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  1. What kind of catch can did you buy and any pics of it installed?
  2. It's actually really easy in my opinion (and I rarely claim any service on an Esprit to be "easy"). Bleeding the MC is the same as you normally would (with 2 people). Depressurize the accumulator (manual says to pump like 40 times, but mine needs about 50 to feel the pedal go soft). I use a 24 inch 1/4" diameter clear tube and run it into a plastic peanut jar with a hole cut into the middle of the lid. For the driver-side, you just have the 2nd person pump while you open and close the bleed nipple. For the passenger-side, you turn the ignition to Accessory and then have the 2nd person hold the brake down 1/2 way to activate the ABS pump. Pro Tips: Put thick paper towels under to master cylinder to prevent brake fluid drips onto the paint (It's much harder to get your hand under there to try and wipe up anything once it does dribble under there). Then for added protection, I use a thin bungee cord to wrap and hold a terry cloth towel around the neck of the reservoir. Keep a few spare towels handy for quick access. Also make sure the person pressing the pedal doesn't press fast or else it'll shoot the fluid outside of the reservoir.
  3. I just did some brake bleeding last Friday after replacing the front rotors and pads. I bled the master cylinder driver-side and got a lot of air out. When I did the passenger-side, there were some fine bubbles that appeared the other reservoir. So I think the passenger side bleed point on the master cylinder goes to the rear brakes. Definitely worth trying to bleed the MC.
  4. Subscribed. Keep us informed of your progress. I think I'm having a similar issue with my Brembos. I've replaced the rear calipers and installed EBC Yellow Stuff to try to fix it, but it is still having more rear bias than front I think. I should probably replace my front pads too to see if it makes a difference. Jim Stone 1995 S4s
  5. I found that my clutch master cylinder was leaking and that made a big difference for 1st, 2nd and reverse once I replaced it. I lost 1st & 2nd too. Turned out to be these guys got loose on me. (Although mine might be quite a bit different since it's a Renault and the previous owner flipped mine upside down to make a short-shifter modification)
  6. I figure that if I start with a 17mm diameter bar now, then it will rust its way down to a proper 15-16mm in another 20 years
  7. @Giniw Thanks for the greeting. I thought I signed up a long time ago, but I couldn't find my login. I lurk most of the time anyways. Mine is getting rust and I was considering a replacement, but I had not decided what diameter to go with either. I'll probably watch Ebay and see if maybe a good used 17mm shows up.
  8. I measured my S4s anti-roll bar in the middle area and I am getting around 15.5mm - 15.6mm for the diameter.
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