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  1. I’d poke it up in the air and look at the advisory. Sometimes an over keen tester is looking for work - it might just be some surface rust that can be cleaned, treated and repainted. Could be a mess though and it’s a real advisory. I’ve had some cars where these advisories have been present for 3or 4 years - then on year 5 it isn’t advised !
  2. Not sure massage parlours count
  3. Had a day and a half with the digger man and me running the dumper truck round. drains now relocated, new drain for surface water for the patio area, hot tub area dug, 40 oak sleepers coming Wednesday and 70m2 of sandstone paving enroute. It’s a right feckin mess outside. Oh and the missus still isn’t sure what she wants we do have some painted lines out there now though - so the path and patio area is defined. Let’s see what some of these sleepers look like stood up in the trench - see if she likes that - we have to somehow bring some cosiness to the garden area
  4. It’s not the usual box us lot on here see on the Internet though.
  5. Bloodyhell @eeyoreish you could have said before...
  6. Ok - here it is then - I’ll stick my hand in the air and offer you £9k for the old scrap heap
  7. Would you wish to fit cheap aftermarket cores in a V8 ??
  8. Either way - that sounds like it’s gonna be an absolute money pit. Engine will almost certainly need to come out - any garage Labour is probably gonna end up being in the £3-5k region and that’s without parts.
  9. @johnpwalsh you got anything on pdf??
  10. I’ve always used Arek - he moved dozens for me - from shitters to nice high value stuff. He’s moved plenty of Lotus as well - there’s a thread on here
  11. It’s a presentation box for us Esprit owners to keep pieces of gearbox in
  12. So we have had a brainstorming session and have a draft - but pending wife approval. the artist impression is this.... looks like bloody centre parcs let’s see what I can get past the missus. I would very much like to sneak in some of their artwork. My mate Ross and his Dad Neil are incredible guys - check out this they did a few years ago
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