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  1. - nice build quality (better than my Evora) - awesome look - I didn't drive the car but, statically, the sound is not comparable to Exige/Evora V6 (even with the most extreme mode) - not a big fan of the steering wheel - too expensive in France due to the CO2 tax
  2. I add a comment regarding this Evora on track. I didn't push too hard and with a lack of practice this year I don't know well the car. But I can say that the Evora is much more stable than the Exige. My feeling is that I have a better car control with the Evora. With the Exige I have to fight with and sometimes against the car, reaching the apex can be a real challenge. For me the Evora is easier to drive fast. Of course the Exige is faster, but am I faster with the Exige or the Evora ? ... not so sure. Maybe I will test next year. I am curious to test the electrical power steering of Komotec on the Exige... The Evora is so underrated... this is a great and enjoyable car.
  3. I watch again the last videos. Impressive paint work ! Awesome job, really ! Regarding the videos where you remove the clams, I was quite surprised by the dust problem. The car is not so old and we can say that you take care of your car 🙂 .
  4. Thank you Dave for your answer. Regarding the gearbox maintenance, for example, oil change, do you have to bring the car to a lotus dealer or do you bring the car to a VAG specialist ? With track usage, what do you recommend for maintenance tasks ?
  5. It would be interesting to get feedback from track and also regarding the reliability.
  6. others pics here :
  7. Evora GT410 sound on track
  8. does someone on the forum is using this gearbox ?
  9. It's not correct. front pads of the Exige have the same ref than Evora rear pads.
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