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  2. Why does the video link show as private to logged in Lotusforum member? -Rich 1990 Lotus Esprit SE 4-Pot
  3. Hi Mike, How much $$ for the EBPV shipped to 92009?
  4. I met a really nice ex-Londoner fellow at work this week. He said that he sometimes misspells 'bollocks' as well. In conversing with him I also mixed up the city that uses the term 'Scouser'. I thought perhaps it was Manchester? My new Londoner mate quickly corrected my knowledge on the differences between Liverpool and Manchester folks. Manchester United.bmp -Rich
  5. Hi Mike, Yes, I still need the EBPV? What year Lotus is your EBPV? Is the inlet diameter ~3 inches? How much to ship to 92009 (Carlsbad, CA)? Thanks for answeting my urgent request! -Rich in Carlsbad
  6. Rgingfool35, Thanks for the tip. I'll check with Tom on my LotusTalk group account. If you have any items that you don't need and want to sell please keep me in mind. -Rich in Carlsbad 1990 Lotus Esprit SE Thanks for the post Carbuff...very much appreciated. -Rich in Carlsbad 1990 Lotus Esprit SE
  7. Hi Ramjet, I would prefer it only one way; the way God & Peter Stevens intended the Lotus to be. Unfortunately our emissions restrictions here have stacked the deck. -Rich in Carlsbad, California US of A
  8. Thank you for the grand welcome Kimbers! I'm trying to keep my hands clean as well. But the Lotus calls, and I will answer with vigor. Happy motoring, and.....GO MANCs! -Rich in Carlsbad Manchester United.bmp
  9. Do you have any parts removed from the Lotus? Maybe emissions related stuff? Rich 1990 Lotus Esprit SE (Got Milk Parts?)
  10. I need a EBPV (exhaust back pressure valve. Please reply with mileage of used parts if possible. Does not need to be in working order. Just intact. Rich 1990 Lotus Esprit SE
  11. Just to clarify, the car runs well enough. The steering bits are a bit knackered. The paint job is not too horrid. (Monaco White.mostly) It will be awhile before I can go for a piss up (visit too the Pub) in the lotus. Note: I translated my reply to something that almost completely does not resemble proper King's English for you guys across The Pond. I love using words like 'whilst' and 'saloon' and 'bollucks' in everyday conversations now (picked up ages ago from the Jaguar club) However, a car repair guide used the word 'swarf'. I was at a loss on this term. Had to give it a bit of a look up on Merriam-Webster's site. Horses for courses I suppose. -Rich
  12. It is indeed. I need a EBPV. I just received a ALDL cable from TE. I'll read the codes and know more (hopefully) real soon. -Rich
  13. 1990 Lotus Esprit SE. In fact I've had my eyes, feet, knuckles and wallet on one for several weeks. It's been a two year project so far though. -Rich Stevens 1990 Lotus Esprit SE Got Milk Parts?
  14. That's the plan. Going on two years now. Luckily I am short enough to fit the car. See attached photo. Now I need parts, desperately. I need California specific parts. Guess which ones? -Rich in C-bad
  15. Hello, I'm a long-time admirer of British motorcars. Mostly of the Coventry type (Jaguar). Now I'm testing the waters around Hethel. -Rich
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