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  1. I listened to the woman who set up the vaccine task force and in this aspect I think the UK has done very well. This is on Radio 4 this morning. There was a strategy here. We are not the biggest market or have the biggest wallet but we can be adaptive and move fast. So we very rapidly set up vaccine test volunteer register and got 400K people. Also helped vaccine manufacturers invest early at risk in production facilities (purchase equipment, secure loans etc). Hence the best manufacturing is here at the moment. Net result is we managed to finish phase 3 trials before the US had started phase 1. Well played.
  2. Hello all you lovely vaccine makers. Stop investing in EU manufactuirng facilities. Expand and invest in UK and US ones. You can export freely from here and we have highly qualified work forces. Thank you.
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    Nice video. Well played kids.
  4. A friend of mine caught the Rona. In his 50s but fit as he went to the gym 5 times a week doing weights and HIIT classes. Recovered after 2 weeks but gave it to his partner.She's a bit younger but asthmatic. She had to stop taking her asthma medicine as it's steroid based so impacts the immune response. Anyway all went quiet for a couple of weeks but the update is his partner has recovered OK but he is suffering from long covid effects. Severe fatigue and breathlessness. It's not just death you need to worry about.
  5. Trump attributed large proportion of his net worth to the Trump brand. I wonder how much of that he will write down now?
  6. Yes. I think a two thirds majority is unlikley. Some of the GOP won't want to close off the option and most of it won't want to be the party of the first convicted president.
  7. She'll never get in the car with that technique
  8. By the time this gets to the Senate it will be controlled by the Democrats so the chances of succesful impeachment rise.
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    Without being judgemental I don't know if a lower socio economic group is more likely to suffer more injuries or illness (poorer diet etc.) or is they are just there to harvest facebook likes.
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    I have no idea if there was any truth in what he said or not not having frequented A&E here or in Germany. Nor have I stalked fat mothers with pot noodle stained leggings on Facebook. Maybe he had to go and maybe he didn't πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  11. The difference in reaction is stark. One group immediatlely subjected to riot policeon the streets the other sotrms the Captol buuilding with weapns and they get nothing.
  12. My car is due for a service but the nearest dealers are 1.5 hours drive. In good conscience I cannot claim that getting a sports car serviced is an essential journey. It's tucked up in the garage at the moment and not under any stress but πŸ˜’
  13. Quite possibly but I also think we should diversify our ports as discussed elsewhere. A lot of our economy is dependent on Dover
  14. Nice pictures but we do need some context. Cross channel trtaffic is running about 10% of norm at the moment. A mix of companies holding off around Brext just in case and pre Brext stockpiling (remember all the stacks of containers just pre Christmas). I don't expect such flatlands to ever be fully utilised because there's only a little paperwork to be done prior to arranging shipment but let things settle down before we start going red in the face. If business can't cope with a couple of forms they shouldn't be in busness.
  15. Friend of mine came down with Covid on Christmas Eve. It was traced to him collecting a new car from the dealer. Recovered by gave it to his partner who has asthmna, Fortunatley also seems to be a bit better as of yesterday.
  16. Not really. In this regard everyone is kind of the same.
  17. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  18. As long as there's no fault it's reliable πŸ€ͺ
  19. There's no real history of militant industrial action by the Dutch.
  20. Build a tunnel to the Netherlands
  21. Merry Christmas all. We got one present on Christmas Eve
  22. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ I thought I was making a joke. Sigh.
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