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  1. 1983 Esprit Turbo - Long shot I know but mine has just failed, wondering if any out there? Will be stripping out soon to identify the failure!
  2. Hi I have a 1983 Esprit Turbo and the digital clock is playing up, I am able to adjust the hours but when I try to adjust the minutes the button has lost its functionality, I believe there may be a 'fix' available? Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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  4. Hi I am considering waterless coolant but I'm unable to establish the coolant system total capacity. Anyone kniw please?
  5. Hi yes some photos would be very welcome. my email address is [email protected] - Many thanks for your help.
  6. Hi recently purchased a 1983 Turbo and amongst other jobs I want to replace the cant rail trims that I've already purchased. Any tips / pictures? Appears best way is to remove the rear side windows then remove Pop rivets and trims etc then fit new trims. Is it really that straight forward? Anyone close to me done this job? I'm near Petersfield in Hampshire.
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