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  1. Just work through the rest of the flow charts I posted above - you’ll crack it
  2. Thanks @Advantage that’s the beauty of having a two post lift
  4. It’s well worth upping your membership to ffm as I’m sure you get the workshop manuals...
  5. 12?. Now I’m confused - I thought the first code started at 13...
  6. They are already aluminium replacement ones - fitted last time round
  7. The Evora isn’t anywhere near as brutal to drive - nor does it have the same occasion. However an absolutely superb and engaging drive it is with far superior handling - but then it is 30years newer in design. It’s absolutely brilliant in every way. she will be back on the road for the summer season without and question
  8. It’s just life @LOTUSMAN33 - the car was bought as a serious project and most simply would not have taken it on. Just getting it back on the road would have been a nightmare for some. The head blowing and the engine out allows me to address some problems that have been longstanding - which simply were not evident last time round On the plus side - I could have paid a heap of money for the car from a specialist and still had to rebuild the engine and box
  9. Absolutely fantastic. check all the resistance of the boost solenoid connections. The solenoid only does the the overboost and basically keeps the wastegate shut for a brief period as defined by the ecu - if my understanding is correct. The ecu will only look for the impedance of the coil. if you ain’t getting any boost - your problem is likely elsewhere. You can simply link out the vac lines on the boost solenoid and you won’t get any overboost - it will just run to the wastegate spring setting
  10. @LOTUSMAN33 it’s just I wish to attend to a couple of items which by doing this would aid the process. The bushes, all the suspension, rad packs and oil coolers were done 2 years ago when I got the car. The other thing is I can reinstall the engine in the chassis and drop the body back on - that way I preserves some of the skin on my arms with the coolant pipes.
  11. So - I’m mulling over pulling to body off the chassis today. How easy is it ? How long does it take? What’s holding it on? Anyone done it? from my looking it’s a dozen or so bolts, the loom to the rad, drain the tanks, disconnect oil cooler feeds, disconnect uj to steering rack and whip it off. thoughts ??
  12. You will possibly need to reset the ecu error first for it to go away @Escape now you have completed the mod
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