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  1. geartox

    Evora GT430

    thanks for the video is there a better way to start my holidays ?
  2. geartox

    Exige V6 IPS EX460

    I know two Exige IPS with EX460 kit installed by Komotec itself. One is owned by a member of this forum, And I should test the other one, end of august on track.... I am in the same position here : I am thinking about this upgrade, but the slowness of the gearbox is a weak point, and I have sometimes strange behaviors on track : for example at Magny Cours in the 180 corner, if I take the inside racing line, I don't know why the downshift is so so so slow, it's like the car refuses to do it. I got exactly the same behavior at Ledenon in the " le cavelet" corner. Maybe the speed and the constraints on the car are the reason... I don't know. I will share my experience with the EX460 IPS once the test is done. For me automatic gearbox is mandatory (it s not a choice) , without a reliable and efficient solution, I have two options : buying an Evora GT430 or moving to a another brand. What a shame that the Exige does not have the Evora GT430 IPS gearbox...
  3. I will repeat myself again and again but this is for the best : Exige 500, sub 1000kg, sequential gearbox, road legal, 150ke.
  4. I will be at Marbella next week. Could be fun to see you there 😀
  5. geartox

    Evora GT430

    Due to the fact that I have a psychological problem with gloss black plastic 😜🤣😱 do you think that it's possible to change some parts of the 430 like below (I will ask to lotus directly through the exclusive programme) :
  6. geartox

    TLF GT430 Club

    Going to Hethel to test a 430 IPS ? Yes of course I am ready. 😁 Whats is the color of your car ? is it a metallic paint ?
  7. I have received a new fuel cap from Lotus dealer. The quality seems better and the previous one (interior is black with a green rubber seal). end of story. next.
  8. geartox

    TLF GT430 Club

    thank you Georges for your feedback 🤩
  9. geartox

    TLF GT430 Club

    I really would like to test this evora GT430 with the ips gearbox. Due to the lack of automatic gearbox on the new Exige , this is for the moment the only choice I have in the lotus range. But I don't think that we have one in France , so it will be complicated to test. I will take my decision during this autumn, I would like to stay in the Lotus club.
  10. geartox

    TLF GT430 Club

    @Michadams thank you for the feedback
  11. geartox

    X-trac innards…..

    DCT would be the perfect solution, but for the moment it's just a dream 😁
  12. geartox

    TLF GT430 Club

    thank you for your post. what is your feedback regarding the gearbox ? do you plan to use the car on track ?
  13. geartox

    X-trac innards…..

    nice work.
  14. geartox

    X-trac innards…..

    I got the opportunity to be in the CUP R and the gearbox is awesome. I asked to my dealer a quote for a xtrac gearbox in the 430, but it's really expensive , too expensive for me. I always hope that Lotus will put a new auto/sequential gearbox in a road legal exige.