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  1. is there someone on the forum with a race version ? do you know how many race versions exist ?
  2. Dear Imran, Do you share your installation guide ? I would like to check if I can do it myself. Thank you.
  3. Video in French : very good test. the driver expresses very well the feelings behind the steering wheel
  4. This also what I got from "good sources" last year. But maybe the new strategy with Alpine and full electric cars will change that.
  5. @Mark030358 thanks mate, really appreciate
  6. I am always fighting against bad fuel system installation. Can someone post a photo of the fuel connection to the EX460 fuel rail ? Thanks.
  7. For the curious, some photos of a work in progress on an Exige CUP R
  9. Yes JUBU is using Sysvecs ECU with the sequential gearbox.I don't know for the DCT, from my understanding it's stock ECU. Regarding Komotec, the DSG gearbox should be ready in March. Depending of the cost, I could plan this modification for 2021.
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