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  1. May I add this may not have been quite the smartest question ever in the history of questions.
  2. We couldn't go on holiday to France this year so we had a bit of a cheese tasting at home. Trash Cat (George) decided he really wanted some cheese so he sat on the sofa, stared at us and drooled.
  3. I agree with Frank. To use an oxymoron that's pretty fugly.
  4. RIP Alan. Sad news indeed.
  5. Well done DM for doing the right thing and paying back furlough money because their business was resiliant.Maybe some others will follow. Doc Marten pays back furlough cash
  6. At least she wouldn't target a vital organ.
  7. Just been inadvertently sat on and subsumed.
  8. yes. Agree on the metrics and that is a good thing. So slowly open up and monitor admissions and deaths. Use targeted track and trace. This is still the failing we have. If you look at Taiwan and South Korea they had outbreaks but reacted very fast with neighbourhood lockdowns for a few days. This few days bought time for mass testing and tracking so infected could be isolated then the rest of the neighbourhood could get back to work. All we can do is shut greater Manchester.
  9. Yes hindsight is great and when lockdown was implemented all we really knew was Wuhan, Italy and Spain where health services were overwhelmed. we have to disagree on the ego thing. I don't think you can prevent outbreaks of this bastard. All you can do is contain. And the only way to that without a national lockdown is with regional control with test track and trace.
  10. Like the USA and Brazil. Let's follow them. We can all be selective with stats. The real bollocks was successive governments not doing planning for a pandemic in contradiction to the initial claims from the government that we have been planning for this for years. Nobody learned the lessons from Taiwan, South Korea or Japan. They all had outbreaks but had rapidly put in place local lock down with effective tracing. Hard learned lessons from SARS. Even Hollywood knows that to contain an aggressive virus you need to trace an impose local restrictions. Instead we would implement a "world beating" system which we are about to scrap instead of looking at what successful countries did. With more prep and less ego we might not have needed a national lockdown. That is not where we were and we still do not have an effective track and trace system.
  11. I guess I should have put a question mark on my first response although i did think it was clear enough.
  12. So if all it did was put thousands out of business it did nothing to slow the spread of COVID.
  13. So the exponential case growth in London would have just stopped as per the Trumpian model of the World
  14. Possibly if lockdown had not been implemented.
  15. With his nose buried in the largest trough?
  16. They will melt in the heat of debate.
  17. That's a bit of a harsh name to call Sparky.
  18. You have to wonder what idiots came up with the methodology when it was clearly more "accurate" in Scotlland and NI.
  19. Just because it's eating out doesn't mean it's unhealthy. It's your choice what you eat. And on SuVs they are not banning them. There's a proposal to ban advertising which is what they did with smoking and that did almost nothing to reduce peoples choice and cigarette sales. Not until smoking in indoor public places and the emergence of vape as an alternative did smoking become more socially unacceptable. Maybe they will have to ban SuVs. Or if you take the smoking approach tax cars by weight and ban SuVs from within half a mile of a school.
  20. A peculiarly UK misconception. Sufficient ice cools the gin well enough that the ice doesn't melt thereby not diluting the gin. Belt and braces for me. More ice and more gin. It's the only way to be certain
  21. Three large cubes minimum. 4 if it's hot.
  22. He was also called Strimmer due to his footballing style.
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