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  1. Given the move to ICU it's probable he will be put on a ventilator but not a certainty. They would not occupy an ICU bed if there was not a good chance of it being needed. Given who he is the move may be earlier than an ordinary patient would get.
  2. Elise vs Apline A110 on Fifth Gear
  3. And they sealed off the entire provence and banned travel and office work so had very little outside ]. Sealed provence was about 50 million people so the mortality rate should probably viewed in that context.
  4. China barricaded people in their homes if they showed symptoms but didn't test for COVID. I don't think they counted home deaths. Only deaths in hospital that were tested for COVID
  5. Excellent. I got the Lotus add on pack for Project Cars
  6. And now for the animated versions
  7. 100th_Idiot


    We have the same toy for our Maine coons
  8. Slightly orthogonal to the point I was making about being divided and having a core of remain supporters that will always be complaining just as we had a core of anti EU supporters that didn't stop complaining. There will be those that support further integration and will sincerely believe in that goal. We have to accept they will never stop.
  9. It would be nice to move on but I don't think that is reality. There will be a small group forever vocal. We did after all have many many years of complaining about being in the EU until we got the referendum. That's just the way it is here.
  10. So just let them shout and stamp their feet. Does it really bother you that much what a small minority say (I don't mean all those intelligent well intentioned people that voted remain). There is a small group that will hold banners and never accept. Ignore them. Get on with life. Welcome the remain voters that accept the decision including those that will have a different view to yours on what the end deal should look like. Have a civilised debate on the future. Move on.
  11. While the hostility remains on both sides we will never come together. Those that feel they won should be a little more tolerant and magnanimous. Those that feel they lost need to be a little more accepting.
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