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  1. Wow - that’s fantastic value for someone
  2. They do indeed knock em unconscious with CO2 - not halal ones though - they just get slaughtered the barbaric way. The CO2 is just in the wrong place that’s all - a bit like the BBCs priorities.
  3. Is all the sheered off nuts from old Lotus cars you keep lobbing out the garage in temper?
  4. You drove the mower into the front door 😱
  5. Jumping out of gear is rarely a linkage issue - and more likely a gearbox fault I’m afraid to say.
  6. The French are bitching and moaning again I see. Oh well. in other news M&S have closed branches in France due to lack of food caused by brexit according to the bbc - so it looks like the Eu must also have run out of food.
  7. Garage swept and tidied - ready for the new arrival on Thursday
  8. So - I’ve bought new - VW, Hyundai and Vauxhall - and sadly not once have I received a welcome hamper or Christmas card from the CEOs of any of them. I'm sure this chap purchased the car from a dealer - and that is who he should be directing his “not feeling special” towards. I have to say I think this chap is “special” but that’s not in a complimentary way. The dealer is utterly responsible for PDI of the car - and by the sounds has completely failed in that duty - no wonder Lotus wish to shitcan some of the dealerships. Yes you’ve bought a new car - you’ve made many mistakes in the process by adding halfords accessories and stuff off ebay - again - nowt to do with lotus themselves. The video is frankly a damning indictment on the expectations of folks these days.
  9. Trouble is @C8RKHdoes love washing that lotus and the bastard child
  10. My understanding of the esprit Ecu - at close to WOT - the secondary injectors are turned on - and it goes open loop and there is no O2 control. It’s at higher revs and throttle opening that the risk of lean running exists - hence those flood secondary units.
  11. Yup they are the ones we use. You can add an extra sim on to the master account - and get another 30gb on it - £9 a month instead of £10. cheap as chips and fantastic frankly.
  12. I binned contract phones a couple of years ago. Smarty sims are cheap as chips and all 5 of us have them for less than my old contract cost.
  13. now back for sale at £16995
  14. Seriously chap - you wanna look at that again - some folks are spending much much more - completely pointless in today’s iptv world frankly.
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