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  1. Let us know when you are here - we'll meet up!
  2. I can't believe the difference in mine now - and funnily enough, several warning lights, including engine warning light, parking brake light have now rectified themselves Have fun.....
  3. thanks - they were really helpful. apparently as long as the battery fits into the battery well, it doesn't really matter. a 75 rating will simply give it a little extra ooommpphh..... so that suits me! Helpful forum, thank you
  4. Hi I have an Esprit v8, and live in spain. I have to get a new battery. I understand that for a v8, I need a battery with a rating of 66. However, over here, they don't seem to be able ot get hold of that rating anywhere. I can get either a 65 or a 75. My thoughts are to get the higher rating. Simple question - will this cause any damage, or does it have to be a 66 rating?? Thanks in advance
  5. I've spotted 2 Elises in Spain, over the last 6 months - too fast to catch the numbers. It seems we've got the only Esprit v8 in Spain - any one know of any others? We're near the Valencia area
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