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  1. Were the brakes especially good?
  2. That is true but when was that agreed. After the referendum result when the uk has no voice and in exchange for what? Tariff free sales of high speed trains into Japan? Japanese cars are 1% of the EU market so no threat to EU car makers. Bigger issue for uk jobs which was easy to negotiate away.
  3. Try a factory reset. My 920r unit lost the reversing camera last summer while on holiday. Thought I was going to have to pull the unit and look for a loose connection but tried a factory reset first. That sorted the issue. No adverse affects to settings.
  4. Been on several dodgy flights. One only managed to land after 3 aborted attempts but that one you were on sounds special.
  5. Get your priorities right. Move house.
  6. Drive it. You won't look back. Test drive to sales conversion ratio is ridiculously high.
  7. The half term break is a break from parliament but not necessarily from their constituency duties but on the issue of child care I absolutely agree with you Sort yourself the fuck out Like any analysis and product reviews. Ignore the outliers
  8. My garage entrance is tight (giggidy) but then opens into double space. Issue us dividing wall is half length so I put protection on the corners.
  9. Forget 4 doors and 4 seats. Just swap.
  10. Anyone going to buy the new Dyson Moral Vacuum?
  11. Really don't want to see your manly end.
  12. Not bad but the ends look a bit ratty
  13. A pox on all there houses. BJ just the same as JC. Only interested in his self entitlement to become prime minister. Sod them all.
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