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  1. Thanks guys, i do have 110mm on the tube, Its just the oil level even on the minimum mark (40mm below lip) is 5mm above the baffle and level with the oil return holes. Think i will be running on the Low mark not Max in future. Next issue is the timing chain slack. I am hoping that this slack was causing the noise i could hear on the transition between light load and no load.
  2. Got my engine apart and in doing so noticed that the bottom of the dipstick is 40 mm below the rim of the sump and the oil baffle is 45mm down. I put 5 litres in the sump and it came upto 40mm ( 5mm above the baffle and just about to run out of the turbo oil connector holes.) If i had more oil in the sump to the max mark on the dipstick the oil oil from the turbos wouldnt drain easily. I'm wondering if my dipstick tube is mounted too high. Anyone got a measurement of their dipstick protrusion ??
  3. Yes ive looked at numerous on line sites, no two give the same answer, but Witchhunter seems logical i just have to keep adjusting their data to compensate for my 58psi fuel pressure as i think their calcs are based on 40psi. Also higher pressure means the injectors can be smaller so better for low end driving, so no bad thing
  4. Had no issues with the Emerald but i am a numpty with electronics so have not fiddled with it since i fitted it then Emerald mapped it. At the time i didnt have enough fuel pressure so it was going lean as boost come up and we didnt configure the secondary injectors. I would like to leave them out of the equation and just run on 8 primary injectors (obviously larger than the rochester originals. If i was shooting for 400bhp and my fuel pressure is 4 bar, 90% injector cycle and BSFC of .6, what injectors would you reccommend. Currently looking for 350cc but i might have got my kn
  5. My fuel pressure is 58psi (4bar) is this not standard ??
  6. I run mine on an Emerald ECU but only use original wasted spark coils and leads.
  7. Thanks Joey. If the pipe came off the mesh filter wouldnt it have still been immersed in oil though ?
  8. Joey, do you have a pic of the broken pick up pipe. Did the mesh end fall off the pipe or did the pipe break where its brazed to the flange that bolts it to the pump/front cover. Thanks alan Makis. can i ask what failed on the oil pressure relif valve, stuck open/closed, spring broke ? and what can you do to the new one to overcome the problem? Ta alan
  9. All clever stuff, thanks for sharing
  10. Wow, Symptoms are same as mine. Looks like its sump off time. Thanks for the info alan
  11. Wow this is great information. Thanks for sharing, I am going out into the garage now to remove my sump and check my oil pick up pipe.
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