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  1. Yup. First in many years that made me laugh. Enjoyed tonight's episode. Welcome back
  2. Yes. Just like making an error of taking one to many steps after a 5 mile walk to a cliff edge. How bad could it be?
  3. Sort of. I think we are having discussions but formally we are not allowed to negotiate or sign a deal until we leave the EU. Depending on the deal we leave with we may or may not be able to negotiate independent trade arrangements. Depends what the dela is.
  4. I don't think Japan and Singapore deals are under WTO. They are separate trade deals. There are 168 I think signatories to WTO and under that you cannot differentiate import tariffs between countries. You are free under WTO to negotiate independent trade deals but we all know that can take several years.
  5. Your tariffs under WTO must be the same for everyone with which you trade under WTO rules. Since we don't have a trade deal with either the U.S. or China at the moment WTO tariffs would apply. We can only set import tarrifs. No obligation for countries to reciprocate so our exports would be unchanged
  6. The EU were always going to negotiate in their interest and make it very difficult for the UK to make an example to others. That was obvious before the referendum. On WTO tariffs if we set zero for the EU we have to set zero for everyone. You cannot discriminate. So zero for the EU also means zero for the U.S. and zero for China.
  7. Watch Bad Santa. That's all I'm saying.
  8. My current car. First green beastie,
  9. They can still wait for you to get out of your car and prevent it from locking while you go wherever you are going.
  10. Don't knock the Ford transit key when all these high end motors with keyless entry are getting stolen at will. I'll keep the key thanks .
  11. Sorry. There is an example of unnecessary antagonism. Yes it happens on both sides but it has no place in a civilised debate.
  12. I don't really agree. They get it alright. This is how they earn their living by interpreting and manipulating votes. It's just that they don't WANT to get it.
  13. Can't help the fact its a pisser. See if the vendor will make a contribution then never go near them again. Bon Chance.
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