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  1. I think I preferred the green when playing around and red interior over tan. With Yellow I would have the black pack but not with the green.
  2. Perfectly safe as long as they walk to and from the Malverns
  3. Because they all tested negative. Mount and Chilwell are isolating as a precaution
  4. And global travel was huge back then. Much easier than today
  5. Maybe this is a more specialised product for a particular body part.
  6. He went to ITV for quite some time as well. But I guess we should blame the BBC for them not re-running his shows as well.
  7. One of them new stealth boats?
  8. He getting ready to write a book. Needs the money.
  9. It's Game of Death not Kill Bill. That was just a copy.
  10. We're only asking for reciprocity to quote Ursula.
  11. Fair enough. No licenses it is then.
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