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  1. 🤦‍♂️ I thought I was making a joke. Sigh.
  2. Hmm. Yes. I am aware of that. It was a joke about the illogicality of leaving the UK to go under the yolk of the EU.
  3. They will rant about BoJo giving away too much Scottish fish to the EU
  4. Looks like a bit of remainer coordination as Dominic Grieve just came out with the same very thin line. Meanwhile what was supposed to be an 11am announcement I think hasn't happened. Still discussing.
  5. They have to follow the line taken but the Mail, the Express, The Telegraph and the FT
  6. Sky were perfect today. Box suddenly started freezing so called dreading a lengthy queue wait. Picked up in 30 seconds. Talked to the nice chap and we tried a couple of things at which point the box froze. He said I could try to reset the hard drive but if that failed I would need to call again so to avoid that he'll just send a new box. Will be with me tomorrow. Couldn't have been better or more civilized.
  7. My excuse for typo's while WFH
  8. 😉
  9. Never got into Person of Interest. Watched a few episodes but it just didn't grab me. I'll have a look for Space: Above and Beyond
  10. No way can I compete with above. Please supply season, episode and timestamp for further research. Anyway two items I have been enjoying on Amazon Prime Video: Hell on Wheels - USA post civil war a former southern sodier searches for the yankies that murdered his wife and son set among the construction of the first trans US railroads. Hell on Wheels The other one is Comrade Detective A parody of an 80's Romanian detective series. Worth a viewing. Comrade Detective
  11. Reality Check Jack Goodman Posted at 18:0118:01 Fact check: Dead people can’t vote Viral tweets alleged that dead people were casting votes in the key state of Michigan, adding to a Trump-led chorus of unproven “voter fraud” claims. Michigan authorities now have hit back, calling the rumours “misinformation” – and noting that votes from dead people are rejected. The viral tweets supposedly identified people who had cast an absentee ballot despite being born at the turn of the century and having passed away. One of the men in the posts seems to have been mixed up with his father, now deceased, who shared the same name and address, according to the Politifact websiteLocal officials in Michigan told the website that the son’s ballot was erroneously attributed to the father. We’ve seen other isolated cases of allegations of “dead people” voting – most also explained by family members with the same name, or technical hitches, such as voters being instructed to enter a dummy date of birth if they can’t initially find their voter registration record online. The rumours have been repeated by influential accounts, including those of the president’s son Don Jr – who of course also shares a name with his father – and the UK's Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.
  12. I don't get it. All they had to do was say that they want to care for her at home and stop paying. If that was not the case then the care home is legally responsible for her and the other residents well being especially if the intent was to take her out for a day and return her putting everyone at increased risk. Not enough context to make any statement on the right or wrong of it.
  13. Wow. great job. You tipped the room 90 deg and emptied the crap out the windows?
  14. Happy Birthday TLF and very well done Bibs
  15. I have an idea for you. Buy yourself a toy. Give the box to the cat. Win win.
  16. Not the brightest minds there taking the copyright date as the date the photo was taken. I'd say it's idiocy rather than lying but you can ask which it is. Have fun.
  17. Shouldn't this be in here: Are People Just ****ing Stupid These Days Sells for $90,000 to $100,000 in China and thinks he can get it for $30,000.
  18. That's a possibility which I would fight against. RIPA was widely misused by councils but it was badly written and not constrained. This at least has constraints on retention time and only under anti terror laws. It would take parliamentary amendment to broaden it.
  19. Possibly but the retention is only for 6 months and only under prevention of terrorism laws which suggests it's only for named individuals already under surveillance.
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