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  1. Set the tension to the spec in the service manual regardless of new or used. The tension on the belt is specified to ensure there is always load on the belt. When the tension drops too much, then the belt sees load reversals which causes most of the damage. Personally if the belt is off, I would always put a new one on Cheers Ralph
  2. Looking at the broken ends of the belt, did the break go straight across the belt or was it at 45 deg. If its straight across its been crimped and the cords have been damaged, if its at 45 deg then it has seen a lot of load. An 18 month old belt should be OK for normal running so I would advise that you look for a mechanical problem before putting another belt on. If the crank pulley (drives the belt) is in good condition then the increase can only come through the pulleys driven by the belt eg oil pump pulley or the cam pulleys. I have seen a lot of belt failures, but rarely seen one break wi
  3. See you at the Dog, Norton. May be a bit late depending on traffic out of London Dont know about the rest of you but I will be eating and yes the Dog burger is tempting Cheers Ralph
  4. There is no reason why you cant use the frequecy method on the trap belts but they will have a different frequency to the round belts. I worked it out some time ago and posted it but I dont have time at present to go looking. The frequency method is the most accurate but it must always be done in the same place with the engine position eg 30deg otherwise you will get errors. It may not show up so much on the mechanical setting tools but mainly because of their degree of accuracy. As for the twist method, my experience is it is less accurate than the mechanical setting tools unless you get luck
  5. SHould be OK for the 19th but cant make Larling, Cambridge, Ancient Shepards is good, where were you thinking in Suffolk, the Dog at Norton? can just about make that one. Cheers Ralph
  6. Arte Another thing to check. I come across some engines the other day (not Lotus) where the block machining was incorrect. To be specific, the threads in the block for the head bolts didnt finish deep enough, consequently the bolts were cutting the last 2 threads so the torques seemed ok / a fraction high but the head gasket blew because the clampload was insufficient. You have said that the bolts have probably been reused and may have stretched, the head has been skimmed, etc. Check that there is enough thread engagement to cope with these changes (or the bolts are close to bottoming out) b
  7. Black Bull thurs 5th OK with me. Are we just going to turn up or will a booking be needed. Next prob, I cant book at present, dont get home to Thursday morning. Cheers Ralph
  8. Yes the issue is cooling around the exhaust valves in number 3. I remember doing some work on this years ago and due to core shift in this level of casting, it is possible that the flow around the guide on the exhaust valve can be poor, especially on the exhaust manifold side. My Sunbeam has done exactly the same thing, same valve. Cheers Ralph
  9. I used to be involved in the testing of Brake fluids and Castrol always come out on top. Never used anything but Castrol since then Cheers Ralph
  10. Cant do the 4th but otherwise OK Cheers Ralph
  11. Im in, but the last week of Apr, first week of May be a bit difficult. Will check work stuff and come back. Cheers Ralph
  12. Artie I will assume for the minute the head is OK and you will have the nip checked. Do you have any pictures of the offending headgaskets. Where have they failed, is it the same place each time, what is the failure mode. You mention head bolts, have you checked the stretch against a new bolt. I havent checked if these are torque to yield, if they are and have been reused several times the clamp load may be inadequate. Are you using the correct fasteners to hold the head down. I have found cases on other engines where the under head profiles are different to spec and consequently give a diffe
  13. Thanks for letting the blue Focus pull in front of you. I was Already late for an appointment Ragards Ralph
  14. Gavin The trapezoidal profile doesnt lend itself to that very well. The logical thing to do is to upgrade to the later pullies and belt. I have the same issue on my Sunbeam Lotus and will convert that in due course. I will never the less give your suggestion some thought, but at this time the modifications I would have to do to the belt with such a shallow tooth profile would increase the risk of belt jump and I really dont want to go down that route. Cheers Ralph
  15. Darren Email me and we can discuss off-line [email protected] Cheers Ralph
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