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  1. thanks for letting me know glad everyone is OK
  2. Hi, Guys, my buddy told me of a crashed esprit on the M20 the other day looked like it has actually hit an Elise. I wondered if it was anyone on here and if everyone was OK
  3. Hi, there do you have any of these left? I would l like a set if you do thanks Christian
  4. I will take that as a no then!
  5. Hi, guys, I am trying to find a digital version of the 1986 lozenge style logo does anyone know if it exists or is available anywhere?
  6. Hi, guys sorry to bother you all with the brake issues I am having but I need more help! so the brakes are all back on all hoses front and rear changed and they are working well. However connecting up the handbrake it now won't move more than a very small amount. it was absolutely fine before. and was working well. Is there anything I should know?
  7. But surely this would benefit fast road driving as well?
  8. So as you can tell by my other posts I am sorting my brakes currently. All hoses changed, pads done etc so which fluid to use Dot 4 which is recomended or Dot 5.1 which has a higher boiling point. Is the difference noticeable.
  9. Foolishly I managed to delete the picture I took of my rear brakes on the car when I dismantled them to be refurbished, I have got them back on but I can't remember the routing of the cables, could someone be kind enough to do me a favor and take a picture of their Bendix rear brake set up so I can see the routing? Cheers Christian
  10. Yes that is pretty rare! what vintage are you? I am 1970 I was 15 when my Esprit was made.
  11. Excellent thanks, I will let you know how it goes. After I have made a rotation tool!
  12. Hi, all I have just had my rear calipers rebuilt by SJ and they have come back looking all shiny however I can't get them back on the car. There is a groove in the middle of the piston and this has to line up with the lug on the pad and they don't, the groove should be in line with the seem on the piston housing.Does anyone know if I can turn the piston to line it up? I have not tried as I don't want to damage them. or do I have to send them back to get them lined up properly? I had set aside this afternoon to do this now looks like I will have to mow the lawn unless any of you can help! Cheers Christain
  13. agreed if it is original, black with black is super cool just imagine it with the wheels all sorted and silver or gold decals. and expensive love affair! but then arent they all. actually thinking about it where can I find 30K!!
  14. How much would it cost to get this fully back up to scratch? 20k? 40K? you would then have a car with no history and a min of 98k on the clock. Given the values we have in the list this would mean that non HC G turbos with 100k on the clock would have to be worth 30-50K to make this worth while. Whilst i know they are going up i am not sure that this is realistic just yet. Maybe in the next 2 years but it would be more of a gamble and or a love afair than anything else.
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