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  1. I moved the question in a dedicated topic Two after market options : only one model available with FAN kit included seems to be the same than the SL one : (only this one is compatible with V6 range) I shared some output stats from the ECU : Please share with us your stats.
  2. We are all early adopters here for this product. Hope that AIM will solve quickly these small problems.
  3. Based on AIM reseller feedback from AIM factory : "we have discovered a bug in the electronic boards of that device so we have been forced to stop the production until the problem will be solved. We hope to restart the production as soon as possible , but unfortunately not before the end of January / beginning of February." Personally I didn't received mine and I know others customers in Switzerland in the same situation. Does someone can confirm ? I am curious about this "bug".
  4. Hope to meet you and your beautiful car on track in 2020 !
  5. Great ! Did you install it also on the rear brakes ?
  6. @TheKevlarKid thank you for the explanation
  7. It seems that KT has just updated the offer : only one model available with FAN kit included seems to be the same than the SL one : (only this one is compatible with V6 range)
  8. regarding these calipers, I got some informations : - work with OEM disks, or larger with spacers - no special brake fluid needed - no modification to master cylinder
  9. @alias23 @W31SSN I asked about the pipes. where the pipes are installed to get the airflow ? For me it's not clear. Under the car ? through the clamshell ? behind the front grille ? Just got an answer : " There are many places to run the pipework but I had the Front pipes run to the intake on the front clamshell Rear vent to the clamshell side vents or under tray. "
  10. questions sent to eliseparts with also more details about the installation and where to installs the pipes. as I understand after 4 years, hardware is important but if you don't have the good advices, knowledges, feedbacks it's complicated to "take the plunge". (and this is why I am really grateful to the TLF and members who share their experiences whatever they are)
  11. I am asking some details to eliseparts. They have released many interesting new products for the V6. But like for AIM it seems that I am mot as credible as you and not always easy to get answers from manufacturers, sellers...
  12. the reference is A132E6503F the only reference on the TLF Store is A128E6006F
  13. A kit is available on eliseparts :
  14. DAY 5 : remove rear plate support : Always cleaning the front clam, clay + polish but lots of work. Front nose badge was badly damaged so time to swap with a new one or something else : I tried to remove the boss/rotary, but it didn't move by hand. Based on Lotus guide you should use the two holes with a puller. But the holes are very small and I can't find one that fits. So I will try with a larger puller and use external borders (easy to find one), I don't think there is a risk ????
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