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  1. Hi, after this period of Covid I start again to search my 2-11. Probably I found one outside Switzerland, it is road legal but I need a technical fiche about this car. At the moment not for my specific VIN number but a general fiche for 2-11. I wrote to all my contacts in Lotus UK more than 10 days ago but, unfortunately, they are bumping my request each other and get no answer. Some of you have one? :-))) Thanks Roby
  2. Hi all, There is someone who wants to sell his 2-11 here in Switzerland ? I'm searching LHD and ABSOLUTELY with street legal documents here in Switzerland. Thanks to all and Merry Christmas!
  3. Name: Lotus Exige Click to view: Lotus Exige
  4. Name: Lotus Exige Click to view: Lotus Exige
  5. I'm agree with you. I LOVE this car BUT: no GTE brand, no GTE engine, no GTE gearbox... "only" GTE bodykit... What a pity! :-(
  6. Hi, I'm new user here. I've read for year but registered only now Roby from Lugano (Switzerland) I can give you some infos about GTE n°1 That car was offered to me by my dealer Lotus West in Sept. 2014 They give me some specs: LHD Nigthfall blue with leather cognac IPS gearbox I didn't buy it cause I think that it is ""only"" an Evora S with bodykit and not a real GTE with 444 Hp. In my opinion about GTE it has only the name. Cheers Roby
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