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  1. Evora Sport 410

    thank you. I will check that with google maps
  2. Evora Sport 410

    where did you go in spain ?
  3. Evora GT430

    ok thank you.
  4. Evora GT430

    I don't see this option "Lightweight titanium harness frame and four-point harnesses (can only be specified with standard carbon fibre sports seats)£4,000 €5,600" on the official website. is it always available ? I asked to my dealer a quote for a configuration with the automatic gearbox.
  5. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    this color is awesome. best choice for the moment for my next car
  6. you can't downshift to 1st gear if you are above 20km/h or 30km/h (don't remember).
  7. Exige S picture & video thread
  8. Exige S picture & video thread

    We drive until 11PM. Awesome with the night.
  9. trackday laptime ?

    do we have an inventory with our lap times during the trackdays ? could be interested to get this kind of information for each track to compare our performances. Country Trackname Weather Car Tyre Pilot name Laptime
  10. Exige S picture & video thread

    the orange line on the mirrors is nice.
  11. Lotus Exige Sport 380

    which lotus tool ? yes after each service I got some info, mine should be around 4,1 also.
  12. Lotus Exige Sport 380

    4,4s 0-100km/h not really surprising
  13. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    @Swiss360Cup we have to do a little road trip soon !!!!!