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  1. I mailed Wolfrace, but they couldn't help me. i hoped they had addresses of remake companies.
  2. dueporte


    So only tinted glass available? And door windows? And rear windows? I will ask the sj sportscar and lotusbits first.
  3. dueporte


    All the windows except the rear window. No tinted version. You have an address for me?
  4. Oh yes i noticed that. There are no remakes on the market? You should think there should be no more interest in this wheels than there are s1's on the road...
  5. dueporte


    Thanks. I will do that !
  6. dueporte


    Not yet, the website didn't mention it.
  7. dueporte


    Does anybody know where to find windows for a s1/s2?
  8. Are there Wolfrace wheels for the s1 available? Has anyone them for sale?
  9. Oh yes there must be still enough s1's in the states.$8-10k for projects i'm prepared to pay. Know someone? Yes I know. I was just to late when i discovered the advertisement. Yes I am member of the yahoogroup
  10. Oh yes I'm trying hard to find one! But it's difficult to find one for realistic fair prices.
  11. Sadly I couldn't come to a deal with brad. So I am still in a urge searching for a restoration object s1. Anyone?
  12. Hi guys has anyone a s1 ( unfinished) project for sale or knows one for sale or knows anyone who might be interested in selling his?! Jeroen
  13. Hi Danny, thanks for the advice. Where can I find him? Do you have an internetaddress or mailaddress for me?
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