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  2. Thank you so much for the help everyone!
  3. I don't have too much experience with interiors. The window switches and whatnot shouldn't be any issue but I don't really feel comfortable reupholstering seats. Does anyone have any experience "refreshing" the dash on these cars? It looks to me like maybe a past owner smoked or something? Or just the leather has discolored from age and needs a very thorough cleaning. The owner claims it only had 15k miles on it before the rebuilding began. Seems like the interior would suggest otherwise. Another thing i found odd. The shift lever appeared to have surface rust on it. Has anyone seen that before? Could be just from sitting in a humid area? Who knows.
  4. Long story short : Have been looking for an Esprit for a while. Found one, nice guy, good looking car. Went to check it out. Mechanicals and exterior are great. Fully rebuilt, looks, sounds, feels good. Interior is a complete mess (of course)! Does anyone have any experience with reupholstering / rebuilding the interior on these cars (price and headaches)? I'm including a few pictures for reference. From my research online I'm seeing the seats are around $1000 to reupholster, carpet is $500, headliner is another few hundred. The dash looks salvageable but I'm not sure how crazy expensive it would be to go down that rabbit hole. Can anyone give me any advice? It's a 1985. A project that someone else is through with. (I have no idea why it flipped these pictures. I'm sorry about that) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Sad I missed this one. Seems on the higher side for the amount of wear but it is an HCi. What are y'alls opinions?
  6. Does anyone have any connections with Atlanta Lotus people? I’ve begun my search for an Esprit and thought there was a slim chance someone might have a lead on something around Hot-lanta. I know at one point Atlanta had a fairly robust lotus community so I assume there are some cars hidden away in garages looking for some loving (dreams, I know). And by Atlanta I really mean anywhere in the south east. Haha. The search will continue online but it would be much better to find something a little more personal. If anyone knows of any shops worth dropping in on that would be extremely helpful also (stopped by a few that I know have worked on Lotuses in the past to give them my number but those are few and far between). Outside of the Atlanta area if anyone knows of anything: I’m looking for a Giugiaro car (preferably a 84-86) with a healthy number of miles on it. A drivers car. I plan to drive it often so I’d prefer not to ruin someone else’s lovely low mile invest. Love the louvers. I currently daily a 57 Chevy 3100 (her name’s Crystal) so the maintenance schedule doesn’t seem to daunting. I think these cars look fun as hell so hopefully I can find one and join the club. I’ve been a long time lurker on these forums. Reading what I can about these cars and seeing others experiences. I know there are tons of these “help me find a car!” posts and I apologize if it’s annoying. You guys have already been extremely helpful with all the information on what to look for, and what to avoid, in these cars. Thank you!
  7. Have you gotten a carfax check? It can be completely useless but you never know.
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