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  1. I was concerned back in feb - now I think it’s a full on piss take frankly. Hype, fear, scaremongering, drowning folks in debt, complete lack of help all while mandating what folks should do. The government has got this massively wrong. None of the lockdown has worked - massive spikes - not huge death rates. It’s utterly out of kilter with sense. if you are fat and vulnerable then you can chose to stay at home. Me - fuck it I’d rather crack on. We were locked down a few weeks ago as my eldest tested positive for it. Absolutely no precautions taken at home following this - we all ate
  2. Barrykearley


    Our old leaf - purchased with 4k on the clock - would do about 100miles on a charge. when sold with 114k on the clock - would do about 60 miles on the same charge. yes this issue is very real - and it’s possibly the very next diesel scandal waiting to happen.
  3. Brilliant- bring the country to its knees once more - for what? you would think we have an outbreak of Ebola - not something with a 99% survival rate
  4. Barrykearley


    They already have @yeller77 - it’s called pcp
  5. This one has been discussed on here before. It was pulled out of a shed and auctioned I think at ACA - covered in dust and filth. The paintwork was bad then. had all the makings of a fantastic car
  6. You really need to buy a cable. The IAC valves are cheap as chips on rock auto and a service item. These were from the GM days any were awful on the cavaliers in the day.
  7. The only treat I got tonight was not to do the swim run, clean the carpet in that room again with the rug doctor and make my own sausage egg and chips while drinking gin. Living the dream some might say
  8. Dunno chap - ive been painting my lads room all day, in between shifting cars and stuff - have done some work in there to rejig things and had it all replastered. Just need some skirting and new carpets now. the missus has just suggested selling the “yellow car” thats been utterly dismissed watching your progress on the Jps with interest @LOTUSMAN33
  9. Well - took her for mot today - all passed figaro will go in tomorrow
  10. Appeal dismissed - so that’s a shame. there were 4 items considered. noise, highways access, PPG ( development in open countryside ) and previous works. So on the surface it’s a bad outcome - however - after a long chat with my planning advisor today - it would appear it’s actually a really good outcome. noise, highways access and PPG issues - the appeals inspector has sided with ourselves and dismissed the councils objections. This merely leaves the previous works to deal with. This basically means the LPA cannot use these as reasons for refusal again. the previous w
  11. Probably worth ditching the cat this is loud - but not that loud
  12. You will be disappointed massively in just how bad the car will sound and perform when compared to an aftermarket one. just think 1990s cavalier - that’s the sound
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