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  1. Then please let your son have the pleasure in thrashing that 2.2 NA engine. It’s a far better unit that any rover one. Drive it hard and make your own mind up after you have
  2. Really - don’t stick a rover engine in it. You will devalue that car massively. It’s been done a fair few times and when the cars come up for sale are always tricky to move on.
  3. Just fit a remote kit chap - super easy and cheap - even for rolling code units
  4. What is the benefit of reversing them ? I’m assuming this is the Citroen boxes rather than the Renault ones. Any benefit to reversing the Renault set?.
  5. @C8RKHyour ignorance is showing again - this might help Simon Brodkin (@SimonBrodkin) Tweeted: Premier League footballer Jason Bent responds to pay cut demands️
  6. Got the full specs already. Most of it I’m sure can be done rolling - is some needs stripping off it can be. It’s a contact of mine whom has a full laser setup and straightens rally cars and specialist cars. If it’s not - it’ll be tweaked straight
  7. Possibly not - we are currently looking at other channels
  8. The car has a previous cat C listing. The chassis off is simply a precautionary measure and it’s off for full alignment checking and correction if required. As the engine was out anyway now seemed a good time to attack this. As I can drop the engine back in the chassis and then drop the body back on.
  9. Airbnb are taking the piss. Honestly I was threatened with cancellation charges and being stripped of superhost status if I refused to let people come. This was on the evening of the PMs no movements and for the following few days after
  10. It’s heavy - I’m not sure you can do it without a lift easily. With a lift it’s a doddle. the list is - assuming engines out Rear. disconnect bottom fuel tank link disconnect Earth straps by these Remove hand brake cables and abs sensor cables. pull out aircon pipes and leave hanging from body Front. Remove oil cooler ducts and remove A shaped metal rad supports disconnect radiator, chargecooler rad, oil cooler, heater matrix pipes. disconnect front abs sensors disconnect brake and clutch lines under the bonnet and straighten up so you can lift body off. disconnect fan wiring. remove seats. remove four bolts on top of pedal box remove steering rod arm bolt remove seat belt anchors from sidewalk tunnel remove two bolts each side of tunnel. remove two bolts by where your feet normally are. There’s also an Earth strap by the passenger side one. remove two bolts under front bonnet which bolts to the front of the chassis. remove 2 bolts behind passenger seat and 2 behind drivers remove the two rear chassis bolts - by the top of the rear springs sharp intake of breath and gently lift up looking for bits that have been forgotten I’ve been feeling rough - it took about 5 hours of swearing and that was mainly the missus as I shouldn’t have been out in the garage apparently
  11. Dunno - but I’ve heard he loves marmalade
  12. Airbnb has been a complete fecking nightmare. Dealing with those idiots over the last couple of weeks has been seriously painful and proper hard work. They simply don’t give a shit about the lockdown. have been great. bottom line - I simply won’t let anyone come - end of. If an emergency worker wants it then that’s fine.
  13. It would seem the police are doing all they can to close some essential suppliers
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