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  1. Well done chap 🙌 history aside - that’s a steal
  2. Personally think you may be pushing the boundaries a bit at £5k. There’s stuff gone through the smaller auction houses running at less than that. The paintwork does look bad - an afternoon with a polisher could well add to the saleability of the car. As it sits - I’d say £3-3.5k but I’ve little of no interest in excels other than they pop up in my lotus searches.
  3. Stick up a price you are looking for - I’m sure you might get some interest.
  4. The cam towers are sealed on with zero thickness sealant. You should be doing the shimming with no sealant on the tower and sealing on once shimming has been set.
  5. Rolled. Ffs - is it even possible to roll an esprit 😳 engine definitely sounded better once it had run for a few seconds.
  6. It broke on me at some point sadly - never got round to swapping it over. They really are fantastic cars.
  7. Wasn’t that long ago me and the missus were sat laughing at the claims made by these individuals. What an utterly stupid business model full stop.
  8. You have closed cell foam underneath those tanks. Both tanks were pressure tested and then powder coated. They won’t be the source of the whiff.
  9. An absolute steal irrespective of cat marker
  10. Just give up and cut it off. It’s a lotus chap - they used to always do things the hard way.
  11. Not a hope of the sort of thing @thebartman - frankly just wouldn’t make any business sense whatsoever. Maybe lotus should start rebuilding some original classics like Aston does.
  12. sorry. let’s just say the S cars have better clutches 👍
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