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  1. agree. but for mainly track usage, the cup2 should be a better choice. you can test the PS4S which is an intermediate between PS4 and CUP2
  2. I was thinking about the same type of device.
  3. geartox

    Exige picture & video thread

    Morges Place de l'église (renamed Place of Lotus) Switzerland Photos are not from me but from swiss guys (met on track - bresse).
  4. 1) which device do you use to control/check the tyre pressure ? digital ? analog ? 2) The Exige does not have a TPMS , did you install one ? Michelin has the CUP2 Connect but for the moment not in good size for us.
  5. geartox

    Exige picture & video thread

    I don't know which is the most impressive the exhaust or the gearbox.
  6. do you have a picture with the mirros fitted on you car ?
  7. thank you for the feedback. it could be the good solution for a next Exige We need to compare with the dbEater from Komotec that fits on OEM exhaust.
  8. is it easy to fit the silencer ? Can you do it yourself ?
  9. I am curious to know the static level of dB with the silencer
  10. geartox

    My 3 Eleven 430

    @Seriouslylotus : can you give us more details about your car ? did you have the option "Pro Analysis Upgrade to Data Logger" ? thank you
  11. geartox

    Exige picture & video thread

    Agree. I don't understand this choice from Lotus. I hope that Komotec will release soon the DCT for the Exige. Otherwise maybe I will move to another brand. I got the opportunity also to drive a GT3RS. If I could have the same gearbox in the Exige... a dream I got also the opportunity to go in the new Alpine. Awesome car : good engine, good gearbox.