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  1. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    At what point do we think it’s ok to reject democracy that’s the biggest issue. do we the last election result? Doesn’t seem to be any of that going on. the media are a disgrace and these idiots publicaly going out and stirring are just as bad. A politician whom can not accept a clear mandate is not fit for public office. if this doesn’t go through and we end up to be continued to be ruled by the EU - I for one shall be rioting
  2. Barrykearley

    TE fuel tank replacement

    Typo ...
  3. Barrykearley

    v8 gearbox

    Yeah - one higher than the other 👍 Its normally only the bit that spills - not a lot either. I place my bottles in the sun or on the radiator for a while befor filling so it’s warm and runs easier
  4. Barrykearley

    TE fuel tank replacement

    Thank god he never drove past the smokers shed......
  5. Barrykearley

    Esprit v8 interior colours

    Plowing through the office presently - vat return time.....
  6. Barrykearley

    v8 gearbox

    As long as you banged 3 x 1l bottles in @cbclotus itll be just fine. I’m assming you did put the oil in the correct hole??
  7. Barrykearley

    TE fuel tank replacement

    That must have stunk to high heaven - by Christ he’s been lucky You considered the POR15 treatment ?
  8. Barrykearley

    Esprit v8 interior colours I need to start hunting around then. I know I’ve got one for the S4 and the S4s
  9. Barrykearley

    Esprit v8 interior colours

    A heritage certificate would tell you all the options it would have been leaving the factory.
  10. That thing on the stand is in the wrong place 👍
  11. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Except - that is about showing up trump. please also consider just how quickly we could sign deals like this
  12. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Hard Brexit - and let’s crack on. itll cause bloody chaos to the EU and it’s budgets and political pishe. It might even give the Greeks the courage to stick two fingers up to it all. its a fully broken Kalegeri plan which needs smashing apart
  13. Barrykearley

    What effect on the market

    Does it still fall in ditches on corners?
  14. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I bloody well hope not. That’ll start a riot
  15. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Painful for about 10minutes I reckon - until the German car makers sabre rattle and it’ll be back to business as usual. Theyll need to sober up that old lush first