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  1. I'm weak - yes - and I've been bad again...

    Nothing at all @910Espritbut I’d bet a beer it won’t line up and you simply will not get it over 12 studs. Mine was all over the place upon removing from the excellent packaging. It was out in every direction possible. The top nuts need to go on first as there ain’t enough space round the metal bit to wind a nut on with it fully against the block face if that makes sense. It’s really easy to slip back together - just use some copper slip - line em up careful and gently rubber mallet into place
  2. I'm weak - yes - and I've been bad again...

    You silly fker - it's a huge lump of stainless pipe - nowts falling off that..... Good spot - it's just a crap tool box - even crapper now - I sent the engine down on it a bit keen - Its now ummm really dented 😂
  3. I'm weak - yes - and I've been bad again...

    Nobby cleaned the suspension arms up nice - just need some paint from the postman now in the mean time - I had a pop at fitting this manifold on. Now that's a bit fiddly - can't see anyone doing it without breaking it down into bits. Fit 4 pipes really loose - top nuts a bitch to get on - then wind em up so they are just gently loose. Add copper slip - and gentle rubber hammer usage and voila Super sexy lovely - but the nuts and bolts to bolt the turbo on just don't seem to fit too well - so that stopped play for today
  4. I'm weak - yes - and I've been bad again...

    Postmans been - just awaiting my mate to finish sandblasting before I can fit em
  5. Upgrade twice - and ask @Bibs for two valet kits 👍👍
  6. Esprit S4S

    £15 if you ask my missus
  7. Esprit S4S

    Get a full alunox system manifold and all on that car. You ain't spoiling the original car - think of it like this its not like sticking tits on a fish - more whacking a nice pair of bollox on a dog
  8. Esprit S4S

    But what about the manifold ??
  9. Just upgrade to gold - then get a COP - that’ll tell you 👍👍
  10. End of Esprit Ownership VERY SAD :-(

    A buddy of mine was celebrating Rolf Harris having one of his convictions quashed - it’s increased the value of one of his paintings by Rolf 😂
  11. The first UK wet sump Turbo.

    Some might say the esprit is easy to drive fast....... or so I’m told 😂
  12. Ian's S4s refurb He’s from Margate.......... apparently
  13. S1 time to go but where to sell?

    Classified section on here might be a good place to start
  14. New Tesla Roadster.

    Ask what the payback period is ....
  15. I'm weak - yes - and I've been bad again...

    Not for sale. All exhaust studs now out - threads cleaned up and helicoiled shagged ones. engine mount busted bolt that’s been charged for once - drilled out and sorted properly this time. Manifold can finally go on at some point soon