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  1. geartox

    Manual vs paddle shift auto V6

    @Rossco'sRaceCar My feedback : Sometimes if the constraint is important on the car (hard braking and turning the car) the down shifting is really slow, and the "automatic rev matching" does not occurs. In this particular corner for example : - if I stay in 3 before the corner and only downshift once, it works quite fine , but if you listen carefully you will notice that the "rev matching" is not perfect (based on the abnormal sound) : - if I stay in 4 before the corner and downshift twice, you will see that the "automatic rev matching" is not done and the downshifts occur (without feeling anything) when I am in in the middle of the corner (this is why I lost the control of the car) : Another example here of abnormal downshifting :
  2. geartox

    Exige IPS

  3. geartox

    Manual vs paddle shift auto V6

    I asked them to do it, they refuse.
  4. geartox

    Future of Lotus

    same thing here.
  5. interesting topic. let us know if you find something
  6. geartox

    Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    Dear Jack, How do you get the throttle and brake inputs ? from the OBD ?
  7. geartox

    Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup
  8. geartox

    Exige 360 CUP IPS ? really ?

    I have found this car, a 360 CUP with IPS gearbox 😲. I didn't know that the 360 was available with the IPS gearbox. Does someone know this car ?
  9. geartox

    alexthewheelman’s Exige Cup 430

    it seems that your seats are not the default one on the 430 with leather. Did you ask for specific seats ?
  10. 30/32 front and 32/34 rear works fine for me. 30 psi hot for rear will damage the tire side abnormally. but maybe a geo side effect...
  11. geartox

    Exige Sport 350

    So time for me to finish this first chapter, after 3 years of ownership (the car will not move until march) : 45000 kilometers 35 trackdays 9 coaching First of all I would like to thank you for this forum, I tried to participate and share with you my experience. To complete my previous feedback : Driving on track : I started to drive on track when I got the Exige, no previous experience. More I drive the car on track, less I want to drive (it) on open roads. More I am quick on track, more I am slow on roads. I decided to improve my driving skills instead of improving the car. I am always a beginner of course but quite different than three years ago. It's really satisfying to improve your performance, just by improving your driving skills. Driving quick and properly is a job. You have to think about it ! My biggest mistake is to push too hard too quickly. Hey boy, breath, enjoy the moment. Dedicating some sessions to work on specific corners seems to be a good approach. Nobody is watching you (not even one grid girl unfortunately), take your time. Each trackday I restart from the beginning : trail braking, balanced throttle, best racing line, working on my vision... I try to follow the coach advice, speaking to myself. Finally you drive with (sometimes against) the car, with the laws of physics (nop you can't cheat here) and with your brain. Taking experience will make you more confident, but stay modest. Using the same car for track and road is good and not so good. At the end of the (track)day, I need my car to go Home. It's not the best configuration to take more risk and try to reach your limit. I have to think about that. Latest lap on track : Driving on road : Roads = Mountain roads The car is really good, the size of the car is a huge advantage on mountain roads comparing to anything else. As I said in others posts, getting something more powerful and agile on roads will send you to jail or 6 feet under. The power, the gearbox, the brakes, everything is perfect. Remove the hard top and enjoy (this change is a must have for me). BUT I always think that the Evora 4xx IPS is better for a roadtrip. The car itself : 345 BHP ? I doubt about that. It could be problem on F1 tracks with long straight line (slower cars/drivers in corners can overtake you). The car is reliable. The only problem I got is a broken fuel cap, changed by the dealer with a better one. In fact, the Exige is the most reliable car I ever had. On track : - strong points are : lightness, handling, reliability, running cost, noise under most of track limits - weak points are : automatic gearbox too slow, suspension, lack of power for long straight line On road : - strong points : feeling, reliability, sound at high rev, power, car size, automatic gearbox, soft top - weak points : ground clearance, fuel tank capacity, sound at low rev Advice for new owner or beginner on track : - Check your tyres before, during and after a trackday or roadtrip or you will get big problems. Use/install a TPMS system for road usage : - CUP 2 are too soft for road usage. I prefer the PS4 for road. - For track usage, protect your car with a PPF, at least the front and the whole side : - A big topic is the geometry and the tyre configuration (model, pressure, temperature), lots of work to do on that. It's so important. Next steps : The biggest weak point of the car (after the driver) for track usage (only) is the IPS gearbox. The gearbox is slow - you can manage that, but sometimes the downshifting is really too slow, and the gear shifting is done in the middle on the corner... Unfortunately, automatic/paddle shifting gearbox is mandatory for me. I got quotes for Sequential gearbox but it's really expensive. I would like to stay in the Lotus world : reliability, running cost, this forum, the spirit around this brand, the Club Lotus France, the very special feeling in the car, the handling... The fact that the improved IPS of the Evora is not available on the Exige makes me crazy. The running cost of the Exige on track is low, agree with that. BUT using a car on track is expensive, no matter what you plan. The "new" Lotus pricing policy (price increase more quickly than my salary) and the fact that all new cars can not be driven on track due to the noise do not help. I would like to discover new tracks and specifically F1 tracks across Europe. Due to my budget limits, If I have to choose between trackdays and roadtrips without a doubt I choose trackdays. This is why I am thinking about having a car dedicated for track usage with a trailer. For the moment I am hesitating...
  12. geartox

    Future of Lotus

    I hope so. raw, real, light and fast.
  13. geartox

    Evora GT430

    do you have a video to see in action the gearbox ? thank you