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  1. That's private enterprise efficiency for you
  2. I see the BBC are reporting that the police were vindicated and that the politicians were criticised for uninformed knee jerk reactions and unclear laws.
  3. From the little I have read the UK ordered 60M Novavax vaccines. It is this that will be finished and bottled in the UK by GSK. Haven't found anything about them refusing to sign a contract with the EU.
  4. Hmm. Did Novavax bottle it?
  5. I got stabbed Jabby jabby jab day.
  6. The Italian regulator has stated that the suspension in Italy is politically motivated following pressure from Germnay and France. They are arse covering and will point at this as a reason why they are behind almost everyone incuding Chile but especially UK. If they prevent vaccine shipment to the UK it will be because they hate the image of the UK being ahead of the EU at vaccintion now we have left. Also why the guns are turned on AZ as they don't like it was UK developed so want to destroy it's public image to hurt global shipments. Meanwhile it's ctizens die. Utter bast
  7. No. You are supposed to complete it on March 21st I think.
  8. Deepest sympathies Bibs. Especially difficult in these times.
  9. I thought the reponse from the chief leech house was quite good as I read it: "Why did you wait until a globally syndicated broadcast to voice these worries you lying bitch"
  10. To the moon next. And I will, of course, cold smoke some cheese.
  11. New toy and first attempt at slow cooked barbecue pork shoulder. Five and a half hour slow cook. Yum
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