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  1. I found the info in the service notes.
  2. geartox

    Exige picture & video thread

    I tried to remix a james bond soundtrack : 😜
  3. I have now a soft top. Honestly, it's a must have for the Exige. Ultimate weapon for road trip. Do you have the guide to install/remove the hard top ?
  4. so the week end didn't go as expected for me. but thanks to @TBD for the laps in the 460 and thanks to @NickEng to join us.
  5. geartox

    Evora GT430

    thank you.
  6. geartox

    Evora GT430

    does anyone has a feedback regarding the ips gearbox on gt430 or gt410 ? improvement comparing to previous cars (exige version) ?
  7. I have done few laps yesterday in a 380 with Nitron. What a huge improvement comparing to my car. Honestly If I have to change something on my 350, I will start with that. The sound of 380 with the standard exhaust il also really good.
  8. geartox

    Lotus launches the new Exige Sport 410

    No auto on Exige 430.
  9. geartox

    Lotus launches the new Exige Sport 410

    so sad that we don't have the auto gearbox on this model. 😭
  10. geartox

    2-Eleven picture thread

  11. geartox

    Lotus launches the new Exige Sport 410

    I am ready for the pre order :-)
  12. geartox

    Lotus launches the new Exige Sport 410

    That's my bet from the beginning : Exige 500 for 500hp, 500NM, 999kg. end of chapter. but to do that lotus has to find a solution for the gearbox.