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  1. Not seen any add like that on TLF.
  2. English man walks into a bar There's normally a Scotsman, Welshman and an Irish man as well but they're still at the world cup.
  3. There are some in Asia that do taxi duty during the day. We got one for an airport run in Korea. It had sparkly lights in the roof and what looked like a stripper pole in the middle. The strippers would, of course, have to be midgets.
  4. BBC 6 Music. You won't get traffic reports but they aren't very accurate anyway. Add Waze to your phone and your commute will be sorted. Real time traffic updates and nav re-routing.
  5. I think it is following an Asian fad where well heeled gents would have a tricked out van (I think they called them Star vans in Korea). They would not, of course, drive it themselves. They would have drivers to take them and a few friends or business colleagues out drinking.
  6. Very sad. Not far from me. Only 15 minute's drive. RiP
  7. 100th_Idiot


    He needs more time to shred documents and cover his tracks as best he can. Don't you realise how much work is involved? Poor man.
  8. Stomping on the will of the people. Over half of Scotland doesn't want to be independent.
  9. You could use your mobile (make sure it is not connected to company WiFi). They will not be able to monitor that.
  10. Visiting parents in Aberdeen. They've been customers of that garage for many many years. He said they were not really looking to sell and would only offer it to those they wanted to.
  11. I don't think it is being advertised. Pure coincidence when I dropped my dad off for his car MOT. I was in the Lotus and by chance at the garage the owns the plate.
  12. This plate is still around. Was offered this yesterday. Didn't ask the price as I was not interested.
  13. I drove up Deeside to Ballater. Then the A939. Most of the pics are from there. Bridge of Gairn towards Cockbridge. Over the hills to Killdrummy (some lovely S bends there) then follow the river Don back towards Aberdeen.
  14. Don't live there any more. Visiting parents atm. Grew up here.
  15. Plymouth Dry is the usual bottle in the house. Penderyn is also very good. Always drunk neat straight from the freezer.
  16. I'm in. Somebody needs to prop up the table.
  17. So how do we think Skoda got rid of their reputation so quickly when Alfa cannot.
  18. I know. But even with the launch the new Giulia there are article that say you will love the styling and handling but bits will fall off and it will be back at the dealers and lot. Not even in peoples hands yet. All goes to perpetuating the misconceptions.
  19. It will take a long long time. Alfa Romeo suffer the same comments. It will also need journalists to help get rid of the perception but that is still not happening for Alfa despite huge improvements.
  20. The map update procedure is listed here: Probably worth updating the firmware first - listed here:
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