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  1. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Chap - the BBC are just as bad. ive little doubt now that May will either get what she wants or we will “crash” out. USA free trade deal I would expect within days of any negative news - as Trump seems keen to stick it up em
  2. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story
  3. Four meats @C8RKH - that’s just the choice. I’m sure you will be allowed to stick 2 or 3 of each meat in that bun Just look for the knackered shell of a bloke - who’s not buying another esprit ever again Start of the thread - not the first post 👍
  4. Barrykearley

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    I’ve seen log books and chassis plates for minis exchange hands for over £500. Make it a mk1 cooper and it’s at least double that. So doesn’t in one but surprise me that one - I know where a fair few minis are local to me in similar states
  5. @C8RKH then read Bibs post shortly after - that’s the hotel grub list - not the tinternet one 👍
  6. Barrykearley

    Compomotive split rims

    Look up
  7. Sounds like you’ve got both sides covered
  8. @AIBinsurance can you kindly clarify the above please ?
  9. Barrykearley

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    Yeah - you can really see how it’s benefitted from that
  10. Barrykearley

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?
  11. Barrykearley

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Makes two of us @Buddsy. we are probably the two mad swivel eyed loons the remoaners keep moaning about
  12. Barrykearley

    S1 Turbo by Bell and Colvill 1978

    Everyone - I thought just the same when I watched that Video this morning
  13. Barrykearley

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    Bit of g3 cutting compound will sort the worst of that
  14. Barrykearley

    Cambelt tension query

    If that hose is a silicon replacement unit - they are typically a very poor fit replacement for the Lotus rubber ones. grab and twist the belt - typical twist is between 45-90degrees i won’t start mentioning cricket or phone microphone tension methods as that will degenerate into a whole myriad of bluster Yes you can adjust in situ. Once you’ve done that - turn the engine over by hand as the tension will alter
  15. Barrykearley

    Not Lotus but

    There’s a massive fear on mainland Europe that these cars will be heavily burdened with import duties once we complete brexit. Along with the possibility of banning all future imports. I’m not in one bit surprised you’ve seen lots of movements