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  1. when a pro driver gives you some advice with you car... the Exige is so impressive as passenger. There are not so many cars able to give you this kind of sensation. I am not able to speak like him when I drive. Maybe I will try to speak to myself in order to relax and avoid apnea 🤣
  2. The Emira is a new Evora. You can't compare it to an Exige or Elise. The FE is cool. Drive and enjoy.
  3. is there someone on the forum with a race version ? do you know how many race versions exist ?
  4. Dear Imran, Do you share your installation guide ? I would like to check if I can do it myself. Thank you.
  5. Video in French : very good test. the driver expresses very well the feelings behind the steering wheel
  6. This also what I got from "good sources" last year. But maybe the new strategy with Alpine and full electric cars will change that.
  7. @Mark030358 thanks mate, really appreciate
  8. I am always fighting against bad fuel system installation. Can someone post a photo of the fuel connection to the EX460 fuel rail ? Thanks.
  9. For the curious, some photos of a work in progress on an Exige CUP R
  11. Yes JUBU is using Sysvecs ECU with the sequential gearbox.I don't know for the DCT, from my understanding it's stock ECU. Regarding Komotec, the DSG gearbox should be ready in March. Depending of the cost, I could plan this modification for 2021.
  12. Indeed it's important to get back to definitions. National ? not really, third reich didn't have borders but military fronts. this is a fundamental difference between an Empire and a Nation. A Nation has borders not an Empire. EU for example is an empire not a nation. Socialist ? I never read in the socialism literature that massive industrial killing was part of the plan In the same time, today, occidental countries are killing people all around the world for "the human rights" . LOL. What is the most terrible in this fucking mess, is that I can met people who really think that it's true. Maybe the same think that goulags or concentration camps are amusement parks ? This is the difference between reality and marketing strategy. This difference is also called : the truth. I propose to remove this word from our dictionary. We will gain time. Regarding left-right it's a funny concept, because you can find him in all occidental countries, whereas the histories are different. empty concept ? illusion of the choice ? Regarding Trump, I never see in France and even in Europe in all mainstream media a person attacked like that. It seems that this guy is linked to the Devil, I will check Wikipedia... The same media who explain that "yellow vests" are stupid, and non educated. It seems that as soon as, by your act or your vote, you show that your are not agree with the "system" your are stupid and non educated. "you have the right to be agree !" ok but do I have the right to be not agree ? maybe people is stupid, but maybe people is frustrated, maybe people does not trust anymore the "elites", maybe people just want to be respected when you follow the rules. Rules that are rarely followed by the ones who give the lessons. ok so now explain me what will happen next in our countries, not only in US, when you have millions of people lost in their own country. fun ? kissing each other ? track days ? buying sport cars ? I don't believe.
  13. awesome car and followed by the same guy since day 1. But the running cost is indeed very expensive around 10K euros all 40 hours just for engine/gearbox 😭.
  14. Is this EP gearbox reliable ? A car in France with this gearbox is for sale. I am looking for more details
  15. Agree with your analysis @MrD 25k or 30k for a gearbox is too much for my budget. And there is also the question of reliability.
  16. Hope that is the beginning of the end for the EU empire. Show them what freedom is.
  17. @Jack I am thinking about buying an SR3 RS from 2013. A friend propose one to me. But I know nothing about Radical. I will ask details to the vendor about running cost, engine and gearbox maintenance, tyres, brake pads...
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