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  1. Thanks mate, was trying to find it listed for a standard car so it didnt attract the 'lotus tax' Seems Omega's, Volvo's Renault turbo's etc. have the same part number [GM466] too and they are 2 bar so should work
  2. Anyone have an alternative source for one of these ??
  3. alanlambert


  4. Hi Guys. Thanks for comments. The bench seat was not a good idea in hindsight, Its like sitting on a space hopper, Sorted the boost issue, well removed the pipe from the manifold to the boost valve and there is now plenty of boost, but cant lean on it till its mapped with boost ( boost valve wasnt configured when on the rolling road as we didnt have adequate petrol pressure). Done a couple of launches with 3-4 psi 0-60 was 5.3 and wheel spinning, so more boost and softer tyre pressures will see that bettered. Hope to get to a lotus meeting one day. Alan
  5. Thanks chaps. EWilson, yes i got the charge cooler fitted under the dash, with a circulating pump behind the bumper, a VW polo rad in front of the cortina rad and an ali header tank under the n/s inner wing. Barry, the exhaust note is quiet, adding to the 'Stealth' effect Been putting some miles on it and its only making 3-4psi, so got to find why there is low boost. I capped the pipe from the manifold to the wastegates,.... no difference I am dreading that it might be a pipe off the chargecoler under the dash as its pretty inaccessible
  6. Thanks Wayne. All done now ( well apart from fettling) Road from LeMans
  7. Has anyone know where I can get access to the V8 ECU maps. I have seen them for the S4 engines but not the V8. Wouldn't they show how the secondary's are controlled? Thanks
  8. Thanks lads. should be finished in May then road trip to LeMans in June Jonwat, the gearbox is a Range rover auto with BMW torque converter and Volvo tail housing, Had to make a flex plate to pick up the drive from the crank and adapter plates between gearbox and lotus bellhousing and also a spacer between bellhousing and block. Theory is , the box wont break, it will be nice and gentle on the Cortina rear axle, and it will break traction before driveshaft parts fail.
  9. I have been chipping away at this for the last 6 years
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