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  1. It sure gave the UK the freedoms to develop a really good Covid vaccine. Then you could also consider our vaccine roll out. Something other EU countries have had their hands tied over - however many have broken rank with the EU on this since the commissions approach has been farcical. sadly the huge swathes of job losses - massive unemployment - complete shortage of food - rocketing interest rates - hyper inflation etc that were all predicted by the remainers has indeed become a reality. I’ve no doubt covid was probably also a result of the Brexit vote 😳🙄 If you have a read of Kalergis plan - then frankly I’m stunned if you cannot see the reality that has played out.
  2. Let’s face it - the EU is merely an extension of what Hitler tried to do in the unification of Europe. Many would argue Hitler was influenced by - probably considered inflammatory by many - but sit back and consider exactly what has occurred in Europe since 1945.
  3. Cleaned ready for tomorrow’s Bromyard Speed Festival.
  4. Happy to try and assist over video if that’s any use.
  5. I did a supply/meter upgrade from 3x100a to 3x200a last weekend at a car dealership to support car charging. Had a good chat to the Western Power guy whom was based in Burton on Trent. In that area all new builds were being rolled out with 3phase to every property. He seemed to think the plan was to balance the phases across the development by stipulation at each property which phase was to be used for house, Pv and car charging. if that’s going to be a thing - then it sure sounded a very sensible move.
  6. North Korea looks great - clean streets - crime at zero - stabbings and disorder none. shame about the total lack of food and personal choice though.
  7. And the political elite were shocked when the brexit vote went the way it did. Just shows how disconnected they all are. I do sit and wonder why the working class are of such irrelevance to politicians
  8. Not a single uk political party represent the average working person. Maybe folks when listening to these political elites realise that the exact opposite of anything they say is actually what’s best for them. In the mean time - Scottish drug addicts are dying in droves - all while Queen Nicola blames the English for everything even though addict care falls firmly at her feet.
  9. I thought towing capacity was based on weight of the vehicle alone ?
  10. Im not giving you the panties back 🤭
  11. I still can’t get the vision of the baby oil footprints on the rear spoiler of your car out my mind @obione
  12. I’ll keep my eyes open for the next application on the site chap. Onwards and upwards 👍 just awaiting architects drawings and our next project can be applied for. That’s a whole heap of cash they have tied up on that site though - on a bit of a punt. If they need to sell that on again after the covid boom it could be tricky
  13. I do hope @windymiller takes note and gets on board with the lotus dog scene.
  14. On the positive side though - we are sat on two just like it at home 😬
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