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  1. Isn't this Porsche waking up to the market and Lotus by acknowledging that their 4 cyl sojourn was a mistake?
  2. Why not? It's the very definition of a vegan diet
  3. 100th_Idiot


    Christmas presents.
  4. What are you doing wrong? Posting on here instead of driving.
  5. Nice find. Didn't know they did this. For others interested.
  6. Looks like the dealer network will be significantly expanding
  7. 100th_Idiot


    It's definitely Hortus brand.
  8. 100th_Idiot


    Pretty sure it's branded Hortus. Don't have the bottle here as I'm not at home. Don't much care either. It's a decent old tom for £15. Call it Mr. Tiddles and I'd still buy it.
  9. 100th_Idiot


    Hortus Old Tom from Lidl is very palatable. Not up there with the best but at £15 a bottle it's good quaffing gin.
  10. Thanks. That alert may be brand specific though (poor design, cheap materials) and not generic to the technology. Further research required.
  11. Loved the little dig at Corbyn "you may or may not campaign for your own deal"
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