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  1. One things for sure UK politicians can talk us into a recession - but never talk is out of one.
  2. See yet more evidence of climate change - we need more ULEZ zones
  3. Now it appears she needs “legal” advice over the selling of the house and that’s not until the end of next week. This is a joke and is becoming really tedious now. They have yet to complete the photos for the main house and the once I have seen ain’t great. it can drag on as long as it needs tbh - she’s gonna have to run that house and service her solicitors with her daft attitude all the while drinking and not working. Summers on its way - but September comes with some big bills and the long cold winter won’t be fun in that place. You really couldn’t make it up.
  4. After a slight delay in proceedings last night I managed an hour down the shed. One tank internal cleared of all debris and gunk - just the other to do now. life’s been hectic and I’ve just had other priorities like assisting in revision for the youngest and her A level mocks - those are over and now she’s learning to drive so every night we are also out driving. I’m aiming to get on that car every night for at least an hour from now on 💪
  5. You’ve never sold a car to webuyanycar or bought a car from any of the big car supermarkets then. This is becoming a very common thing now.
  6. Just read about this “event” - this is absolutely vile and is clear segregation. Stuff like this which goes out to cause division is close to being a hate crime and I’m actually surprised they have not had police intervention. this could be about race, gender or religion the concept in todays world is just wrong.
  7. Back home last week. She’s now clean and had the first drive out. rear break caliper has been sticking - so freed that off tonight. Got a broken exhaust hanger to sort and just as I parked up on the drive - up pops a CEL….. the battery is really slow to crank the car so need to oik that out and check the levels inside before invariably weighing the battery in 🤣
  8. Spotted by 3rd emira in the wild - at a car sales place not far from Worcester. Stopped in the evora and had a chat to him - he’s new to the brand having had pork’s, bmw and Audi and the like before. He was very happy with his car and other than a few minor issues he loves it. A real fan of the marque.
  9. Yesterday was the final photoshoot / video walk through today for both properties. Mine was as ever today and well presented. All the grass cut - strimming done - cars polished and parked prettily. mine - no problem - agents very happy. I had a lovely afternoon picnic in the sun and the day was incredible. hers - well sadly she couldn’t let them in since she had covid - oh and the whole place is an utter shit hole. It’s my fault that the grass isn’t cut apparently, she has no way of doing it and I’ll need to sort that 😂. I’ve a time dated photo from last June of the mower I delivered back to her at the request of her solicitors. I’m pretty sure a 20hp tractor with 4ft flail mower is exactly the tool required to cut grass - but what should I know 🙄 Sadly there is no arrest powers attached to the court order. I’m still mulling over referring this back to court - it’s undoubtedly a “technical breech” but I’m all too aware she would claim yet again to be completely ignorant of such breech and ignorance seems to be an effective defence.
  10. It’s been glacially slow. But Thursday I got the nod on this from my consultant. Friday all the documentation was received. Full planning consent for two new builds now in hand. I was going to self build these - and we would have had four detached houses and an annexe on the farm site. Sadly life took a dark turn so that’s not to be. Thread done. 🥂
  11. Nah @Kimbers there’s no money in the trades anymore. I’m thinking of retiring.
  12. She’s on the drive after the first rinse now. I’m hoping the battery isn’t knackered - but it’s on charge
  13. Tbf - I do think kids are under the most extreme testing pressures and regime these days. I’m not sure it’s fair on those going through this process the constant media rhetoric that it gets easier every year. Ive seen directly first hand the GCSE and A level work demands on these young people.
  14. I will confess that broom attaches to the hose and is ace for the wheels 😂
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