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  1. I think the Mercedes version of the tyres are supposed be identical and maybe more readily available. Code would be MO or MO1. There was a lot of discussion here:
  2. A JV in China to reduce import tariffs for selling cars is a well worn track and could make sense for Lotus. The bit about selling engines doesn't really add up. The issue to be very careful of with Chinese JVs is that once they learn everything from you you get dumped. Classic case of this was Hitachi high speed trains with their Chinese JV. All the IP was opened to the Chinese JV and they promptly built their own trains leaving Hitachi with nothing.
  3. Heading out of the village towards Covington this morning. I was out running.
  4. I used these last year. Bit of judgement required while fitting but they do list the Evora and provide a guide. No issues while driving at night and not issues upon removal.
  5. May as well pop this in here as well. Quick wash and a bit of sun. Just taken with the phone which was a bit overwhelmed by the bright yellow orb in the sky.
  6. Right little lotus fest in Swindon.
  7. espritmania, MPx, Rick Edwards, mayesprit, SWLC, elite503chris, rafphillips, splodge s4, malcolmS, JayTwo, Simon350S, Alex Carter, paul1972, blueg33, swindon_alan, Tris..., 100th_Idiot, Punky
  8. Hi Alan. Pretty much the opposite side to you in Wanborough.
  9. I was in my daily driver when you came past. Got off a j16 Swindon. I think that may be the first time I have seen another Evora in motion on the open road.
  10. I sourced my tyres from Camskill. Can just squeeze two into the back. I didn't get any alignment done at Pro Tyres. Just the fitting and would also be concerned getting alignment done at a place with no experience. For tyre fitting they were excellent.
  11. Pro tyres in Bristol are excellent. Ask for Ryan. Fitted two rears to my Evora in January. He spent about 1 hour chatting away with me. Taking care with balancing. Found black weights to match the wheels. £30. Will go back to them in a heartbeat.
  12. Very late but might as well try for a reserve slot in case somebody has to unfortunately drop out at the last minute.
  13. Glass will be much heavier though.
  14. I went looking for a forum after purchasing the Evora. Had a look at Seloc but settled on TLF as a better place for me. Had and still have fun on Alfaowner even though I no longer have an Alfa. A good forum adds to the enjoyment of the brand.
  15. Me in the Evora. Met the Elise coming up the M4 out of Bristol and we just tagged down the M4.
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