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  1. During the last trackday we played with the coach (pro driver engaged in competition) to compare our laptimes. Something more reliable than a simple phone for this kind of exercise, specifically for intermediates times. By the way he is nearly 2,5 secs quicker...
  2. Thanks for the advice. I will check that. I have sold my Racelogic VBOXsport and I have just received an AIM SOLO 2 DL. I didn't fit it yet in the car. I go back to dijon in one week so I will test it during this trackday. For the moment : - The racestudio software is quite easy to use - You can configure the display layout quite easily : one screen for lap time, one screen with info from OBD... you build your own layout as you want with selected sensors. I have created 6 displays. I will test the feature to display the engaged gear, two way to do it : - calculated gear : gear position from engine rpm and vehicle speed - precalculated gear : gear position from engine rpm, vehicle speed, gear ration and axle ratio the lights can be used for predictive lap time or gear shift lights, I think predictive time mode will be more useful. - the device can be configured as a WIFI AP, which is quite useful, because you know I don't come to the track with my own AP :-). In that mode your laptop is a WIFI client that connects to the SOLO. - you can change the splash screen, not really useful but funny - once you have finished the configuration of the device in the Racestudio software, you have to sync the device itself with the new config. I got some transmission errors in that step, but after 3 or 4 attempts, it works. Of course the most important for me is the reliability and the screen visibility in real track condition. The question now is : where and how to install this device in the car ?
  3. Very beautiful interior. I hope that one day I will see the car in real life
  4. beautiful interrior. great integration of the racelogic module.
  6. Interesting. Please share your feedback Did they have experience with this device installed on V6 ? why they recommend ECUMaster instead of AIM ?
  7. do you have links/docs about this ABS system in order to install it on Exige V6 ?
  8. screenshot of the liteblox app. the battery code is on the a sticker. scan the bluetooth network with the app, detect the battery, add the code and done ! straight and forward. you can switch off the battery remotely from the bluetooth app, but we have added also a physical cutoff switch. interesting to check so easily the status of the battery.
  9. back on track. try to get a better sound. I need to work on geo (pressure) and find a solution for this tyre wearing : small problem with pads, maybe due to a caliper issue ? or air in the brake system ? got too hot ? the car is working now perfectly. the shifting is good, I let you check by yourself. I think that we can improve the suspension settings.
  10. it's just a tablet with android and OBD connection through bluetooth. no music, no hvac control. it can't move.
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