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  1. I've done alot to my car, komotec wing, TVS1900, Suspension, Carbon Fibre everywhere, SSC Double din touchscreen stereo upgrade, lightweight battery, Xenon headlights and so on. The reason I put it at 6-7 is because I was told it was just a straight swap. Having to drive my car to the dealer, late for work, etc etc puts it at a 6-7. I agree if you did it yourself and you are good with cars, its much easier. If you are not a mechanic and need someone to do it for you, then I consider it a pain in the ass.
  2. Well, since i had to take the car in to my lotus dealer to get them to do it and it took them around 2 hours, I would say a 6-7. Basically both front wheels off, lift the car, move some bits out of the way and unbolt the plastic bits. Once they are off, the fitting of the new front panel takes 5 minutes - simply transfer the large bolt and two little lugs from your existing panel in to the new one and off you go.
  3. Where did you get the side skirts from?
  4. Thanks Thomas, much appreciated. I had removed the comment, not sure why it was dragged back up. My apologies.
  5. I removed this post before you posted this. I contacted Thomas and heard nothing back. I guess the general rule of thumb is that when you work with 3rd party suppliers you have to be careful. Please just delete this entire topic, it's lost all meaning now.
  6. Ok, I will now pay extra to install something that I was told was easy to do at home.
  7. Here is a warning for anyone thinking of buying the carbon fibre front service panel from Komotec for their Exige V6. I contacted them before buying and "Sascha" advised that it is a very simple install. I outlined I had a V6, not a cup, 350 or 380. The front clam arrived and is well made etc. Just one problem.... The front clam has to be removed to undo the bolts holding the black plastic trim on either side of the original service panel. My dealer has quoted a full day's work to do this. I have contacted Komotec and had no response. They were fast to respond when taking the order, but no comment when asking for help. Please keep this in mind if you are thinking of ordering the panel.
  8. Did I totally miss this?
  9. They look amazing, any chance of a reflective road legal version Mick?, I don't really want to say good-bye to my insurance if anyone hits the rear of the car for any reason.
  10. Ok, thanks, something to think about. Is the whirring noise constant?
  11. How noisy are the Kobra4 brakes? I was looking at upgrading, but I daily my Exige, so wouldn't make sense if they were really squeely etc.
  12. Well my runners on my current car have been fine for 18 months and then bang they just failed. My car is my daily driver, and now I can hear a clatter (I'm assuming the ball bearings?) every time I accelerate and brake. I now sit in the seat further back and it seems to lock in, however if I move it to my preferred position, it no longer locks in to position. It's booked in friday for them to take a look. Looks like another next set of rails. Like I said, I've had them replaced on all three V6 Exige's I've owned. The worrying fact is that they seem to just fail when you least expect it. Yes, I daily my car, but it has only done 10,000km's in the last 12 months. I am 180cm and the only way to get in and out is to push the seat back every time I get in and then pull it forward. Fixing it in place is not an option for me and for a car of this value.... yeah starting to really piss me off. for them to say they don't know about it is a complete lie as SSC in Sydney know, my dealer knows and they have returned 3 faulty sets over the past 3 years just from my cars!.
  13. All three of my Exige v6's that I have owned have had major problems with the rails. Infact my current one failed completely on Friday night on the way home when I had to break suddenly and then was thrown back from the peddles which was a proper brown trouser moment. I am actually amazed that they are allowed to still sell the car knowing there is such a dangerous fault with the drivers seat.
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