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  1. thank you for your feedback. any video ?
  2. Dear Bibs, Thank you for your quick answer. I will test these swissvax products.
  3. Dear all, Do you have some tips or feedback to wash black parts in matt of the Exige (roof, rear transom...) ? The 350 sport will be my first car with matt paint. Thank you
  4. I have seen this video few weeks ago : I have already made some tests with elastomer paint (plastidip) but never with clear and gloss spraypaint. I will try this week end. Maybe this could be a cheap alternative to classical film paint. I don't think that even with many layers of paint you will have a protection like with a classical plastic film, but I want to test that.
  5. For me the twin pipe looks better than the stock exhaust. I asked for the price to add it to the 350 sport. But if the sound is less louder than the standard exhaust it's frustrating.
  6. I plan to use black plasti dip on this towing eye
  7. I just asked to the dealer to add the towing system from the cup. I'm not a big fan of that (from a design point of view) but it's mandatory for track days.
  8. Thank you for your feedback. I will post some pics .
  9. Yes ! But I don't believe it . So many hours/days/years to think about that and now this will become real !!! When I will be on "my roads" in south of France, at this moment I think, I will understand that this is not another dream
  10. thank you. metallic white, alcantara pack, ips, schroth harness
  11. So finally I have ordered one. Delivery in Februrary.
  12. do you have photos to compare interiors between leather pack, alcantara pack, and default configuration ? It's quite confusing for me, for example, this one seems to have leather pack based on the description, but doors and seats integrate alcantara : thank you for your help.
  13. I changed my mind, I'm ready to buy one now. But my last doubt is the "fear" to see an Exige 400 announced in March during the Geneva Motor Show... I know that the new model will come soon, but maybe in 2017 ?
  14. The 350 Sport will be released in February 2016. I was hoping to see (and buy) the Exige 400 at Geneva Motor Show in March. It seems that It will not happen before 2017... I'm sure it's a pretty good car, but not the one I was expected.
  15. I have tested two evora (S and SR) with IPS gearbox. I was quite disappointed due to the latency when you pull the paddle. The latency was not always the same during my test, so it was not a good experience. But it seems that software updates have improved that.
  16. I am totaly agree with that.
  17. concerning paint protection film you can see a video from shmee about that : and a GTE here : :)
  18. A recent video comparing Exige S VS Exige Komotec 430 : what do you think about the results ? 0-62mph in 4.7s for the stock Exige... not so good.
  19. thank you for your feedback. I will buy an automatic soon.
  20. I'm not sure that it's the good moment to buy a new Exige S. Please Lotus , we want an Exige 400.
  21. geartox

    Lotus Evora 400

    1h30 just on the lotus stand in Geneva last week (I repost a link to the photos : . The build quality of the Evora has really improved. Good looking car, even if I think that black or even white colours will be a better choice. I got in GT4. Ok it's nice and the build quality is excellent, but... another Porsche. I think that the (my ?) problem with the Evora will be the price. Finally my feedback from Geneva : put 400hp inside the Exige.
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