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  1. Cut it in half to make it easier for them to handle
  2. Well they won't get run over but it is a bit extreme sending them into orbit.
  3. Apparently this was what happened in one region when the alert went off.
  4. Ignore the conspiracies. I've received them in US for flood alerts, South Korea for missile tests and Tawian for something else. Also worked on the mobile systems about 15 years ago. It's old tech that just hasn't been used in the UK yet.
  5. Usualiy find a room over a pub preferable. I regularly have to go to Cambridge and Holiday Inn Express is £130 per night. Pub I know which has far better food an beer is £84. Rooms are a little small but that is secondary concern.
  6. I have received these in USA, Taiwan and South Korea for various reasons. Been possible on mobile devices for well over 10 years.
  7. Dexter has arrived and is settling in remarkably quickly for a kitten just transposed to a new home. Very self assured.
  8. Yes a maine coon. Our new one arrives on Monday. He's now 2.6kg at 12 weeks
  9. Watching the Last of Us. The game was remarkable. The TV series has diverged somewhat but still enjoying it.
  10. He'll grow into them. He was 1.6kg at 9 weeks and will grow for 2 years
  11. Make them pay for the repairs then dig wide enough to encompass several potholes
  12. Haven't mentioned this yet but we lost George in the 1st week Jan. Sudden. Feline Infectious Peritonitis. It's endemic in the environment and most cats get it and shrug it off. With a very small number it mutates in the body and invades the immune system T-Cells. It is a form of coronavirus (but not COVID 19). Up to about 1 year ago it was 100% fatal. But following COVID they have some success with remdesvir anti retroviral (same as they use on people). We tried everything but it didn't work. Only 5. Arrives in about 3 weeks.
  13. They can do everything a wife does. Constant nagging Always right Tell you you're always wrong Have many headaches
  14. They are just vinyl. On order anyway. Should get them in March then just drop in for a cup of tea while they fit them.
  15. You'll get there in the end. At least my repairer fought that for me. He was telling me of another case where they took it to the ombusman and won. I'm still waiting on the "Lotus" letters as they are on back order.
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