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  1. I don't understand what people expect from cultures and societies becoming more and more violent. sow the wind, reap the whirlwind (not sure of translation ;-)) . good luck in this world mess.
  2. examples of customization. you can not modify all parts of the display... not yet ?
  3. After the upgrade of the device firmware and the race studio software, it seems we have a new option to create a custom display. Did someone test it ?
  4. I gave up the idea to use a transparent sticker. Instead I tried a "cheap" PPF on Amazon from Luxshield. For the price (30 euros) very good film quality. The link to Amazon FR :
  5. other picture, I used the resistors and connectors from the amazon links below. it works fine.
  6. instead of creating a new support I reused the airbag cover. Carbon parts installed. But the assembly is really not perfect. I need to cut some parts for a better fit. the feeling of the new steering wheel is awesome. There are many gaps between parts which is not really good. I can live with that, but I don't like that. With a leather or alcantara trim maybe you don't have this kind of problem. a view of the screws for the front release system : no problem with the AIM display so far, but I will really test this display during the next trackday.
  7. Due to the very poor quality carbon parts bought, we have problem to fix some trim panels. (I will post something dedicated to that with photos). That's why we are working to 3D print some parts and check which render quality we can have. For example :
  8. thanks for your support. 2 details about the front clamshell : - because the head lights are fixed to the clamshell, you have to disconnect manually the headlight before to remove completely the clamshell - the front towing system could be a problem when you are manipulating the clameshell (the towing eye in the front grill). the best is to have a system with a removable towing eye.
  9. Lights : Rear GRP lights installed. Very nice. The resistor mount for the flashing light : Gopro support : The rear gopro support works well but we need a little adjustment to make a final release : box in black and the lotus logo in red. Clam shell repair : New front splitter - beta version - not finished : a new front undershield panel to replace the OEM The clamshell will fit between the front splitter and the new panel New clamshell fasten points : It's not so quick to remove the clamshell, but quicker than before. it's done in few minutes. fasten points : the clamshell slides between the new undershield plate and the front splitter : This is not finished. It's not so easy to make something clean and usable. We need to work on the finition and protect more the clamshell around the mount points. New front radiator from komotec : The connector provided of the new radiator is not compatible with the car connector, so we reused the one from the old radiator : Air Con : Removed. I need to weigh the gain.
  10. Tomorrow is the day... 7 months later since the last trackday. Finally hope that 2020 season starts now.
  11. Did you receive my new order ?
  12. Very good quality and very good shape. The size M is good for me, I order other products I feel already lighter and quicker
  13. interesting thanks @Seriouslylotus dave this is exactly what my new mechanic wanted to use
  14. I have sent my CV to Ferrari... to clean the car of course
  15. Honestly the simple fact that you don't play with your physical integrity nor the 100K you spent on your car, I don't think that any simulator can compare with the real world. By the way, I am always amused by guys who tell me how to drive fast when they never drive their own car on track. But at least simulation can improve you understanding and knowledge of tracks. I would be curious to know if some community members have invest in racing simulators and which ones ?
  16. @rallyesax Agreed with you, taxes are now becoming completely crazy in France. The market is dead for me now.
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