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  1. Engine together and now quiet !! No timing chain slack No ringing from the starter gear and no buzzing from the oil cooler pipe No tapping from injectors. Well happy. Just got to get it mapped now iv'e fitted slightly bigger injectors
  2. Thanks Mike. I had seen that calculator but i thought the recommended injector rating which was at 43.5psi had to be adjusted for the higher pressure i run. Just realised the adjustment is in the calculation allready. Looks like i will be keeping the secondary injectors after all 🤨 Also as the fuel pressure rises with boost, should the final pressure in the table be running pressure (65) plus boost pressure (10) i.e.75psi ??
  3. Cheers Steve. That statement is above my pay grade, i'm going to have to google that?? Unless you could explain in laymans terms 🤔
  4. Bit the bullit and sourced bigger injectors. I will get my Emerald ECU to run just on these new Bosch 0280 156 211 's and delete the use of the secondary injectors. This is the difference in flow between the original Rochesters in the middle and the new Bosch ones either end. Acceleration mode at 60psi. Quite a difference, 42% However, all other modes of testing show approx 24% increased flow ??? I
  5. Nice fabrication hope the throttle boddies will be easy to balance. I found on mine, the biggest restriction in the induction side was the tight bend in the nearside pressure pipe out of the turbo's. Have you managed to redesign these?
  6. Looking good, Do you have all the parts to complete the re assembly now ?
  7. Laborious but worth it in the end, mine averaged 432.5 G with .3 gramm variance.
  8. Lovely clinical work Mike. Could i ask as i am bolting mine together at the moment. i have found that i can rotate the crank about 2 degrees when the idler shaft is locked ( by the cam belts), Chain and gears are new and tensioners are adjusted. Movement appears to be the Morse chain on the crank gear. Does yours do this ? Ta. Alan
  9. I am rebuilding my engine at present and i am having a keyway cut into the intermediate shaft and both pulleys as the original design relies on the bolt being FT to transmit the drive from shaft to both cam belts.( Far from ideal) Wonder why that bolt came loose ??
  10. I do purchase from SJ, but could only find the pulley with the tensioner, at about £280 plus. No problem with the pick up pipe just a small heap of sealant material sucked to the gauze but not enough to restrict flow, so dont know what the cause of the vibration was. Pressure relief valve moves freely and always had good oil pressure 🤔
  11. Found bit of movement in some of the small ends, so ordered new bushes Slight rumble in the bearing on the accessory belt tensioner. Bearing isnt replacable 🙄 Dont want to pay over £300 for new tensioner and pulley so found that its used on loads of American V6's Ordered a new pulley for a 2004 Ford F150 V6, 😀
  12. Accessory belt tensioner pulley 90mm dia x 26 wide, As used on numerous American V6's, lately 2006 Chrysler Sebring 2004 Buick Regal 2004 Ford F150 Got mine from Rock Autos in the states £15.86 incl postage
  13. Not using the knock sensor either, The guy who mapped it didnt want to use it
  14. Yep was a bit of luck, an ex colleague of mine called one day and said he was stripping out a warehouse in West London ready for a new tennant and he found a red engine on a pallet on a mezzanine floor and he knew i was a petrol head. It had been left by the outgoing tennant . The previous occupants of the factory was AC cars who had decided to relocate to Malta. The design engineer was John Owen who was previously the lead design engineer at Lotus developing the V8 engine. I tracked him down in Malta and asked him about this engine and he told me its history When he left Lotus he took with him the old development engine with a view to producing AC Cobras with Lotus V8's in. They made two but were not popular (doesn't sound like a V8) so didn't pursue the lotus engine route any further Turns out when they left the unit they didn't have any way of getting the engine down to the ground to transport, so they left it there. We didnt have a crane so improvised John died in 2012 😪 One piston out so far, all OK and yes the con rods will come off the pistons for match weighing checking and all balanced. The crank looks to have been internally balanced but while its out !!
  15. Hi Michael. It was a development engine with 400 hrs on a dyno and had never been in a car. i got the engine with damaged valves and no ancillaries. I stripped the engine to check the internals, had the heads rebuilt with new valves and guides Turbo's etc and have done 15000 miles with it in my car over 11 years. Tappy noise( like a lifter) developed three years ago and i have been trying to pinpoint the cause since then Cam followers were replaced last year made no difference. In addition earlier this year i noticed buzzing from the oil cooler pipe, so expecting this to be a broken oil pick up pipe i decided to rip the engine out before it did too much damage. Only thing found on strip down is excessive slack on the timing chain which could cause the tapping ? slapping when the engine was on light load/no load Never burnt oil but there is oil in the boost pipes ( i suspect from oil level blocking the turbo drain lines) Engineering shop just confirmed the bores are fine with the honing marks still evident in all bores top to bottom. Going to have the rotating assembly balanced before i rebuild it but i would have really liked to have found something broken then fix it before rebuilding it. ?
  16. Whats going on here??? Similar marks in three other bores. Weirdly not on the thrust or opposite sides Front of bore 1, and 5 rear of bores 4 and 8 so the very front and rear of the engine?? Not measured them for roundness yet Compressions were OK 1 160 2 158 3 164 4 160 5 164 6 162 7 165 8 158
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