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  1. Wow. great job. You tipped the room 90 deg and emptied the crap out the windows?
  2. Happy Birthday TLF and very well done Bibs
  3. I have an idea for you. Buy yourself a toy. Give the box to the cat. Win win.
  4. Not the brightest minds there taking the copyright date as the date the photo was taken. I'd say it's idiocy rather than lying but you can ask which it is. Have fun.
  5. Shouldn't this be in here: Are People Just ****ing Stupid These Days Sells for $90,000 to $100,000 in China and thinks he can get it for $30,000.
  6. That's a possibility which I would fight against. RIPA was widely misused by councils but it was badly written and not constrained. This at least has constraints on retention time and only under anti terror laws. It would take parliamentary amendment to broaden it.
  7. Possibly but the retention is only for 6 months and only under prevention of terrorism laws which suggests it's only for named individuals already under surveillance.
  8. May I add this may not have been quite the smartest question ever in the history of questions.
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