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  1. Evan B

    Evan B

  2. A photo of my 84 Esprit S3. Haven't posted here for a while Evan.
  3. Evan B

    My 1984 S3

    Haha yeah that's true. Not good when that happens. Evan.
  4. Evan B

    My 1984 S3

    Thanks, I'll give them a try. I was also thinking perhaps trying ebay, with a buy it now or best offer to see if anyone would be interested. After all, that's where I bought it from. Evan.
  5. Evan B

    My 1984 S3

    I think I'm going to sell. Which would be the best sites to advertise my car? If anyone is interested here then please feel free to make me an offer what you think it's worth. Evan.
  6. Evan B

    My 1984 S3

    Yeah that's what a lot of people probably say about other cars too, wishing they'd kept them haha. I'll see what I'm going to do, was just gauging how much it might be worth. Very true, it does put a smile on your face while driving or looking at the esprit. Evan
  7. Evan B

    My 1984 S3

    Thanks Sounds like a good estimate since I paid towards the lower side when I bought it. Looks as good in real as the photos suggest. Evan.
  8. Evan B

    My 1984 S3

    Hi all, Not sure if it's allowed here, but I was wondering what sort of price people would estimate my Esprit at, as I may be thinking of selling it fairly soon. It had an engine rebuild 20,000 miles ago and the car has now covered 44,444 miles. The paintwork is in very very good condition with minor defects. The wheels are also very good condition, but are showing some cracking just inside the first dished lip part. It has pretty much near full service history. Recent new front calipers, exhaust manifold and has stainless link pipe (un silenced) and silencer. The interior is nice but the pa
  9. I know people here have used the land rover slaves, so someone must have used the original red hose with that connection adapted to the land rover?
  10. Hi all, I have just got a land rover clutch slave cylinder and the thread size is different. I was wondering what size the male fitting is in my old girling cylinder, so that I can buy an adaptor? I'm guessing the girling is 3/8 UNF and the land rover one is 7/16 UNF? No one seems to state the size of adaptor needed in the cross reference section, So I'd like to find out. Thanks, Evan.
  11. Right, so today I cleaned the earthing point under the bonnet. It's the one which goes into the front sub frame. Then another wire was onto the radiator mount bolt so I put this with the others. Also I used some new connections which had used the plastic splice type joints. I swapped relays and checked everything again. Still no front headlamps on the O/S (Right). The side lights etc all work and so do all other parts of the electrics. Just the headlamps on the right. I will have to book the car in with a lotus specialist to diagnose the problem. I guess it's the length of wire which runs
  12. Ok thanks for the advice I shall clean the connections on the relay and check the earth point. I believe the earthing point for the lights is under the bonnet just near the spare wheel, as I have about 5 wires on the bolt here. Evan.
  13. I'm wondering if someone here has had a similar problem and could help me with my problem. The front off side (Right if in the car) headlights on main and dipped beam do not come on at all, the near side still operate as normal. They only stopped working last night where I had main beam but no dipped on the o/s/f lamp. Now there isn't a light working on the right. The lights are Cibie's and not sealed beam units. All bulbs are fine as I have swapped the lamps on the other side and they work. It seems as if there is no power to the said headlamps, I have checked the fuses in the glove b
  14. 1984 Lotus Esprit S3 SCC085912EHD11860 Silver Frost with grey interior King's Lynn, Norfolk.
  15. Thanks it does look nice in silver. I might have to contact the place that sprayed the car in 2001 and see if they can shead some light. Evan.
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