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  1. There’s a series of button presses - I reckon the fob has lost pairing. i remember having an issue - swearing lots - trying a dozen times and all of a sudden it jumped into life and worked again. didnt stop the initial embarrassment at a petrol station when it wouldn’t start - luckily I had a knife and some insulation tape in the boot to do the essential modification. Had me back going in 5 minutes much to the amusement of the staff
  2. Front wheel bushes

    The upper bushes on the S4 were yellow poly. Looked ok and passed an mot absolutely fine. But - when taking off the other bits - the arms wobbled around terribly - once replaced with the factory items they were solid. id imagine under loads - there’s an issue with polys up top
  3. Time to start explaining

    Expensive - about £135 from sj !! Then the last time I looked at the costs of valves and pistons - I reckon it’s probably worth it. I value my time and the skin on my hands and arms more than the £100 quid or so difference. On balance - I’ve never kept a car long enough to need to change a cam belt - so I must be a mug 👍 Don’t be bloody stupid - that’s not nice - you must surely be aware the tyres are shot, the clucth system locked solid and I don’t wish to discuss brakes at this stage
  4. Time to start explaining

    And you bit the bullet and fitted a blue belt then?
  5. Time to start explaining

    And you knew yours actually worked before you took it apart - again. any puddles of oil apparently yet?
  6. Time to start explaining

    We used one of these. Remove the oil filter and remove turbo oil feed pipe. Find a pipe that fits up the inside of the turbo oil pipe - used electrical tape to wind round the pipe and force inside to form a crude seal. get the oil hot - 10w60 is like treacle when it’s cold. Pump until it spews out the centre of the oil filter mounting. Keep the pump running - put your finger over the hole on the oil filter housing to stop the oil flow from there. Run the pump for another 30seconds or so. fill the oil filter half full with oil and whack it back on. now test you can take 300ml out of that turbo oil supply pipe when cranking the engine with spark plugs removed and fuel pump inertia cut off switch unplugged. If the engine has been sat for a long time -a few squirts of oil down the bores wouldn’t be a bad idea. You should see the oil come out of that pipe in a pulsing/flowing way in time with the engine cranking. There needs to be plenty and a reliable flow - by the time you have taken 300ml it will be. I reckon we cranked mine for about 60seconds in total - don’t set fire to the starter !! We’re you equally as elated ? Walking round like a Cheshire Cat on MDMA with an intense hardon all night ??
  7. EPROM IDs list

    So is stock s300 the same as stock S4s ??
  8. EPROM IDs list

    I’m simple @fjmuurling - what does this mean ? What is the chip? And what performance setting are there ?
  9. Prices Soaring

    He will start saying how fantastic they are now......
  10. EPROM IDs list

    Ive got a checksum of 012c - wtf is that ?? is there anyone whom has a definitive list of these checksums and what the chips are. We should surely be able to pull together a library of images for everyone. It says s300 on my ecu
  11. Time to start explaining

    Blooody esprits — im sure eating half a dozen viagra would make it easier to sleep
  12. lotus esprit x180 2.2

    V8 badge really makes it fella 👍
  13. caliper bleeding etc

    Every little bit of progress helps. Springs a coming
  14. caliper bleeding etc

    Brilliant news mike - we’ve both had good progress today