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  1. esprit se vacuum pump

    Full forum membership has its benefits chap - well worth the small sum. theres a section with parts manuals and workshop manuals in...... fill your boots
  2. Rare as hens teeth

    Some things in life can't be taught..... you need to satisfy your own mind 👍
  3. New Lotus owner Esprit turbo se

    Nice find that one...... don't think I've seen that one advertised. hope you get her running and on the road easily
  4. Planning consultant

    Don't blame you at the cost chap
  5. Rare as hens teeth

    May I suggest a quick search on google for cock pictures @Mark Blanchard - that might help you out 😂
  6. New member

    That's gonna be a monster - pics please chap 👍
  7. Planning consultant

    Well the barn has been finished for a month or so now. A new application going through to build a garage and add a garden space - just a simple change of use of land to regularise things. yesterday the council validated the application to knock down two other sheds I have consent on to convert - and build 2 new houses....... operation evora commences 😂
  8. 1978 LOTUS ESPRIT S1

    its horrible..... I really don't want it...... arghhh it's beautiful 😍
  9. Don't believe you - that's a lush lego model - I wants.....

    Repaired upto paint for £1600.... makes it a very cheap evora
  11. V8 vs S4 Weight

    As a good piece of advice @swindon_alan - don't list your kidneys on eBay for the next repair bill - they get grumpy and ban you
  12. V8 vs S4 Weight

    That's low, really low...... strangle oppositeto the repair bills
  13. I'm weak - yes - and I've been bad again...

    It wasn't fans chap - sounded like something else.... theres hot pipes on by the abs pump thing - loops over to the other side of the car ?? Never seen that pipe before