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  1. Insidious hateful waste of human flesh. Typical groomer that would incite others without getting his hands dirty and stay just the right side of the law. So glad you have been caught and found guilty.
  2. Some of the best photography I've seen in a car blog.
  3. Not posted a picture in here yet. I basically fumble and occasionally get a decent shot. This was from my first attempt a photographing aircraft in flight.
  4. We lost on of ours last November. Replacement is a Maine Coon called Calvin. Here he is before we took delivery. Getting frustrated with LVG negative tactics. And this weekend at 10 months. Getting bigger with another 14 months of growth to go.
  5. Parked in Old Town car park in Swindon on Saturday.
  6. I use DAB all the time. Driven from Swindon to Aberdeen many times with only two areas where there are problems: 1. Through part of the lakes ( about 3 - 3 miles) 2. Over Beattock summit Used my current Leon SC. Alfa Brera with Pure dashtop (fm transmitting) unit with windscreen antenna The windscreen antenna was an active one which probably makes a difference.
  7. I've stayed out of this so far as (like the Scottish independence debate) it had a tendency to get personal and emotional which is not a good thing on a forum. I'm sad at the outcome of the referendum. Personally wanted to remain within the EU as I felt the economic benefits outweighed the drawbacks. Yes the EU is frustrating and cumbersome and needs massive reform. Still. Here we are. The vote has happened and brexit won the day. So the key question now is what happens next. I think we have to be careful reading too much into individual statements by EU partner representatives in the immediate aftermath of the vote. There is shock and things will be said in the heat of the moment. In the UK the prospect of a government led by BoJo and Gove does not fill me with glee. I hope some better alternatives win out but it is hard to see. The reaction of EU partner countries to our exit will be very interesting. I have a feeling that the Germans will be pragmatic and the French will throw their toys out of the pram. We need all 27 members to agree to the terms so it will not be easy. I really hope Gove is not leading this. He has a poor track record of intransigence in negotiations. Anyway. Forward we go to make the best of what we have.
  8. Sky have pushed the episode of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight until after the polls close. In it he has a 15 segment commentary on Brexit. Sky say it is to comply with Ofcom impartiality rules which seems a little off given the diatribe we are subjected to from both sides in all media outlets across the UK at the moment and that satire is exempt from these impartiality rules.Anyway. You can watch it here as he tries to explain to a US audience what is going on. The song at the end made me laugh.
  9. Too late tosser it's out there. And how the hell were you not aware it was offensive when you posted it?
  10. This lovely chap is a Tory councillor from East Riding in Yorkshire. What an absolute c**t.
  11. I think you missed one of the best bits this week. The stars were fun this week.
  12. Evora S SR 2014. USB connection in the glove box did not work. Fixed under warranty by dealer. That's all the faults.
  13. I thought the subwoofer on my SR wasn't working and notified the dealer prior to the 1000 mile service to look at it. Anyway did a bit of fiddling it works well by fading the speakers to the rear a bit even though there are no rear speakers and that is not what the manual says to do. It seems to be wired up in a way not reflected in official documentation.
  14. Giulia is looking really good and I hope it does well for Alfa as a former Alfa owner. If I was in the market for a 4 door saloon it would be right up there in the running.
  15. Looks a bit like an F-Type with a big front grill.
  16. I have used eTyres several times on non Lotus cars. Not the cheapest but did a good job. Fitted both in works car park and roadside so not much room required.
  17. I was heading into town to get some petrol. There is a couple of miles of dual carriageway with a 50mph limit. Driving along I noticed a group of 4 bikes in the rear view mirror. First one pulled up alongside as we drove along and matched speed. Had a look and gave a thumbs up. Then the second bike did the same. Followed by the last two.
  18. Any car crash at any speed and any angle will result in a least one vehicle leaping 20 feet in the air and probably flipping over. At least 80% will also result in an explosion. Even at 5mph.
  19. I think I had 3 pairs changed in my ownership so not drastic. Can't comment on difficulty as the car was serviced annually by Jaguar and they would pick this up. There was only one time that I heard something and it sounded like a rhythmic scrape that increased in beat frequency with speed. I think Jag charged around £400 per pair inc. fitting and VAT. Been some years since I had the car and all the paperwork went with it. For such a car it wasn't all that onerous given everything else was faultless for so many happy miles.
  20. I drove a 2001 XKR convertible for 7 years and 115,000 miles as a DD. It never missed a beat or broke down. It will not drive like a lotus. Definitely a GT but quite practical when you consider the boot and back seat for hauling loads. All mine needed was regular servicing and usual consumables. Except. Wearing our suspension bushes more often than you might expect. Talking one day to my regular jag servicing manager he said this was Jags choice for a softer ride but personally he would have put sports suspension on.
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