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  1. @Leo Exige Can you check with your Lotus dealer for the last software update ? I don't have this information myself.
  2. 3 eleven is a fantastic car, more involving than the Exige V6 and also more technical to drive. buy this car to use it on track. honestly I don't understand the interest to use it on road. did you try to remove the roof of the 380 ?
  3. Hello Leo, I never got any gearbox problem due to the temperature. If it happens only once you should not worry. The gearbox oil used in the car is : MOTUL BVA ATF VI Find below an extract of the manual for the IPS on the Evora (should be the same on the Exige). Did you already change the gearbox oil ? Do you have the last ECU/TCU software version from Lotus ? Regarding the IPS and the EX460, it works but you will not get 460HP. I would say that if you reach 440HP it's very good. At the end the gearbox is always the weak point of the car. If you control yourself the shifting with the paddles you can enjoy the car on track. But on the road, if you let the gearbox shifts automatically, you can have strange behaviour and it's not really pleasant.
  4. comment in French with the coach :
  5. @Yellow Exige 460 IPS owner : PM if you want discuss more
  6. V2 support will be ready for Le Mans in 10 days... with the final front splitter.
  7. @AndyD @xyfighter to all IPS owners AIM is looking for IPS car owner to make some tests on the dash for the TCU telltale I can't tell when we will have an answer, this requires a car with automated gearbox to work on, so this can take time. Do you think your customer is available to test some development versions? I don't know if this will be the way our engineers will take, but it worth knowing. Also consider that there wouldn't be any compensation, I guess it is important to know this too.
  8. @AndyD @xyfighter Answer from AIM regarding IPS : the automated gearbox is something for which we still have to address some of the parts. Unfortunately the car is not available to us and info from Lotus are missing,so this is not an immediate solution. Maybe in the meanwhile, we can ask this customer to confirm what is the gearbox temperature reading when the car is cold, and compare this reading with other temperatures (i.e water), this would suggest if there is an offset to add to the gearbox temperature conversion. For the TCU telltale, I don't have an answer as of now, we need our engineers to investigate on this argument more in depth.
  9. @Seriouslylotus to connect the additional shift light module you need also the data hub correct ? Do you propose this bundle on your site ?
  10. I have a product quite similar. It does the job. Maybe there is an opportunity here to make something good for the community.
  11. and it's compatible with the michelin track connect kit... the geek inside me is happy .two phones is not enough during a trackday three is a minimum now
  12. I am totally agree with you. The buzzer is not really useful but the TCU warning is very important. I will contact AIM and let you know what they have to say
  13. @AndyD I can't be sure of course you are right. But before the AIM dash I never got any warning light and nothing has changed on the car regarding the gearbox. In the same time with the OEM cluster we don't have the gearbox temp But it's a good point regarding the TCU warning light.
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