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  2. Harness Bar and Harness Fitted roll on first trackday of 2016 and the wax is still giving a nice bead
  3. This is how all car reviews should be.......simple plain English
  4. Booked three track days for 2016 Blyton - Lotus on Track - 12th March Sat Donnington - Circuit Days - 11th May Wed Anglesey - Lotus on Track - 4th June Sat
  5. We had a great drive out today in our MX first time been able to have some fun on clear roads for a decent length of time rather than a local B roads, and its brilliant, topped with a great Lunch in Rhyd Du a nice Monday off, Great Roads, Car, Company and Food
  6. I've done three CAT Driver Training Days at Millbrook and learn't plenty with each one, great guys there and an excellent facility they have the use of too you'll gain skills that can be used on road and on track
  7. Loving that looks fantastic, look forward to a little report when run in.
  8. The end of great weekend driving around in the Lotus having not had chance to get out for 5 or so weeks, trip out yesterday with Norlog, and today a run with a Mersey MINI Club made some great friends we had a MINI and pop back for a few events, this was a Charity Car run for Children in Need. Although at times the weather was inclement car was spot on and has made me happy today and yesterday, also amused how small the Elise is next to a modern MINI!!
  9. Also be intrigued by the Fiat version too.
  10. We have an NC love it, for when you want some fun but don't want to fold yourself into the Elise it makes a nice change as I run my Elise with top on we like the NC for top down fun, we also have had a good look at the ND at Oakmere we'll look to test drive one next spring, I think we'd go for the 1.5 but will try both.
  11. Using the Lotus for what it's made for another excellent trackday in the Elise.
  12. Done a few track days with the Elise this year, today the car just seemed to suit the Oulton Park better than any other track I've used it as so far. Due to a red flag had a shorter AM and then a top up PM tuition session, the bits we focused on the the additional speed I could carry was staggering from such a tiny change in line and technique. Of all the cars I've run on track this one is my favorite by a long way. I've have though managed to loose another wheel cap thing. Anglesey tomorrow
  13. We attend on today saw some racing, red arrows, old F1 cars, some lovely Lotus's, past and present, enjoyed the pit walk and talking to teams, same in the paddock good to walk around and have such great access to the teams, very nice day out as we had a 200+ miles jouney home we left mid afternoon, thanks to those involved in it. Some pic's from the day.
  14. Two weeks off work, lots of petrolhead stuff to do with the Lotus and the Mazda kicks of though with Lotus Festival tomorrow and a fry up in town a little later Though I am up at 5:30 which isn't part of the relax plan, LOL but making use of the time with a very quick gym session......
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