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  1. Try these although they are more expensive than Lotus at £44.
  2. No. My reception is fine. Never an issue. This is with the later Alpine head unit (the one after the Pioneer not before). Those with issues could try replacing the antenna with an active antenna. I had a cheap dash top DAB with window stick on active antenna which had good reception. BTW. You don't want a farady cage. That blocks out radio signals. Carbon fibre is especially good for this.
  3. Maybe. But just because we have heard it before does not mean everybody has. Looks like the PR department are trying to keep the Lotus name in the news in the run up to Geneva. Every car manufacturer will be shouting during that show an Lotus would likely get drowned out. Get in the minds early and you may get some follow up interest.
  4. Bit of a myth about Scots not cheering England. I do except if they are playing another celtic nation.
  5. Tight first half ending with a try for Scotland right on HT. Will be an intersting 2nd half.
  6. Thanks for that. Wasn't the valve. Had a nail on the the inside near the edge. Not repairable. Grrr.
  7. I doubt it. Not visible from front or behind plus do not have the letters GB. Link to number plate stickers.
  8. You can buy stickers for the reg plates then just take them off when you return to keep your plates clean.
  9. Nice. How long do you have to wait until you collect?
  10. Seems rude not to pop mine in here as I have just posted them in the "show me yours thread".
  11. I know. Spent more time hanging out on the Alfa forum. Thanks Bibs. Have posted some bad pics. Not good light and not a good camera. I'll try to get some better ones. I wanted the carbon grey SR just offset with splashes of red (brake calipers and interior).
  12. Need to get some better ones. Only ones I have at the moment were in really bad light taken with a phone.
  13. If anyone is still looking I think this may be the correct service pack. £2.40.
  14. This is my carbon grey Evora S SR on holiday in France last year. Attracted a fair amount of attention. One chap got out of his car to take 360 degree photos of it while we were parking up and sitting in the car.
  15. Well. It's one year into my Lotus ownership and only just getting around to formally joining TLF. Shocking I know. Have to say I am really enjoying Lotus driving. I'm the proud owner of a carbon grey Evora S SR with venom red interior. Really is a chassis from the gods. I'll post some pics in the "show me your thread".
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