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    Pretty sure it's branded Hortus. Don't have the bottle here as I'm not at home. Don't much care either. It's a decent old tom for £15. Call it Mr. Tiddles and I'd still buy it.
  2. 100th_Idiot


    Hortus Old Tom from Lidl is very palatable. Not up there with the best but at £15 a bottle it's good quaffing gin.
  3. Thanks. That alert may be brand specific though (poor design, cheap materials) and not generic to the technology. Further research required.
  4. Loved the little dig at Corbyn "you may or may not campaign for your own deal"
  5. 100th_Idiot

    15 today!

    Hiccy Burpy TLF
  6. Thanks. Private money then.
  7. I can only see that gummint has agreed to fly holidaymakers home if TC goes bankrupt. They will presumably claim back off the insurance.
  8. But they have been sick for a long time so I doubt the ROI will be there. Hence why they cannot raise private finance.
  9. Of course. Let's have the government rescue every failing business. The magic money tree can cope.
  10. Very nice. Drove an XKR for 8 years as a daily. Prefer the original to the more aggressive update.
  11. Happy birthday Kimbers
  12. Ladder to top of garage wearing suitable protection. Gather the detritus. Post through neighbours letterbox.
  13. Ok it was yesterday but a friend was given two VIP invites courtesy of Aston Martin Pro Racing to WEC round one at Silverstone. Full hospitality, free access to Aston garage even during the race, grid walk etc. Fabulous day.
  14. Happy Birthday MJK.
  15. I use Oakley non polarised for driving. They're very good. The frames also allow for quick lens change so if you must have polarised for some situations you can quickly swap lenses.
  16. Yes. Very environmentally friendly as 50% of the energy is lost in the conversion. How f***ing great that will be for the environment.
  17. I can confirm that. Driving slowly in auto or manual the change can seem a bit sluggish. Get on the power a bit and it rifles home changing gear much faster than I could manually.
  18. Many people have no choice but to buy cheap shit and many many many willfully will not be educated. There are some potential flaws in the approach. I think the current legal situation is that we exit Oct 3st deal or no deal unless there is a further extension/
  19. You said stop importing shite. So you just need to get all the supermarkets to stop buying imported shite. Simple
  20. So you're advocating state control of food supply?
  21. And back to 4 wheels as I infiltrate the Italian car meet.........again.
  22. what utter bastards and complete fukwits
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