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  1. I was thinking about the fact that the covid19 is global fake news and a conspiration from the Nasa to create a world wide confinement in order to select the best humans for a mission to Mars. They will select the humans able to stay in the Rocket for months. Indeed your flat earth will be destroyed in 2021 due to an asteroid. Whereas I will be with my Lotus on Mars ! You are SO naive !!!
  2. The video is in French but this is what is happening currently in Paris. They built in the street Hand sanitizer gel. It's not fake, it's true. Welcome to the third world welcome to the Macron startup nation :
  3. yes the gearbox is not so bad. The IPS has a cooler and I didn't notice specific cooling problem with the gearbox.
  4. Hi @LotusMY, The best modification you can do on the Exige is to remove the roof !!!! I would say an EX370 modification is a good choice to start with bigger front break disks (ko-bra kit from KT), front is enough to start. With that you keep reliability with well known piece of hardware/software, increase the performance and security. For the suspension the OEM is really good on road. Maybe you can move to nitron 2-way if you have the money. On track, for sure, semi slick tyres and the good pressure will transform the car. Keep the gearbox like that until KT release a DCT gearbox for the V6.
  5. Here in France, everything is closed except supermarkets. You need a self signed paper (yes self signed, don't ask) to justify your move and you can be checked by the police. Most of the people stay at home... at least for the moment. It's clear for me we will not be able to keep people in their small apartments for weeks or months. That is the real problem for the next weeks. In Italy the peak has been postponed to around 10th April, it's just an estimation. That means, in France and maybe in UK, we will have to wait until mid or end of April before to reach the peak ? Some people here seems to discover that the country is not able to produce anything by itself, everything has been relocated in foreigns countries. I am in the "Cassandra" category of people, I always see the bad part of the story. This reality is not new It's the trend from the last 40 years. In 2011 France got a stock of 700 000 millions of FFP2 masks and about 1 billion of surgical masks. Now when we need that, we have nothing. Why ? Because the sovereignty question is out-of-date topic for 90% of the people. Maybe some people thought that "the market" will help them. LOL. Of course nobody is able to predict when this kind of event happens, but EVERYONE knows that it will happen. You know it's like the "too big to fail", it will never happen... and it happens. I can't see in the futur, but I can see in the past. So now we have no plan, the communication of politics is just a joke and everyone now is opening his big mouth to give a lesson. Part of my job is to protect IT data. I don't wait that the fire starts in the datacenter to think about how to recover : everything is planned, double/triple checked and tested periodically... Regarding the UK, from my understanding, the strategy has changed after the report of the imperial college with the estimations of 400 000 deaths without confinement. For sure we have to learn something from that, but I don't think we will. The best for you and your family. PS : . what a shame.
  6. smurfs dont get sick I can't be agree more with the post from @KennyN But in french strategy we have a step 0 : teaching others a lesson ... then -> run -> hide -> surrender -> collaborate You know in France we got a movement after terrorist attacks named " tous en terrasse" (go to restaurant terrace) but when a kid just drop a firecracker everyone run everywhere (true, videos are on Internet). I plan to put a flux capacitor on my Exige, very complicated for me to support this mess.
  7. Proto V2, try to find the best match for the GoPro :
  9. I have a 350. I will contact greg to get more details. I thought it was plug and play...
  10. @MAG thanks for your notes. I received the parts from Greg but not installed yet. It didn't know what was the purpose of the relay box.
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