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  1. I see the BBC are reporting that the police were vindicated and that the politicians were criticised for uninformed knee jerk reactions and unclear laws.
  2. From the little I have read the UK ordered 60M Novavax vaccines. It is this that will be finished and bottled in the UK by GSK. Haven't found anything about them refusing to sign a contract with the EU.
  3. Hmm. Did Novavax bottle it?
  4. I got stabbed Jabby jabby jab day.
  5. The Italian regulator has stated that the suspension in Italy is politically motivated following pressure from Germnay and France. They are arse covering and will point at this as a reason why they are behind almost everyone incuding Chile but especially UK. If they prevent vaccine shipment to the UK it will be because they hate the image of the UK being ahead of the EU at vaccintion now we have left. Also why the guns are turned on AZ as they don't like it was UK developed so want to destroy it's public image to hurt global shipments. Meanwhile it's ctizens die. Utter bastards
  6. No. You are supposed to complete it on March 21st I think.
  7. Deepest sympathies Bibs. Especially difficult in these times.
  8. I thought the reponse from the chief leech house was quite good as I read it: "Why did you wait until a globally syndicated broadcast to voice these worries you lying bitch"
  9. To the moon next. And I will, of course, cold smoke some cheese.
  10. New toy and first attempt at slow cooked barbecue pork shoulder. Five and a half hour slow cook. Yum
  11. Just finishd Patriot and thought it was really good. NOC (non official covert) agent suffering PTSD is given another job which quickly goes sideways. This follows his ic=ncreasing decent into depression as he just has to keep pushing through each hurdle. Very darkly funny. Reminded me of In Bruges and Fargo. Much darker than I would expect for anything to come form USA with some laugh out loud moments. Highly recommended.
  12. 100th_Idiot


    I only have 1 MiL. Will you take her? Don't need TLF in return.
  13. Well we tried the fruit and nut and it tasted like poo. So yes the Dairy Milk did change.
  14. On the subject of sleep I'm reading this at the moment which is fascinating: One nights loss of sleep has the same detrimental effect as drinking to the legal limit but it's worse because the brain does not recognise the impairment. Highly recommend reading as it's fascinating and enlightening from the very first basic premise: All animals sleep. During sleep we cannot engage in the basic survival needs of eating, survival and reproduction. We spend 30% of our lives sleeping. Therefore it must be pretty damned important in evolutionary terms.
  15. And insurance companies who are in no way profiting from this.
  16. Becasue their excuse is about the same as travelling from Russia to Salisbury for a day trip to see the catherdral
  17. Don't buy any Cadbury's since the change as it tastes like poo.
  18. We are part of the way through watching this. It's easy to forget the stigma, misinformation and fear that surrounded HIV at this time.
  19. I listened to the woman who set up the vaccine task force and in this aspect I think the UK has done very well. This is on Radio 4 this morning. There was a strategy here. We are not the biggest market or have the biggest wallet but we can be adaptive and move fast. So we very rapidly set up vaccine test volunteer register and got 400K people. Also helped vaccine manufacturers invest early at risk in production facilities (purchase equipment, secure loans etc). Hence the best manufacturing is here at the moment. Net result is we managed to finish phase 3 trials before the US had started phase 1. Well played.
  20. Hello all you lovely vaccine makers. Stop investing in EU manufactuirng facilities. Expand and invest in UK and US ones. You can export freely from here and we have highly qualified work forces. Thank you.
  21. 100th_Idiot


    Nice video. Well played kids.
  22. A friend of mine caught the Rona. In his 50s but fit as he went to the gym 5 times a week doing weights and HIIT classes. Recovered after 2 weeks but gave it to his partner.She's a bit younger but asthmatic. She had to stop taking her asthma medicine as it's steroid based so impacts the immune response. Anyway all went quiet for a couple of weeks but the update is his partner has recovered OK but he is suffering from long covid effects. Severe fatigue and breathlessness. It's not just death you need to worry about.
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