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  1. He was also called Strimmer due to his footballing style.
  2. @pete I think his test was inconclusive so he is isolating and will probably be tested again.
  3. We called a colleague Panda ever since a party where he had relations with the hosts sister in law in the conservatory and left without saying goodbye. He hated it.
  4. Might have worked if we had the ability to test in volume anywhere in the country early enough and the capability to trace contacts. This is what South Korea did so they didn't need a national lockdown. They learned from SARS. We had neither in place and barely have it now. There was no real choice but lockdown at the time.
  5. Russians Salisbury 😛 😛😛😛
  6. According to the nice Mr Corbyn Yorkshire is full of thieves because all proper tea is theft. Calling turnip swede - mashed, bashed, mashit or otherwise.
  7. You've got some thin legs to fit in that posing pouch.
  8. What if you get your shopping delivered 😝
  9. More or less. Sometimes it's not even early stage but non existent. They fund people with a concept.
  10. Wouldn''t say smash and grab. I have worked in a startup that was VC funded with an OK exit, There's a place in business for VC funding but they don't want their cash tied up for 10 to 20 years. That is not their business. They take a risk on early funding and only make a profit on 1 in 10 of the investments.
  11. Don't really agree. VCs don't generally make their money by taking small companies to successful big ones. That is a long slow process and they want to profit and turnover their cash. They will be looking for an M&A exit to sell the company so loss making halo is exactly right.
  12. Maybe. But when out running on country roads I have been passed much closer than 2m drivers with their Windows wound down not considering that they may feel isolated but there's no isolation when the window is open.
  13. She'll never be able to heel and toe in those shoes.
  14. He better hope he doesn't have it. The NK plan for combating COVID-19 is very effective at preventing spread Cough Bang Cough Bang Cough Bang No Rona spread.
  15. The heart surgery was unsuccessful. The couldn't find one.
  16. Do they see a future for hydrogen fuel cells? Do they expect product delays because for the COVID-19 crisis? Any plans to improve the quality/quantity of the dealer network?
  17. Given the move to ICU it's probable he will be put on a ventilator but not a certainty. They would not occupy an ICU bed if there was not a good chance of it being needed. Given who he is the move may be earlier than an ordinary patient would get.
  18. Elise vs Apline A110 on Fifth Gear
  19. And they sealed off the entire provence and banned travel and office work so had very little outside ]. Sealed provence was about 50 million people so the mortality rate should probably viewed in that context.
  20. China barricaded people in their homes if they showed symptoms but didn't test for COVID. I don't think they counted home deaths. Only deaths in hospital that were tested for COVID
  21. Excellent. I got the Lotus add on pack for Project Cars
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