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  1. Plus lower the barrier to entry. Getting trained and qualified is expensive. Other skill areas get investment from companies that need the skills. So if the training and qualification costs £10K say then companies should offer the pay this in exchange for let;s say 2 year commitment to work for them. Leave before that and you pay it back pro-rata.
  2. Precisely. We could speculate - "I don't what Lotus traditionalist think about an SUV not belonging in the Lotus line up" for example.
  3. Switzerland have their own agreements with the EU which means they don't require border checks but also restricts what they can do outside the EU. As I understand it they have lots of individual agreements rather than one overriding one. The EU don't like it as it is painful to maintain all the agreements so they want to consolidate to one. The Swiss so far don't like that is it imposes more restrictions. It's one to get the popcorn out for.
  4. The site has been purchased and will be converted to warehouse distribution centre. While that will create jobs the pay will be nowhere near that for a skilled Honda employee.
  5. I think I preferred the green when playing around and red interior over tan. With Yellow I would have the black pack but not with the green.
  6. Perfectly safe as long as they walk to and from the Malverns
  7. Because they all tested negative. Mount and Chilwell are isolating as a precaution
  8. And global travel was huge back then. Much easier than today
  9. Maybe this is a more specialised product for a particular body part.
  10. He went to ITV for quite some time as well. But I guess we should blame the BBC for them not re-running his shows as well.
  11. One of them new stealth boats?
  12. He getting ready to write a book. Needs the money.
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