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  1. One suffers for one's family
  2. Barbados. In laws retired back here 10 years ago
  3. Finally get to see the in-laws again. Last trip was cancelled as it was 2 days after 1st lockdown. Now first overseas travel post lockdown.
  4. Stumbled across Marvellous (movie). It's available on prime and it's a really good, fun, true story. Originally pointed to it by a news piece as there is now a play about Nello's life and he goes to see it every night. Brilliant
  5. Yes. Like not targeting civilians.
  6. Thanks for being dicks I'll go with Adrian Flux. You can bid next year.
  7. Very true. I seeped through a hole
  8. Mileage rate will change November 2030
  9. Dear Russians. There are no sanctions. These are special financial operations. The world is working to save you from corruption.
  10. They are being given time to dispose of assets and get their money out. Many made significant contributions to our governing party
  11. I'm not sure about that United approach. As i understand things it was Germany and Italy that are objecting to ejecting Russia from the SWIFT banking system. That would have severe and immediate financial impact as they could not be paid for oil and gas. All other sanctions are relatively slow to have impact.
  12. Utd have dumped Aeroflot. What have Chelsea done?
  13. Fabulous news. Here's hoping the road to full recovery is just as unexpectedly rapid
  14. Do you say anything to her about it or just think it.
  15. Best wishes. Hoping for the best possible outcome.
  16. Can you pay for it with Ethereum?
  17. Quite right too. If it's not an offshore trust fund it's clearly dodgy as hell and should be rooted out.
  18. That should be Met White
  19. Ask Vision Express to replace them and offer them the puppy as a gesture of good will
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