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  1. Only cos you like me and many others were too ill informed to make a decision apparently. Now I’m sure you are far better informed - and will vote just the same way as the first time round
  2. Upgrade to gold membership - and get a provenance cert from the factory as part of the deal. That’ll show you
  3. Another shed commissioned today. farmer presents me with final cheque and some drinkies very happy today
  4. It’s victory in Europe is it not?
  5. Bloody hell stevestrange is selling a busted one needing welding for £600!! i need to dig my busted one out the scrap bin
  6. £680 to service a watch......Maybe the new iPhone ain’t so expensive after all
  7. And she’s back. eBay is bloody awful sometimes
  8. Look on eBay for a triumph rubber boot for that gear gator
  9. ^^ exactly my experience today @TAR. In fact I had a blank form and they didn’t even want me to bother filling it out. They could see the age on the V5 and that was enough. i also quizzed AIB on the mot - they weren’t one bit bothered about mot exempt status....
  10. Well I’ve finally given up on selling the place and listed on Airbnb yesterday. The last week has been frantic sourcing furnishings and other stuff for it. listed yesterday and have our first booking paid for today let’s see if it works out Can do a deal
  11. Ok so today I can report back on my experience of the MG. I insure it through AIB this morning. it has no MOT and is currently the wrong tax class (so not free and needs to be changed to historic) take in the old V5 to the post office - 5 minutes later walk out with confirmation it’s taxed, name changed and road legal. now just need to get the welding done and a proper MOT as that whole concept of MOT exempt just doesn’t sit right
  12. Yep - absolutely true. changing the classification class to historic though for car tax purposes is an utter ball ache if it hasn’t been done already and I think they require an mot for that
  13. Mike - I cant express in words how sad that is. thoughts are with you chap
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