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  1. All it seems lockdown has achieved is to plunge thousands and thousands of businesses into the abyss of bankruptcy. Placed hundreds of thousands on the dole, made folks lazy and depressed, put individuals firmly into debt and certainly in the case of Worcester - sped up the demise of the high street. Im no conspiracy theorist - but this China Originated Flu as serious as it can be for some appears on the surface of it to have been made out by the MSM to be worse than Ebola.
  2. All we need now is a new car for the poor folks
  3. One thing I have noticed is the distinct lack of hearses knocking about. If the BBC and government hype were to be believed - every other car on the road would be a hearse.
  4. Easy solved - just give them more benefits in Scotland as part of the Barnet formula - send them all up there. Once Scotland gets its independence and rejoins the EU we can build a fence
  5. I’m unsure why they are not being intercepted - towed back and boats destroyed. Works just fine for the Australians.
  6. They are utterly different cars. The drive of them is completely different.
  7. The V8 is a different animal entirely. You can drive it really lazily and it will pull like a monster. A 4 pot needs to be utterly thrashed to perform at its best. A word of warning.... If a V8 engine gives way - prepare to part with £10-15k to fix it. A 4 pot - about £4-6k you pays your money takes your choice. Been there done that - I’d opt for the 4 every day of the week. the old adage - even a bad esprit will blow you away is very true.
  8. Muffin would have absolutely no chance of catching any mice @ChrisJ - there’s some nice special all you can eat black buffet boxes down for the mouse. I was stunned at just how blatant he was running around the garage.
  9. @C8RKH it’s been proper hot today in Englandshire - not sure if it’s even stopped raining in Scotland - but I can currently understand what it’s like to be a Spanish builder that’s the view from the house sleepers up - Evora watching the progress down towards the house - all the cuts and drainage in - that took bloody ages I even managed to sneak in some of the old pavers round a gulley pot that the aicos discharge into. It’s been that hot - I even shaved me muffin
  10. Last cuts done today and the aico drains fitted in front of the biomass room. 24 sleepers now stood up - bolted together and concreted in place
  11. Only time will tell. It’s a long game - which I am getting increasingly annoyed with. Still it’s always sweeter when it’s hard fought
  12. Well the appeal for the refusal of the permitted development is now lodged. new applications have been submitted in parallel with this appeal - with the grounds of refusal from the first well and truly boxed away. The sooner the government remove planning powers from local authorities the better.
  13. Mine didn’t break when I used the 8ft pole
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