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  1. delivery of my friend's evora :
  2. The Evora 400 is so underrated. I ask to a friend to consider and test this car before to buy something new. In the end, he bought one, a second-hand. No other car for the price could compete. The delivery is next Saturday, for sure he will enjoy the car like you.
  3. I just received mine. WOW effect. Very good quality . Good work @alias23 . Now I just need my car
  4. I got that many times. Gently press the panels and a screwdriver with microfiber will do the job.
  5. Lotus Driving Academy exists in France. I am one of their regular customer The website is in French but quite easy to translate it : If you want more details, let me know.
  6. just let me tell you a story. a french reporter interviews a french winemaker near Bordeaux. reporter : are you worry about the brexit ? winemaker : we sell wine to british since 800 years... LOL
  7. This experience should be considered as any other user experience. Modifying a car with aftermarket product is always risky. And when you track a car, the constraints on the hardware are really important. Even with OEM and highly tested systems you can have the same problem. A friend house has partially burnt due to an electrical problem on his brand new VW. This is a part of car industry. This is why regulars (deep dive) checks on the car must be done, before, during and after a trackday. Unfortunately, it happens... Hope that you will get back on track with your car and enjoy it.
  8. BOE Kit for IPS has just arrived. solenoids and springs will be replaced with the new one interesting article here :
  9. 650 euros per day or 1200 both days let me know if you are interested.
  10. @mark248am : very bad experience with the device
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