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    Tommy Morris
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    1986 Lotus Turbo Esprit HC
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    Upgrades: Electromotive TechS Fuel Injection/Direct fire ignition system, R/C Injectors, CT3X Turbocharger, Jenvey intake.
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  1. I used a 13mm open end Box wrench and my Wife (smaller hands) to remove all the exhaust nuts. :-)
  2. I weighed my manifold w/Wastegate attached. They weigh in at 42.5Lbs... I can't wait to see total weight with exhaust. Then comparison to new Stainless version with new Turbo.
  3. Mrbmist


  4. Anita sent a group e-mail out this morning for those that had responded. They are still waiting on information from some of the group members (at least nine members are still to forward their details). . She said they will be contacting us individually shortly in order to answer our questions and queries in relation to special requests etc. They will then be issuing invoices with payment details accordingly
  5. Hi Mark- The Turbo is T-3 Flanged on Manifold side (same as factory), Standard 3" Diameter V-band A/R 48 on outlet. -Tommy
  6. Mark- I didn't know if you received my other message, I would like Manifold / System – Stevens Car/ Full system 3" with 1 exhaust outlet on muffler. I would like to include a 1" high Oxygen Sensor Bung on the Down-pipe and a 3" V-Band Connector on the Turbo end. (Not the standard flange). I also sent this request to Leon and Anita. I've included pictures of my updated turbo.
  7. Mark- Quick question, I'm currently down for a Stephens Manifold. If I were to get the full Stevens system, could I get the Single outlet Muffler like on the G cars? The reason I'm asking is; I have a G car that is internally wastegated. If this is true you can put me down for a full Stevens. 3" Kind regards
  8. Following up on this post. I was able to open the case of the Throttle position sensor and replace the switch inside, (lower right little white rectangle). I attached a picture of the internals of the switch. The internals are pretty much the same on this style of Bosch style Throttle position sensors. I was able to use a switch from a Fiat unit I had on hand. Works perfect. Thanks for the suggestion. Note: The Lotus Throttle position sensor / axis right-hand turning... The Fiat and other Bosch Models are axis left-hand turning. Also I created a test plug using an old sensor plug (depicted). Makes testing much easier.
  9. You bet. I'm still on travel for another week but will post soonest.
  10. @Andyww- Yes it's a K-Jet system. Continuity at idle, then break for 30°, and then Continuity to WOT. So I believe it is more of a switch. I will see if I can open the casing and see if I can repair it while I search for a replacement. Can't hurt its already not working. I will repost with what I find...
  11. Thank you, I've posted there a few weeks ago and haven't received a response yet.
  12. Anyone know a cross reference or a source for a Bosch 0 280 120 313 Throttle Position Sensor. It's for my 1986 Lotus Turbo Esprit HCI
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