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  1. I didn't get the time to test the Exige 500 DCT from Jubu. But few photos of the Zero
  2. Sometimes things go wrong on track. I got a recent problem, my engine stops (and the fuel pump) after a left corner. I got immediately an engine fault : Engine fault P0004 - Fuel volume regulator control - circuit high After restarting the car no problem, everything seems to be fine. I have installed a pro alloy tank 60L with central collector and with an external pump. I regret to get this tank with an external pump due to installation issue with vapor lock problem (fuel temperature gets too high before to reach the engine). What do you think about this error code
  3. ok thanks. sorry but you gain a new subscriber
  4. I just met an 380 CUP with this kit at Magny Cours : we share the track during few laps.
  5. For information : I got a red warning temperature light at 101° on the AIM Dash whereas the OEM dash is configured to illuminate red when temperatures exceed 113° (based onc Lotus Service Notes). "If the displayed temperature exceeds 113°C, the coolant temperature tell tale will illuminate red in colour in order to prompt closer monitoring of high temperatures and will continue to display coolant temperature up to 120°C. "
  6. I don't know. Jubu will be with the Club Lotus France and RaceTrack days in south of France in 3 weeks. I don't know if the car will be here, (at least the 410 DCT will be) if yes I will ask
  7. In the video comment : "Tyre and reliability test of 2020 JUBU Race-Car (with a little glitch of one oil-pressure-sensor)"
  8. not bad if you compare to porsche supercup laptime.
  9. @Jack do you publish some videos of your track days ? share your youtube channel
  10. I will met Jubu at Paul Ricard in 3 weeks to test that.
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