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  1. Heavy duty floor paint on sealed concrete isn't great. It chips very easily and lifts off under tyres. I use a mix of floor paint, cheap rubber backed carpet tiles under the tyres of parked cars and several heavy duty 2.3m x 5.2m G Floor garage floor protecters in the workshop area which are available from Costco. [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img]http://i.i
  2. Designers and engineers go to great lengths to achieved 50/50 axle weight distribution by careful placement of components such as batteries on the floor behind the drivers seat. All perfectly acceptable until the battery fails in a locked and secure car with electric doors. The size of the "standard" specification battery is super critical ... 2 mm too wide and the drivers seat and (now unobtainable) electronic door activation modules are coming out. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img]https://i.imgur.c
  3. A Peugeot 504 Cabriolet, preferably the V6
  5. Cheffins monthly Machinery & Plant sales. Lots 2131 to 2154
  6. For those living in Norfolk and looking for a good restaurant or travelling to Norfolk for a short break I can recommend "The Saracens Head" at Wolterton which also has rooms although we stayed at nearby Wolterton Park. Part of the attraction is finding the place with an old fashioned map given the phone / sat nav reception is very poor Is it Lotus friendly ? The surrounding roads are very narrow, usually with grass growing down the middle and high hedges, so practice your reversing skills should you be unlucky enough to come across oncoming farm traffic, especially if are driving an
  7. Changed my gearbox oil to Redline MT90 last year replacing the factory gloop which had covered 8k miles from new. Reasonably straight forward as previously described, however, I would strongly recommend removing the filler plug first then the drain plug. If you have drained the oil and the filler plug won't budge the job has suddenly become very nasty.
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    Brings back great memories ... My first 5 hours in the log books are dual Tiger Moth.
  9. A great day, many thanks to all those who organised and marshalled it.
  10. As you are probably aware the RGB is basically 260s spec with lightweight forged wheels and the structural shear panel which stiffens the rear subframe by 30% plus all the then current packs (Performance, Touring and Sport) and air conditioning which is essential if you intend to spend any time in the car, it gets very hot very quickly without it ! I believe there were 55 UK RHD Exige RGB produced 15 of which in Starlight Black. Lotus have confirmed mine was the last UK RHD Exige S2 built. Never driven a Cup car which is lighter and more track focused, however, after 2 hours I need to stop
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