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  1. IPS is usable on track for Evora or Exige, but in both cases, this is the weak point of the car. You lost also the feeling of a mechanical gearbox which is huge in a Lotus. Even with an Evora 400 with gearbox optimization (like BOE IPS kit) you will suffer from erractic shifting on specific corners if the the downshift is not done before a too important lateral constraint. But you know an IPS car can be faster than a mechanical or a PDK, also depending of the driver 🙂 (I was contacted for my Exige after a video of guy at Le Mans Bugatti who drives an IPS... in Drive mode #lol ... indeed 1'53 in drive mode.. not too bad )


    We will see what a gt410 can do 😉


    @DaveAngel check the BOE Kit and the new kit provided by Komotec for IPS gearbox.


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  2. when a pro driver gives you some advice with you car... the Exige is so impressive as passenger. There are not so many cars able to give you this kind of sensation. I am not able to speak like him when I drive. Maybe I will try to speak to myself in order to relax and avoid apnea 🤣




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