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  1. Peugeot RCZ-R. Really quite good. 1.6L 270bhp with a well sorted chassis and suspension. Yes. It is good value for the performance and handling.
  2. I was briefly behind you in the wife's Aldi TT on Prince's Street.
  3. I'm afraid on that point you are sadly deluded. Still. Enjoy the thought while it lasts.
  4. The comment on the 400 engine being agricultural and sounding harsh is odd given every review so far says it sounds fantastic. Almost as if some PR department had asked them to pick on a key good point of the 400 and knock it down a bit.
  5. They can do a lot of analysis with data. In the US, they have started trawling through people's "big data". They are then able to work out how people vote and then target floating voters directly with campaigning and direct calling. That's not to far away from the state being able to find out how you voted in an election... I think they will record every web page request. Once they know the page it is quite simple to look up the content. They are also working on a system to correlate data in order to resolve shared internet access to an individual. That mean building a database of citizen data.
  6. Also your data will be securely held by ISPs such as Talk Talk.
  7. The Telegraph has a decent article which basically states what I say above with a few more facts.
  8. It is either misguided or malicious. All the terrorists/pedos take your pick need to do is go to an internet cafe, use a VPN or use a tor plugin. All this will do is gather information on the majority of law abiding peace loving hard working people. They will then need to do something with it to justify the cost and intrusion. So look out for more abuse in the same way as RIPA with local councils accessing it for anything they so wish. Don't like your planning permission application because a builder friend wants the land? OK. Let's do some digging.
  9. Insects are eaten in many Asian countries. I imagine they may not have much taste without the chilli.
  10. They just made it illegal for supermarkets to bleach waste food in France. Wonder if that will be in the UK bill.
  11. Not as artistic as others efforts.
  12. I'm sure Mumsnet have their own tool buying discussions.
  13. Live and Let Die had a train fight. The guy with the mechanical claw for a hand that got left dangling from the window latch when we was pushed out. Saw it yesterday. Overall good but some bits I didn't get on with. Not putting spoilers in here though.
  14. Not seen any add like that on TLF.
  15. English man walks into a bar There's normally a Scotsman, Welshman and an Irish man as well but they're still at the world cup.
  16. There are some in Asia that do taxi duty during the day. We got one for an airport run in Korea. It had sparkly lights in the roof and what looked like a stripper pole in the middle. The strippers would, of course, have to be midgets.
  17. BBC 6 Music. You won't get traffic reports but they aren't very accurate anyway. Add Waze to your phone and your commute will be sorted. Real time traffic updates and nav re-routing.
  18. I think it is following an Asian fad where well heeled gents would have a tricked out van (I think they called them Star vans in Korea). They would not, of course, drive it themselves. They would have drivers to take them and a few friends or business colleagues out drinking.
  19. Very sad. Not far from me. Only 15 minute's drive. RiP
  20. 100th_Idiot


    He needs more time to shred documents and cover his tracks as best he can. Don't you realise how much work is involved? Poor man.
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