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  1. Not my old car. Mine has the 400 alcantara wheel and front aplitter as well as larini rear exhaust.
  2. It will be tail happy and heavy but nothing else floats my boat at that price point. Can hold my daughter, gt, track, rwd, quick, high spec.
  3. Nothing initially as in need to see how much a house will cost! Probably a 2013-2014 c63 AMG coupe. With a engine tune alone it will be a almost 500hp weapon. Then hopefully back in to lotus ownership again after that. Maybe a 400 ?
  4. Had mine for 2 years and only issue was a window motor with a needed replacing. If you read about issues with any car you will find many! People use forums to problem solve so expect to find the same web researching any model car from any manufacturer.
  5. This is lotus still missing a trick! The Evora is a perfect daily.its comfy, has heated seats, plenty of boot space and you can use the rear seats for bags as well if needed, Supple suspension, cruise control etc Drive one and the Porsche thoughts will evaporate. I was looking for a 911 when I drove an Evora s sr and that was job done.
  6. Is this the one that was discussed previously and has a lot of scratches in the paint? If not that's a bloody great price!
  7. Lotus silverstone took a deposit for my car today. The chap I talked to stated the clutch was heavy but agreed there is no need to change it as it is not exhibiting any signs of wear. I believe if this had been made clearer to other people who drove the car it may have sold sooner. I also have a potential private sale lined up if this falls through. Both options give me the return I was after. I have loved my Evora and am very sad to see it go. I can't see it being my last lotus. The ownership experience has been really enjoyable from the car (how it drives and makes me feel) to the community.
  8. The bite point isn't high no. I really don't see it as an issue. Selling privately isn't something I want to do. It's serious hassle and Silverstone will offer a warranty as well. At this price point it will provide greater seller confidence. If I go the webuyanycar route the exhaust will be coming off. SOR is just under 2.5k.
  9. Seems that way at the moment. Bad timing maybe. When I was looking for a year and keeping an eye out last year there were none or maybe 1 for sale in white!
  10. That will sell quickly and I think is under priced looking at others on offer. I have chatted to Silverstone and will see what happens now.
  11. Ahhh. That wasn't there when I listed mine. That is indeed a good price. Silverstone are continuing to get enquiries about my car. I have asked them to call me to negotiate a deal if someone likes.
  12. Joint decision based on cars for sale at the moment.
  13. Agreed but that's down to Silverstone I believe. I don't think they use autotrader as a part of the service.
  14. I wouldn't disagree with that Andy but at 20k miles old I really don't think it needs replacing. I am loathed to shell out 2k when I don't think I need to. What makes it more annoying is i think it is a ball ache to check as well. If i were keeping the car it would never have crossed my mind. As stated previously it finds gear without issue and there is no skipping at all. Surely these are the signs of a clutch on the way out? If I can sell the car as advertised with a clutch that may be an option to be fair...
  15. I have nothing to compare it to but it's been like it since i have owned it on 13k miles. I expect webuyanycar to know my me down a hubdred or so. I have asked Silverstone to reduce the price to 43,500 and will see how September goes. Thank you for all the replies
  16. Paul - they have not seen the car but I expect them to try and knock me down a hindered or so. The car is pristine so not really concerned about them knocking it down much. Understand it's close ish to a 400 but if people (like me) are buying cash then that's a lot of extra money. It's also a lot more in finance terms on a monthly basis. I would be better off to take the car to webuyanycar than to ask Silverstone to sell the car with the clutch being changed.
  17. Spec and mileage etc it seems to be priced well in my opinion. All tyres, discs and pads have lots of wear left on them still as well. No scratches or dents at all. All stock ppf relaxed and full front end ppf fitted and the other extras mentioned on the advert. Some forums dont like advert links on posts so assumed it would be the same here.
  18. My car had been with Silverstone for a month now and a few people have expressed serious interest in the car from what I am told and have test driven it. The car is up for 44,500 and most of you know it so I won't add a link. I am told the clutch is heavy but it's always been like that and only had 20k miles on it. Silverstone think this be why the car has not sold??? It's well known the clutch weight varies and they last as long as a regular clutch in any other car. I think mine is a really good example. Wrbuyanycar have valued the car at just under 39,500 and I am now seriously considering collecting th car and selling to them. By selling the Larini back box separately I'll be 500 away from what I originally wanted to get from the car. So, am I missing something? stu
  19. Agree, test drive of an Evora moving from my isf is what sold it to me. Drove both over the same roads and the Evora dealt with the bumps and undulations much better which blew me away. It's such a composed car but then flat cornering. It's lotus magic.
  20. Worked fine. I imagine it would need doing every 2 years but didn't take long and when I spoke with Aimee at Silverstone she said they also use hammerite to touch up the grilles.
  21. Cheers folks. That all really helpful ?
  22. That's the conclusion I am expecting them to reach but Aimee specifically said a couple viewed the car and were concerned about the heavy clutch and she agreed. I simply and honestly said it's been like that since my ownership with no issues changing gear or slippage.
  23. If mine was slipping or had rough gear change I'd get it done but it doesn't and even Aimee said gear change is slick.
  24. Cheers that rings true with what I have heard about clutch weights varying. Mine has been the same since 13k miles when I bought it and it had had an easy life. I'd be surprised if it needs a change sonearly on given how it has been used.
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