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  1. Very nice. Where is that taken? I grew up in Aberdeen.
  2. I'd be interested to know how that bracket fits. I'm using a suction mount at the moment.
  3. Sounds odd. I have 2014 Evora S SR and no issues playing podcasts via Bluetooth. This is the Alpine INE-W920R unit. What app are you playing them with - Android or iPhone? I use Android and BeyondPod. I have heard iPhone can be restrictive with Bluetooth. Try a different app or updating the firmware on the Alpine unit. I updated my firmware last weekend. Very straightforward with clear instructions on the Alpine uk site.
  4. Be careful about leaving cheap Bluetooth devices connected to the ODB port. They have a reputation for very poor security potentially creating a wireless attack vector into the vehicle.
  5. Took a few pictures on the day.
  6. Another video of the 400 (s. There are 3). At around 1.30.
  7. Excellent day all round. Thanks for organising a superb event.
  8. Heading west on the M4 between j18 and j17 this morning.
  9. OK. I made the offer. Can probably be there for around 8am if that is the gathering time.
  10. Can't wait to hear this in person. Sounds superb.
  11. My old Alfa Brera had a glass roof and it did create a real sense of space and light. Not what you would call a light car though.
  12. On the M4 around lunchtime today. Looked mint (as in perfect).
  13. I think the Mercedes version of the tyres are supposed be identical and maybe more readily available. Code would be MO or MO1. There was a lot of discussion here:
  14. A JV in China to reduce import tariffs for selling cars is a well worn track and could make sense for Lotus. The bit about selling engines doesn't really add up. The issue to be very careful of with Chinese JVs is that once they learn everything from you you get dumped. Classic case of this was Hitachi high speed trains with their Chinese JV. All the IP was opened to the Chinese JV and they promptly built their own trains leaving Hitachi with nothing.
  15. Heading out of the village towards Covington this morning. I was out running.
  16. I used these last year. Bit of judgement required while fitting but they do list the Evora and provide a guide. No issues while driving at night and not issues upon removal.
  17. May as well pop this in here as well. Quick wash and a bit of sun. Just taken with the phone which was a bit overwhelmed by the bright yellow orb in the sky.
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