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  1. Just to add to this, Scotsdave was correct, they weld badly. So autobond of some sort was used and worked really well. Cheaper than a new bumper at least!
  2. He is well reviewed by many around this way with super cars, he said he can do it no issue, but because of how and where its cracked (basically its a big V shape thats been pushed in and splintered on the edge of the curve) he said he can do it, but he is a perfectionist and said it would not be "PERFECT". It would be invisible, but if looked closely from some angles may see imperfections....
  3. Many thanks. Mine does have a reverse camera, so guess im out of luck with the two on ebay which both dont. Poop!
  4. Hi Real quicky... Managed to crack my rear bumper in such as way its hard to fix to a perfect standard at the body shop. Can see a few bumpers on Ebay but they are for the S. Does anyone know if they will go on the N/A? They look exactly the same to me...but want to confirm before committing. Thanks!
  5. blundey


  6. fixed itself after being left idle for the morning. strange one!
  7. Another gremlin! So this morning the windscreen wipers would not shut off until i turned the car off. turn ignition back on and they keep on going. I turned them off when I pulled up but as I did that i went down to the bottom settings of a one pass wipe...not that its a problem, but it never disengaged after that. Things I have tried: Flicking lever up and down with a little force in case it is a stuck button/switch. Squirting windscreen with water - magic water fix? Pulling fuse is my next attempt. Anyone else got any ideas?
  8. Interesting points, ill check them out! I ponder if I have a leak in the washer bottle or im just using them with the lights on to often?! I prefer it when i do it with the lights on as I get a good amount on the windscreen too, which is better than the piddley piss from the washer jets!
  9. Hi Guys, Just want to confirm my suspicions. Getting a few little knocks when going over uneven road services from the front somewhere. It doesnt happen over speed bumps, seems to be if i go over country my suspicion is ball joints...which if i recall were prone to wearing on the Elise and Evora... Anyone else got a different suggestion? Also while im writing this, anyone else think the windscreen bottle lasts no time at all?! Im forever filling it up!
  10. Quick Update: Mine started to work again after removing the connection, giving it a magic blow and plugging it back in. Go figure.
  11. Interestingly, i disconnected the cable and reconnected and no change to the one failed led. However it was working, but very faint. Turned on main beams and drove it, came back and the led is now lit, just not as bright as you would expect. So must be on its last legs. How much would you like for the led's?
  12. Thanks Peeps. Looks like Ill have to open the wallet or get my uncle to fix
  13. Mine 2010 were relaquered before buying from Bell and Covell in Surrey. Had a rear light cluster leds fault though id thats of any use...yet to fix.
  14. Hi All, Seems to be one thing after another this year! I have the rear cluster on the right side with one dead LED and 3 or 4 either side are dimmed as a result. I assume that led's last a fair while so might be a connection problem maybe? Anyone else had it, are they servicable items or will i need a replacement?
  15. Issue resolved with thanks to the above informative posts. It was a dodgy wire connection to the heat sensor. No cost for parts, simply had to be reconnected and cleaned up.
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