position as its a bit diddly to utilise but better than nowt! Steve
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