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  1. Hi. There should be a vacum rail on your Cars. It has two takeoffs. One for the brakes and one for the ventilation system. Remove the oneway valve on the output that goes to the ventilation and put a tee there. Then connect one end to the MegaJolt and one end to the ventilation system. Beteween the tee and ventilation system you have to place a one way valve to prevent boost getting into the ventilation. Hope this helps:-)
  2. Anyone who has tried the new Lotus suspension on a track? Is it ok for tracking or is it too soft? I can't fint any good info. about this? Do you have any experience with this Bibs?
  3. Huff...ikke akkurat det man ønsker at skal skje når man er på tur.. Fantastisk service fra Henrik. Da får du jo bytta register reima di samtidig, så slipper du å lure noe mer på den..
  4. PER

    [NORWAY]Langtur 21/8

    Da er vi jo på får bli med neste gang:-)
  5. Cheers. We are heading for Nurburgring in August with two Esprits. Arriwal is Thursday 19/8 and return is early Saturday 21/8. We are planning on driving the GP track and the Nordschleife. Really looking forward to this. We are staying at the Gasthaus Ringblick. Please feel free to join us!
  6. Hei. Vi planlegger en tur til Nurburgring med avgang fra Oslo med Kielferga onsdag 18.8 kl 13:30. Ankomst ringen torsdag 19.8 med kjøring på GP banen fra kl 17:00 til 20:00. Deretter overnatter vi på GastHaus Ringblick og kjører Nordsleife fredag fra kl 14:15 til kl 19:30. Setter så kursen nordover og finner et passende sted og overnatte. Ferga går fra Kiel Lørdag kl 13:30 og vi er hjemme I Oslo Søndag morgen. Ferga koster 5000kg pr.bil inkludert to personer. Pr nå er vi to Espriter og 4 gutter som skal på tur. Hyggelig om flere liksinnede kunne tenke seg å være med. Billetter til ferge og overnatting må den enkelte ordne selv. Hilsen Jan og Per. Send mail til [email protected] eller kontakt Per på 97769788
  7. PER


    Hei Bjørn. Jeg er klar. Regner med at Jan også blir med.
  8. Any update on the project? Have you been on the rollers yet? Have you noticed any change in performance compared to stock?
  9. Jeff: As for dialing in the carbs for running higher boost. I would suggest running smaller air correctors and keeping the mains as is for starters. As i believe you have 45mm carbs US version? and I run 40mm's Euro version. Out jetting won't be the same, so you can't run the same jet sizes as Andy or I do. Have you changed the jets from original? Per :-)
  10. Hi. I have installed the MegaJolt system in my car and I'm very happy with the result. Changing or building your own Map is very easy. I started out with the Map from Ajay and it worked really good. If you want to run higher boost you will have to modify it. Pm me if yoy want a copy of my Map or need any help. Of course if you want the best of It you have to put the car on a rolling road.. Pics. Of my installation:
  11. Andy is right. The oilpump consists of two pumps on the same shaft. Two scavenge and one pressure pump.
  12. Trigger wheel with 1/2 pilot hole Size: 5.125" (130mm)
  13. I downloaded a basemap that Andy has made. Follow the link on Andys post to find it. Great map to start from. I have tweaked this map some to suit my boost setting at 0,9 bar. I haven't been on a rolling road so the map is a bit on the safe side to prevent knocking.
  14. I have also done the MegaJolt conversion. I'm very happy with the result. You can optimise the ingition map, and as it contains a map sensor it will take care of ignition retard if you are thinking about upping the boost. I bought everything I needed at Just had to match up the triggerwheel and pulley in a lathe.
  15. Hi. My brake booster is leaking and I have to replace it. Har anyone sorted out a cross reference for this part?
  16. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but I believe that the Luminition ignition system is obsolete and has been replaced by the Pertronix system?
  17. Jan: Have you fitted those wide tyres on to the original rims or have you changed for wider rims?
  18. I used Por-15. Looks good I think, and the surface is easy to keep clean afterwards.
  19. I mounted my PWR chargecooler this way. Not sure if the piping is the best way tough.. Spoolup is now a little slower than before..
  20. The fuelpressure is ok when idling, but I haven't had a chance to read the pressure while driving yet. I will need someone to read the pressure gauge while i'm keeping my eyes on the road :-) New sparkplugs are going in tomorrow to see if that helps.. I will also have to check the float valve and fuel level in the float chambers.. Thanks for the input so far guys..
  21. Cheers. My car has suddenly started to run lean and stumble/missfire as soon as boost comes on. I know its lean because of high readings on my LC-1 lambda... I have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter and checked the fuel pressure. All seems fine. Any suggestions? Could a sticky float valve cause this? It seems like the carbs don't "read" that boost is coming and that they don't add the extra amount of fuel needed to compensate for the extra amount of air... If anybody has any suggestions, please feel free to enlighten me on this subject...
  22. He claims that they are 15 inch here.. Artikelmerkmale - Car Parts & Accessories Type: Transmission & Drivetrain Intended Use: Modification/ Enhancement Subtype: wheels 15inch not 13inch Condition: Used Manufacturer: Ford
  24. Cheers. I found this picture in one of the norwegian newspapers. The driver walked away. Lucky guy!
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