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  1. Yep exactly the same for me. My lads had some driving experiences the last two times we have been. Their loss I suppose
  2. Barrykearley

    So Mercedes is branching out

    It’s just a rebranded something else though isn’t it
  3. Barrykearley

    Time to start explaining

    Solenoid fuses pulled for abs - oh my gosh - now that’s a night and day difference. It brakes properly and pulls up in a much shorter time - AND in a straight line. thanks to @Chillidoggy for the tip. won’t be long and the system will be removed and a proper non obsolete servo conversion fitted. I’d very much like to try a stock S4s turbo on this car - does anyone have one lying about ??
  4. Barrykearley

    ALDL cable

    I’ve got a spare - pop me a pm
  5. Barrykearley

    Time to start explaining

    Had to measure up for some cable at the chicken sheds now the egg conveyor is fitted. I’ve taken the Sunday van 🤗
  6. Barrykearley

    Time to start explaining

    The magnolia looks lovely when clean - it needs redoing as it’s showing age and some creases - but it looks filthy once I’ve sat in it. The black doesn’t. yes - old suspension is terrible - anyone with an Esprit on old bushes would be well advised to spend a weekend or two replacing them all. It really really made a massive difference to the S4 and my S when I’ve done them. That will be one of my next jobs on the S4s - but brakes are of the highest priority !!
  7. Barrykearley

    Time to start explaining

    I’m just a simple bloke - so the bigger appendages does indeed swing in favour of the bananaman car. The fact the interior is black and I’m normally filthy also gives it extra points. the work on the suspension and gearbox on the s4 is very noticeable when driving them back to back. i changed the speed sensor last night - which bust off in the hub - that has seemed to make a marked improvement. I did have a cel flash when going over a bump though. It also refused to start in the morning - nothing at all until I touched the positive terminal on the battery - so off to the chicken shed later to pick up my set of crimps and I shall cut them off and replace. decision is made - the S4s wins on shallow male reasons - but as it is the S4 is without any doubt the better car - lots of work to bring the S4s upto the same level
  8. Barrykearley

    Time to start explaining

    So - took the S4 for a trip out to the shops. my gosh - this is going to be a tough decision. The s4 is so precise with regards to the suspension and gearbox - the power delivery feels a tiny bit less but so much smoother it almost feels more. I’d also say it sounds better with the twin pipes. The turbo comes on sooner and is definitely very different to the S4s kick in the pants Ive got the replacement speed sensor come for the s4s - I’ll fit that tomorrow if I can.
  9. Barrykearley

    Eclat Riviera - First MOT in 25 Years

    Stonking car - like that a lot 😛
  10. Barrykearley

    UK (Londons) Disgrace, Knife Crime

    A total lack of responsibility of the individual. Folks seem to believe the state is responsible and owes them everything. The state should only be there to allow individuals to succeed on their own efforts and not to provide a free ride
  11. Barrykearley

    Time to start explaining

    Arrange a courier and it’s yours - I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow - weighs about the same as three dead sheep
  12. Barrykearley

    Time to start explaining

    It’s in the scrap pile - happy to sell it if you want to make an offer 👍
  13. Barrykearley

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Aib sure did want exactly that Pete. When I rung them to cover my S4 - they were very much - oh you must be able to show experience of these cars - that’s ok I say - check the last two policies I had with you 👍
  14. Barrykearley

    Time to start explaining

    what was there wasn’t great looked a bit better after some love - and two fiat cincequento condenser rads as per mr @swindon_alancross refs
  15. Barrykearley

    Elise/Exige/Europa picture thread

    ^^ what’s that ???