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  1. 174 1. Jim Burton 2. 199 V8 GT 3. 4. B&B 5. Melbourne, Derbyshire
  2. I bought mine from the dealer - Peter Smiths - actually seemed quite reasonable as dealers go...from memory I think the whole change over was
  3. Hey Wayne...if we wait till 2027 to buy it then we won't be able to afford any petrol/gas to put in it by then! Jim
  4. I can confirm that its an engine out job. I had a really bad rattle which was traced to one of the heat shields and the workshop recommended we cut it off and then replace it if/when we need to pull the engine.
  5. Sadly not, although clay does not pop up well. I thought these were now not feasible because of the extra points they got you if you caught a pedestrian with them
  6. I was at a dealers today and was told by someone who shall remain nameless that he had seen the signed off clay and that it looked nothing like the Autocar impression. He also said the rear was straight down similar to the Lambo Murcielago (I love that rear end). He said he had been told the engine was from a BMW V8 4.4 but on a more negative note didn't think it was likely to be on target for launch in 2007 as all suppliers would have to have been signed up by now and that Lotus would have been doing prelaunch warmup marketing; particularly if they have BMW signed up for the engine and the
  7. There is a midnight blue esprit on ebay at the moment...looks great in that colour. Jim
  8. Equal opportunities legislation for foxes 2005
  9. Hi will - Yes i'm interested. Are you doing the door pulls as well or are they already CF on the S350s? Jim
  10. Did see a Red S4 in Melbourne once...that wasn't you was it?
  11. Hi Lisa Nearly...I'm in Melbourne so as soon as I come out of the village for a bit of a drive I'm in Leicetershire. I drive a '99 V8GT in blue (or the purple plastic car as my mates call it) Jim
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